Csaba Markus Unveils Caldographs on Wood

Csaba Markus Unveils Caldographs on Wood

I moved to Los Angeles from Hungary in 1978, and I started my free life there. I was born in the right place but at the wrong time. One night, I had a conversation with myself. And, I told myself, “Okay, Csaba. You are homeless. This is your choice. But, why are you homeless in shady area? Why not move to the best area and start to be homeless there?” I survived because I saved money. My budget was six dollars per week. I bought one sack potatoes, one gallon milk, and two expired Wonder breads, and I ate for many weeks. Leonardo da Vinci completed the Mona Lisa exactly 500 years ago. I concentrated to learn Leonardo da Vinci’s secrets. And now, actually, we can bring the Renaissance — 500 years of technology — into the 21st century. So how will we do that? Well, you see, these are not the realistic colors. This is a sublimation ink. And, this will be pressured in high pressure in the wood. And the hot gasses will impregnate the wood, and after, we will seal it with high gloss varnish, and it will last forever. We’re using the natural wood grain. Not the same, but very very similar as what Leonardo da Vinci used for his paintings. He used white poplar. This is original texture of the wood. The nature designed it . I just use it. This is a original Caldograph hot wood edition. Vualá!

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  1. My girlfriend and I just purchased a ton of his art on our cruise because it was so beautiful. We didn't plan on buying anything at all, but we couldn't leave without it.

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