Damon Returns The Missing Painting To The Lyons | Season 5 Ep. 16 | EMPIRE

Damon Returns The Missing Painting To The Lyons | Season 5 Ep. 16 | EMPIRE

– Excuse me. A Mr. Damon Cross to see you. Apologies for the intrusion. But I have something
that belongs to you. My art broker found this. My broker said it was
nowhere to be found. I just wanted to return
it to its rightful home. Lucious and Cookie,
they deserve this symbol of their enduring love. That’s crazy. Mom and Dad, that’s–
that’s amazing. Yeah, it’s something. Speaking of love,
Jamal, I think it’s great that, you know, you’re
putting your wedding out there in front of the
world for them to see it. And that’s what it’s
all about when you find that special person, you know. You shouldn’t be
all shy about it. I appreciate that, man. Thank you. This is late notice. But what are you doing tomorrow? You should just
come to the wedding. I’m sure Mr. Cross
got other plans. Yeah, uh, the seating
chart is cut off. – I can only bring nobody–
– There’s too many people. There’s too many people. I’d be honored. Thank you. I’ll see y’all tomorrow. All right. We’re good to go.

98 thoughts on “Damon Returns The Missing Painting To The Lyons | Season 5 Ep. 16 | EMPIRE

  1. This reminds me of that storyline Maya from Girlfriends had in the third season, when she had an emotional affair…

  2. There is fire in the mountains of this wedding. Damon Cross is trying to set fire in this mountain Lyons den he is going to go up in flames

  3. Cookie was shook… as she should be😏

    And Jamal when your parents are telling you there’s ‘too many people’ there’s a reason they saying that, Damon is dangerous 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. This will teach cookie you dont play with fire without getting some kind of burn. I hope she doesn't regret this

  5. But Cookie didn't even do anything with him. She should tell Luscious what happened before Damon ruins everything 😥
    Does anyone agree?

  6. Someone always tryna get into the pride!!! Mufasa need to be looking more closely at Scar coming to the wedding!!!

  7. Nothing good is gonna come from this…I have a inkling that Andre is gonna find out and share some info with Lucious about Damon that's he's not gonna like.

  8. Jamal stupid. Any black person know that if your mama shoot you that look, it mean stop what you doing.

  9. Cookie started the whole thing by messing with Damon in the first place. Let the whole thing blow up in her face

  10. Don't kill Kingsley. I understand how impractical it would be to change a script that's been filmed and finalized for months or even years now, but find a way.

  11. Cookie needs to hurry up and do some explaining to Lucious before Damon does with his own version of events.

  12. Cookie needs to shut up and mind her business and always going and telling what to do and you so mad when was with Anika jealous but when you cheat it is not a big deal

  13. Cookie got that mouth turned up look like yeah I done messed up and I know cross u tryna cross me-

  14. See the web you created Taraji. When men are very attracted to you…their motive is not friendship. If you aren't ready for that. It can blow up in your face like it is doing.

  15. Everyone thinks Cookie didn't do nothing if so why is the tittle vows will be broken and why sje jumped when Damon came thru notice Luscious instinct sense the BS. There's more to this story 😎

  16. Well Cookie… You know the old saying…. Play with fire and you'll get burned. Those looks had me weak!🤣

  17. This is exactly why Damon will be shut down HARD! He has no idea who he's dealing with, he is underestimating Lucious and to some extent even Cookie. This man has seen sad n vulnerable Cookie but this woman can get mean when she wants to.

  18. Damon a smart nugga!🤣🤣 I wouldn't put it pass him that he returning that painting and got a bug in it to listen to their moves🤣

  19. Just Like in The Real World …
    Jamal is SLOW !!!
    Always Seeking Approval & Validation…
    He has a Narcissistic Personality..,

  20. How many of y’all thought he was gonna congratulate Andre on him doin well the fact that nobody in the family told anyone else but cookie🤔👀

  21. After the promo pictures for the next few episodes, it's obvious now that Damon is apart of the feds or a crooked cop.

  22. Andre about to deal with Damon. Andre noticed Cookie and Luscious's signaling, that obviously went over Jamal's head. Andre don't play that type of stuff with his family. Plus, he probably feel he don't have nothing to lose. Which would be the tragedy, because his girlfriend is pregnant.

  23. I just read this right now

    Empire co-creator Lee Daniels told a New York City morning show Wednesday that the fate of Jussie Smollett on the Fox hit is “in discussions” right now, but Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard and the rest of the series’ top cast have already made their decision.

    “Together, as a united front, we stand with Jussie Smollett and ask that our co-star, brother and friend be brought back for our sixth season of Empire,”

  24. Cookie stuck on stupid every dude she meet smash and try to fucc her over and the family clearly your decision making is null in void

  25. So Jamal just inviting anybody to his wedding 😒🙄… Let me go see if I can dig something up from their past, might as well invite me to his wedding 😜😂😅🤣

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