Danny Hawkins shares his songwriting on Magic Mushrooms

Danny Hawkins shares his songwriting on Magic Mushrooms

Hi guys, welcome again to this week at on
sunk International my name is Surianne and I am your host this week is all about
the On song workflow and we head back to the UK to pay a visit to a friend
musician and singer-songwriter Danny Hawkins aka the mind expansion center on
YouTube and Danny is gonna give us an insight into his songwriting method that
involves check this out the alphabet and mushrooms
take it away Danny hello you good people of On Song international Danny Hawkins
and I am a singer-songwriter from Mansfield Nottinghamshire UK and this is
just short video telling you how I write my songs develop my ideas and why do I
do it and so I’ve been playing guitar for about 20 years now what was first
acoustic went on 19 years old with the sole intention of writing my own stuff
before it even started doing it anything musical and I wanted to be creative and
do my own stuff and never been bothered about doing covers or anything like that
so yeah that’s I went to a quarry learn learnt how to do the business on the
guitar and started making songs right away and then add a little four-track
demo recorder a little task on the cassette and I still go away with now I
made loads of songs well to multi-tracking on in some of the rawest
say well doing it long and now doing it that way for a bit life got in the way
sort of fell out I love wait and went on to different
things for a good 10 year really and I had my own family got my own ass at
children in you sort of going that wrote down here where you go a bit bored and
you think now I need something to do now so I thought yeah they’ve got the old
string box again and start writing tunes soon discovered that that will know
enough impossible when you’ve got two young kids hanging around here
you got one on me bike one hanging off that guitar impossible to record
anything because his little background always throw is fighting him shouting
army so well I want to take it more seriously so instead of like paying to
go to the studio I’ll just make my own personal space off the top of the garden
got a nice long garden so it’s away from the ass and I’ve made this yeah this
month it’s just a big shed basically their cost for next to nothing to make
all made out of pilot wooden things up scrounged and people have given me and I
call it the mind expansion center because it I do all kinds of creative
things up here and I like to just be up here it’s it’s a nice atmosphere at
nighttime when they’re all made most he could and lights going and it’s ambient
and peaceful and it’s when I’m at the most creative so yeah that’s why I built
this the mind expansion Center is also the name of my youtube channel where all
my music is featured so if you want to check that out and they father and I
along and my techniques for songwriting it’s more or less been the same ever
since I started um several moving personal space in front to me just a
desk pen blank piece of paper always start with writing the alphabet at the
top of the page I’ve always done that and I still do it now and I find it
helps and loads when it comes to developing Rhymes and you sometimes you
can get a bit stuck sometimes so affair I just run through the
alphabet with the second part of the know if a line ends in a boss then I’ll
just go through the output alphabet both coarse dos force ghost horse juice and
the summit I’m on I can use that and a Kentucky from there you see
and that’s only when I get stuck it’s there for a bit of a call so that’s that
and most of my songs start off with a bit of a riff or a chord structure on
the acoustic so I’ve got that before even sit down
it’s got a bit of a melody line in my head and I think some are called scat
singing it sounds a bit daft I mean when you’re developing ideas you haven’t
always got a strong structure of words and lines to develop the melody so
instead of just like going I actually do like weird sounds and syllables that
don’t actually mean anything I’m not going to do it noxus it sounds a bit
silly and I do in front of people but it helps me come on and get the the
syllables and the humps and the little nuances in the voice all sorted out
before I develop the actual lyrics and lines and another thing that I do to
help my creativity is take a small dose of magic mushrooms to bring the best art
I myself shall we say I take about half a gram to a gram of Liberty caps which
is enough to get the creative juices flowing but not enough to think you’re a
pink elephant flowing through this guy so yeah I do that and I I’d go inward I
feel within myself when to get into a certain state of mind and I haven’t done
it for a while to be honest but every time I do I come up with really good
results always have so much solid to walk away with and work on and sometimes
I even complete whole tunes sometimes two or three and I’m not into meditation
or anything odd that I’ve not researched it don’t know how to do it properly and
I just but I do meditate if that’s officially where it is I’ll relax I’ll
close my eyes might are a little bit relaxing music on as well put me burners
on and wait for it to kick in and like I said go inside myself and it’s like a
just the black peacefulness it’s it’s quiet and it’s it’s like a blank canvas
of creativity there’s nothing there and it’s the
– just fill up with why I want to fill it up with and I can get quite excited
when I’m in that state of mind and I pick up my guitar and the sounds are a
little bit distorted and sound different so I work differently than what I
normally do and sometimes work with random tunings I just randomly
restricting the guitar until I find something that sort of fits and I can
work with and take it from there I mean I’ve wrote quite a few songs in
alternative tuning and the one I did I think it were called signs of life it
took me ages to figure out how the guitar were tuned in I played it
recorded it and once I got recorded up retuned it went on to other things and I
thought that kind of must play that huh I’ve never really done so yeah
and note to self always right now on the tunings and that’s basically you know
every time we’ll come up here with the intention of writing a song I’ll call it
mum and experimental music night and every time I do it always come away with
something whether I’ve been on mushrooms or not I’m just saying it’s magic
mushroom themselves me try different things that’s all so I say yeah a little
bit about me so using the alphabet to help you write lyrics and create your
lines what an interesting approach guys do you
share the same approach like Danny what did you think we would like to know
please write your comments down here below or email info at on San Jose
dot-com and you can find out more about Danny his music and his mushrooms by
visiting his YouTube channel simply search for the mind expansion Center on
YouTube he will pop up additionally you can also
follow Danny on instagram at Danny Hawkins dot insta and that’s all for
today folks we hope you felt inspired and we look
forward to seeing you in the next episode until the next time don’t forget
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  1. Haha I do the same thing with the weird sounds instead of humming. If someone put their ear to my door they'd probly be scared..great vid bud!

  2. Danny my talented friend, thank you so much for sharing such an honest insight to your magical world! You are a TOPs amigo! Rock on!!

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