The Zombie phenomenon appears in popular culture
in many different ways, from fiction stories to voodoo rituals. Even psychology has had to deal with them,
facing a estrange mental illness. The Cotárd’s syndrome, or Walking Dead
Syndrome. It’s one of the rarest illnesses known out
there. In most of cases, people affected by it think
they lack a part of their body, an arm, a leg, the nose… or they simply deny their
existence. But in the most severe cases, people suffer
from deliriums of denial that make them believe they are really dead – their body doesn’t
work any more and they are just walking dead. Or they also feel they simply dont exist and
what they see around them is a figment of their imagination. They feel their internal organs, heart, intestines…
have permanently stopped working. Or they just dont have them, nor blood or
a brain. They can even feel they are rotting inside,
being able to smell their own flesh decomposing and feel the worms sliding underneath their
skin. Sometimes, patients are so convinced they
are already dead that they think they are immune and nothing can hurt them and they
cant feel pain, as if they were lost souls. In those cases, they can even hurt themselves
and risk their physical integrity. The first case with similar symptoms was documented
by Charles Bonnet, a Swiss biologist, in 1788. It was an old lady who had suffered a paralysis
attack. When she was able to talk again, she told
her family she was already dead, and asked them to have a funeral for her. She insisted so much, that her family had
to accept and put her inside a coffin, tho her delirium ended up disappearing as the
days went by. But it was the french neurologist Jules Cotard
who discovered this syndrome and named it. In 1880, he presented in a conference in Paris
the case of a woman, whom he called “Mademoiselle X”, who stated she didnt have a brain, nerves,
stomach or intestine. She believed she was eternal and she’d lived
forever, and since she didnt have guts, she didnt have the need to eat. Doctors didnt know how to treat her, and she
ended up dying of starvation. The Cotard’s syndrome is related to many
causes like severe depressions, psychosis or schizophrenia. It’s also associated with the Capgras’
syndrome, which affects our capacity to identify people, believing they are doubles or impostors. It can also appear as a consequence of injuries
that have affected certain parts of the brain, like the parietal (paráietal) lobe. It is always related to the section of the
mind that control the recognition of faces and of our environment, and the emotions they
make us feel. Patients believe they are no longer in the
world of the living, since they are incapable of associating memories or feelings with what’s
around them. Unfortunately, no effective treatment has
been found yet. Doctors usually prescribe antidepressants
and electroconvulsive shock therapy. Another effect it produces is absolute isolation
from their environment and human relations – psychologists try to ease this with therapy
so patients can have their personal and social life back. In the present, there are still cases of Cotard’s
syndrome all around the world. In 1996 in Scotland, a man suffered an accident
with his motorbike which led to injuries on his head. After getting his medical discharge, his mother
moved to Southafrica with him. The man was convinced he had died during his
time at the hospital, and the spirit of his mom had guided him to Hell, because it could
only get that hot there. In 2003, some greek psychiatric (saikiátric)
treated a patient who believed his head was empty. He stated he had been born without a brain
and that was why he had an intellectual development disorder. He tried to kill himself in more than one
occasion, saying it wasnt worth living like that. In Colombia, the case of a woman was registered
some years ago. She had a long medical record of depression. One day, she saw smoke coming out of her mouth,
and she associated it with her soul leaving her body. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw
her eyes were empty, with no life. She felt the smells of her body, rotting,
and the tickle of worms eating her up from the inside. She thought she had become a zombie as a divine
punishment for having tried to take her life away. The Cotard’s syndrome is one of the most
mysterious illnesses known out there. Its origin gets lost in the deepest of our
thoughts. And it turns the life of the person suffering
it in a complete nightmare.


  1. I sometimes feel im immortal.. meaning i hurt myself :/ but i also day dream about weird things during school

  2. Ur drawing is amazing I wish if I can come and take drawing classes from u…..btw love ur videos

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  5. it takes care. if they don't eat try encouraging them that they can. just kinda make them doing more human activities what I think I'd do.

  6. So…
    There are chances that I may have or get this syndrome…well what can I do? Depression has no cure

  7. is it weird that i'm completely calm and not freaked out because this is like a science class to me

  8. Everybody here be like eww it must be horrible…then there's my friend, messing around with corpses, being depressed all the time and cuting himself. He always says that when he dies he will go home or something and that life is just a dream…well now I know what is he suffering from…

  9. Hello to who ever read or is scrolling down the comments
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  10. I thought it was walking corpse syndrome? I just clicked this video tho so it might be something else

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  16. At the end it is scary for me and my baby sister but she is only 4 years old and she looks funny at the end๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น ๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿ™€

  17. Sometimes i feel like everyone around me are illisinations… oh no.. uhm.. ok lets jus… hmm..

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  20. If you think that you're not alive because of the logic that you have no soul for you died at birth… Does that fall under this syndrome?

    And yeah, I do sometimes think that I'm not alive

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