Here is my Draw My Life 2! It’s not because I have a second life but I want to revisit certain important moments in my life As a child, I was captivated by comics and I loved seeing the drawings but I didn’t know how to read So I was drawing comics with empty speech balloons because I couldn’t write So my parents enrolled me in a visual arts class at a cultural centre in Nice. I was so happy because I had new markers and brushes I think my parents liked to say: “Yeah, y’know, my son’s pretty artistic, he goes to art classes and he’s the youngest one there…” “Yes? My son refuse to draw?
And never want to come back? Okay” “Yeah, y’know, my son’s actually going to start playing piano” In fact, I didn’t like being told how or what to draw And as a joke, they bought a piano with their savings And I said, “I wanna play drums” Certified as [Annoying Brat] Let’s skip ahead a bit. I’m 17, in high school and I spend my time on drawings That I posted on my blog, had a few followers, it’s true… And then I discovered websites like Dailymotion and YouTube, for posting videos online so I talk about it with my friends, “Hey guys, I would really like to post videos on Internet!” And they say, “Pretty risky to show yourself to the world, we’ll see your face and everything” “And you don’t have a camera” But my parents had a camcorder!
And I didn’t hesitate I recorded a game testing, music, a sketch…Everything and anything! “Wait, but Cyprien… did you tape over our vacation videos?!” “Mother, listen, my art is more important than those useless videos” “But you know…we had blank tapes” POP! And suddenly, on my blog… [STOP DOING VIDEOS!] That’s the first time that I got a comment like that. You know what? I didn’t listen. But you know that already. Some months later
I went to university in Aix-en-Provence and my free time was all dedicated to making videos on my blog And surprise! In my mailbox
(In fact, it was in my mails but heh… ¬.¬) They invited me to a convention in Paris for people who work online: Start-ups, graphic designers and especially video-makers It was a great opportunity for me to meet people who shared my passion because in 2007, there really weren’t that many of us. But it’s on the same day as my exams So of course I can’t go. But I went anyway! I met a lot of people and I flunked my entire semester. I don’t know if it’s by chance or not because some weeks later, I received a mail (Uh sorry… A mail. There you go) They proposed me a job as a video editor in Paris It’s cool! But I’m still in the middle of my studies and still have no diploma I remember a student of my university said it was a bad idea to stop studies So, I accepted the job I went to Paris to work
I already say about in the first “Draw My Life” And doing video for my channel on my free time 2008 is the year I met Normam, Hugo, Kemar, PV Nova and Squeezie (Nah, it’s not true for Squeezie, in 2008 he was only 12) (I wasn’t with him) Some years later, at the end of 2011 I work for a TV channel about history and documentary channel, named NRJ12 I do a mini daily épisode So I make a video each day for television and the week-end, i make videos for my youtube channel And Youtube create a system to remunerate creators Yes because on Internet, we make videos for fun before Nobody lives with only videos posted on Internet
I didn’t even reach 200k subscribers It’s impossible to do a job that doesn’t exist So I will do it! I give my resignation and my colleagues say people dream for working on TV And it’s not really wise to quit that job But I see no risks, just only fun and more time to make more videos and meet people And I am not the only one who make decision like that Get on stage facing thousand people? Just do it Meet the Dalaï Lama ? Just do it Making music without any instrument? Just do it! Doing cinema without having a single contact? Do it! Explain the inexplicable? Do it! Today, I’m still thinking about comments that seems discouraging And that make me want to go more forward and being creative And I finally know what to put in the speech balloon of that little character If it seems impossible Do it anyway

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  1. Super mais il y à juste un truc qui me chiphonne à la fin : " merci à Samsung d'être à côté de ceux qui osent." Tu les a remercier aussi de la part de tout les mineurs qu'ils emploi illégalement en les payants une misère ? Et il t'on payer combien pour mettre cette phrase à la fin de cette vidéo ?

  2. C'était assez philosophique comme fin de vidéo.. Tu mérite vraiment tes 13 millions d'abonnés!!👍👍👍

  3. lanne ou jai fait la rencontre de norman hugou keumarpeve nova et sgueezie ah nan par contre pour sgueezie cest pas vrai parce que en 2008 il avait 12 ans ouai donc je trainait pas avec lui tu vois mdr

  4. A youpi ! Alors je vais sauter de mon immeuble .😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

  5. 3:45 ça veut dire Fait ce que tu peux pas, Donc Cheh Au moins Tu feras Plus Le mec qui sait parler anglais attention ⚠️ c’est pas une critique c’est juste une remarque

  6. Je vous préviens ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠

    Aucune feuille n'a été mal traité durant cette vidéo

    Je sait…… Tout sa pour sa 😄

  7. Continu comme ça tu es le meilleur vraiment avance dans ta passion pense pas au gens qui mettent des méchant commentaire car ils sont juste jaloux de ta beauté intérieure et extérieur et de ton travaille parfais

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