37 thoughts on “Dasha Rush: Portrait of the Artist (Electronic Beats TV)

  1. What an artist. Saw her play at E1 last month, and she kills it with the iconic German type of dark techno sound. So good.

  2. Saw her in Detroit at like 6am, I was so tired… I could barely stand anymore but her set was so fucking good I couldn't help myself but continue dancing.

  3. 1st day I was impresed about audio visual experience called antartic takt w/ Stanislav Glazov ( nice dub techno set too) at Espacio Telefonica in Lima Peru. The next day I saw your dj set and it was very intense and powwefull ..you are a great talent!!

  4. Thanks!! Very useful and enjoyable to listen to what such an artist think about making art with music technologies.

  5. Came here because of Instagram… And curious if there was a new vid… So checking this right now heard the name but not familiar with what she does or do, I do like visual concepts… Where is she from?

  6. A real artist. Passion, knowledge, skill, experience and HUMILITY. Please make sure to feature more of these artist and not those that are undeserving.

  7. I've always really liked her productions, but I didn't know too much about her. Thanks for sharing this. What an inspiring person.

  8. A great Artist..so much better than all these overated djs we see all the time in the techno scene !! and .. nice to see Nordlead & Waldorf stuff in her studio !

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