Creating Photocopy Art Transfers : Photocopy Transfer to Wood

Creating Photocopy Art Transfers : Photocopy Transfer to Wood

Next step, with a nice, even coat of media
on your photocopy, flip it over. Take your hand and I want this thing stuck, stuck, stuck,
stuck on here. Everything should be stuck, every single surface of it, no edges poking
up. If they are, have some media on the end of your brush, gently go around like that,
and then there you go, then press it down. Now as soon as you feel you have a good seal,
you’re not done yet, because you want to put some more media. I like putting some more
media on the back of the photocopy as well. Some people don’t do this, to me actually
the transfers are a little more consistent when you do. So, same as last time, put a
bunch of dots on the back, now we’re going to do the same thing. Nice, even strokes.
I prefer a bigger brush for this, not like a little one, otherwise you can see it can
take a while, and media does dry, so you want to make sure you have a nice, even layer on
here, before the drying process starts, which will be about five to ten minutes after first
application. There.

11 thoughts on “Creating Photocopy Art Transfers : Photocopy Transfer to Wood

  1. wouldn't it have been just easy peasy to show the bottle of "media" you were using instead of telling us to go to the store and ask them what we need? duh!

  2. @SuzyQ3207
    I understand what you are saying – I thought his was talking about a totally different product and realized later he meant medium.

  3. @dmcwm If you want to watch expertvillage videos in order, it can now be done. They're all at ehow dot com. If you find the first one and start with that, the next ones follow automatically with a few seconds in between. Soooooo much better! It drives me nuts having to search and guess which one is next…

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