Creative writing online tutor CAPS Gr 7 - 12

Creative writing online tutor CAPS Gr 7 – 12

hi i'm elaine play stevens now right in a teacher why am I telling you this well I've decided to start first your creative writing lessons my experience in teaching runs from late fall all the way through to grade 11 and my students have been English first language and second language speakers so I have over 10 years experience in teaching which runs across the curriculum and in different environments I imagine this you don't have to drive your child to get lessons you also don't have to have someone strange in your house to give your chocolate lessons so no sitting in the traffic means more time to yourself no strangers in your house means well no strangers in the house still interested all the listen further the Cape's curriculum that is currently funded by private schools and government sports some private school and government government school is a brilliant academic program however because it's so tightly packed with content it leaves teachers very little time to spend on teaching creative writing so let's take for an example a 30 minute lesson on playwriting and they are 30 students in a class which means that leaves 1 minute per child by a teacher the camp curriculum requires one creator Vietnamese writer and that mark contributes to the editor that creative regime' contributes 20% to the end of term mark if a teacher allocated for lessons for a creative writing piece that means that your child will probably be able to get four minutes individual time from the teacher you must remember that both the Jun exam and the end-of-year exam comprises a creative writing paper and your child will not be prepped for these papers simply because the teacher doesn't have enough time in a class to prep the child for the paper there isn't a formula to write a good creative writing piece and apart from the format they aren't any stipulated rules that one can apply to an assigned a topic that's where I come in I am taught English and have observed her children struggle to produce creative writing piece let alone writing piece as a teacher gained insight into what a good creative writing piece is I'm also aware of the repeated mistakes students make as a writer and possess the skills to guide your child to writing a good creative writing piece in my virtual creative writing classes your child will learn how to one analyze a topic to produce a good creative activities and three prepare to be able to be prepared for the creative writing exam so let's recap the benefits of these virtual creative writing efforts one know sitting in traffic to no strangers in your house 3 your child receives individual attention for your child's work will be marked with feedback 5 creative writing develops critical thinking 6 these skills will help your child all the way through to university so don't wait follow the link to register I look forward to working with you in your child let's create some creative writing magic

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