Custom $10,000 iPhone, Airpods, Macbook and More! - Oddly Satisfying Art

Custom $10,000 iPhone, Airpods, Macbook and More! – Oddly Satisfying Art

I have a MacBook Pro and iPhone XS and air pods now all we need to do to customize these Apple products is some pain so these cost around five thousand dollars but in the title I said ten thousand because you know that looks better so what I'm gonna do is donate two thousand dollars to hungry families and give three thousand dollars to random person who subscribes and shares this video yeah so technically it's a ten thousand dollar video one second thought let's take this outside it's super super nice it all dried up oh that is so nice it's all ready to have Turkey on it it says to shake before using all right well looks like now it's dry right we'll put our air paws in oh that is so nice so earlier we tried on the iPhone XS but since this is glass the paint doesn't stay on very well you can see this is like more of a matte background so what we're gonna do is we're gonna do it on the back of an iPhone se all right now we just gotta wait a bit and deep I was late let's rip off the tape and hopefully the inside looks really really good I think it looks pretty neat what do you think Turkey turkey Turkey wake up jakey do you like it do you like them Turkey what do you mean it's bad okay Turkey you're not buff okay that looks just like you that's literally you okay okay I'll make you look better on the next one okay okay so we have my MacBook all taped up there's even been with the front repaint all right so now things are about to get a little bit weird turkeys with me I got turkette over here I'm lining up the Apple products that I designed yeah we are about to do a little turkey photo shoot where you say you're camera shy turkey how many times have you been on camera come on you're not a camera shy okay oh okay no Turkey you don't need a snapchat filter all right let's just get started thank you setup turkey right here setup turkette right there okay I think this looks nice this is what happens when you don't subscribe and this is what happens when you do subscribe de Vitoria and I talked a little bit and I ended up a pally her $6000 because she came from like a low-income family and I really wanted to support her art dreams so yeah subscribe have a good rest of the day guys bye

45 thoughts on “Custom $10,000 iPhone, Airpods, Macbook and More! – Oddly Satisfying Art

  1. Subscribe & click on another one of my videos in recommendations and I will take you shopping!
    Love you guys! I have HUGE videos coming! Hope you are ready!

    This was also the first time I ever used spraypaint so hope you guys like it! Trying to step out of my comfort zone a little bit 🙂

    Congrats on first comment: Magic Unicorn

  2. Hi ahm I saw u helped this one out, it’s really uncomfortable for me to ask you, but it would be amazing if you can help me too. We don’t have the money to buy art supply’s. My dad works all day. Same as her anything would help me.

  3. You should either sell or donate the custom painted stuff. I'd love to win it.
    I have never been good at painting or doing art, but I do still love watching your videos keep it up.

  4. Hey Mr.ZHC I want to buy an Asus Rog Phone Because I want to be a Pro Player In Mobile Legends but I dont have enough money to spend…

    Please Help me Mr.ZHC

    ThankYou Very Much !!

  5. Trying to become a great artist like you and i have a tiny channel would like to win

  6. My Brother Needs a mac Book for School and my Parents are on Low budget Right now so i want the mac Book for my Brother AND Make a Cuddly toy from Turkey pls

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