Crayon Art Tutorial!

Crayon Art Tutorial!

hey guys this is my crayon art tutorial I hope you guys enjoy and the other thing is you'll need a blank canvas pack of crayons I used 64 packs a hot glue gun and some refills a chops a blow dryer some source of some silhouettes an umbrella and a person preferably a pair of scissors before we so here I'm just saying hi this is the plain canvas that we're using first and then you're going to take your heat up lose them and check if it's working so it's ready so just taking my crowns and showing you that I already put it in the rainbow order so he's easier to lay them out so now I'm just ruling the Meritor you put the blue of the Kabbalistic the crayon nice [Applause] so here I just planned them out and I didn't show you guys how I was putting it down but I it was easier this way to just pick it up and glue it down instead see ya the box each time so if I'm doing here a star we can take you slow we can take it slow we can take it slow so here I'm just showing you how I'm going to press down make sure that everything is nice and secure and then I'm going to put it aside so that it dries a little bit and though it's dry already right yeah just pretty safety of my so here I'm just putting it out roughly so that the papers [Applause] I'm smelling so I can take my roughly cutted silhouettes around making it more precise okay so now I'm just testing up a GU again and using a hot glue gun and to do down a nice little X because the Guru stick didn't work what I was overjoyed going dude but finaliters work on the canvas [Applause] Aysen I'm sorry that we're gonna use the cup to hold it over the Braille apart so that was something we take it slow okay so here I'm just turning on my blow-dryer here today everywhere just make sure you have an area furniture it's okay you can just scratch it off if you get it anywhere Nancy will start hi – so hey I'm just evening out the colors like the fates guiding right and warming to or if I want to make the drips along good and that's what I was doing but so so like you exist away we could dance all night this part is optional if you guys want to write with a pole or something down there that's guidance and I wrote like so this is a finished product after all that hard work very hard because it went everywhere but it's okay you come out with a pretty product and I hope nice Oh Oh sir we can take it slow thanks so much for watching please comment rate and subscribe and the song is stopped time by Landon Austin see in my next video bye

38 thoughts on “Crayon Art Tutorial!

  1. Soak crayons in cold water first to easily slide the paper off them, then glue onto the paper before blow drying.

  2. Really love it but can I please know where are your crayons sticking on ? I mean what is the name of the board

  3. This is cool, I'm on youtube looking for different ways to do crayon art. What I do looks a lot different from this. Check out my business page on facebook if you would like to see some examples! 🙂

  4. lol everyone complains about the music (you are absolutely right) but from my point of view this is a WASTE of crayons

  5. Can anybody please help me. I recntly bought art canvas from online and it was cotton based or something like that. Is it good for acrylic painting or is it good even for painting?

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