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  1. Corel painter looks awesome from my perspective and I didn't know this is the recent of corel painter. Looks really good. I heard that corel painter has blending brushes which is beneficial. But i do have a question. Will Corel Painter be good for me to use? It is complex to get used to? I never used Corel Painter before.

  2. Hi Aaron…. you've sold me. I just received their upgrade notice and plan on upgrading. I like the way the layout now looks more like photoshop and the screen starts out with minimal pallets giving you more space right off. This is definitely worth the upgrade. Thanks.

  3. You were quick out of the starting gate with this! It's awesome to see new features, I changed my performance settings after watching. Thanks again Aaron!

  4. It looks like a Bush or an easy way to make a tree (with the brush patterns) in the background of the cat

  5. For me the most important "New feature" it's the Drag Zoom. It works perfectly; i tested the Mac Trial, finally i can use command + space and drag to zoom. Curiously, the mouse seems very laggy, but pen tablets (tested on Ipad Pro + Apple pencil + Astropad and generic pen monitor) works very well. The new UI it's nice, more clean; anyway the previous UI was very nice too.

    It seems way faster than before, more responsive. It's still laggy when you change brush category (not 'Library', just 'Category'), but much faster than before. The sliders are now very responsive, works very well. Some brushes seems faster, others seems to have the same performance as Painter 2018.

    I don't think it's worth to update from 2018. The drag zoom must be implemented years ago, almost any graphic software have this feature; it must be implemented on a patch to previous Painter versions.

  6. Hooray! I was waiting for your review of the new features to decide whether I wanted to upgrade or not. I like that they are making the UI more tablet friendly for devices like the Surface Pros. I think I will probably upgrade (I wish they would go back to their $99 deal though).

  7. All I have to say is…FINALLY! We at last have all the functions I've been waiting for to come to Corel Painter!

    Fixed touch, smuggy zoom like in every other paint app. This will be really nice grab 🙂

    Thanks for the video 🙂

  8. Hey, Aaron. I think this happened last year with 2018, but I just tried upgrading and was told that PTRAR (I also tried "PTRAR -") was an invalid code. Suggestions?

  9. "And by that, I mean that it actually works this time!" haha nice.
    Is the upgrade price the same if I have Corel 2016?

  10. Thanks, Aaron! Good to hear Corel concentrating on important things, like getting Painter to perform decently. Alas, I will not be in much shape to benefit, since my computer is 8 tears old! It was a beast when it was new, but no more… The new features you showed actually sounded pretty good, too. Thanks again for putting this out there for us to see.

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  12. Good review Aaron. I will probably upgrade for the performance improvements. I am getting a Cintiq 27 touch so the improvements to the touch function are very timely for me!

  13. Having fun with my Corel Painter lessons from DAA and I love the program, so I already upgraded from 2018, couldn't resist, even though I'm not entirely convinced the updates really justify the steep price of the upgrade. I like the new interface and the sliders are quite a bit better, but seriously Patterns? Stamps? Performance boost? Shouldn't excellent performance be an integral part of the software?

  14. I was waiting your review not a lot of new things but I guess my goal is for them to work on bugs. Specially for Mac users, Thanks Aaron!

  15. My mac version UI is broken, soooooooooooooo annoying I can't even snap those separate windows to the screen edge

  16. Did you say no new brushes/brush tech? That's a crying shame. UI updates and bug fixes are great but seem more like an update. Not a new version of the program. I bet you anything they're gonna release new pay for play brush packs in a month or so 😡

  17. If I bought the corel painter 2019 version of the program, will I also get the 2020 version without having to buy that specific version?

  18. Hi Aaron, I really appreciate the video. In earlier versions of Painter (including 2018) I have an issue where random levels of zoom cause my lines to tear/pixellate/become jagged. Never been able to fix it. Do you know if that was a known bug and if it is fixed in 2019? It's definitely not a hardware problem (GTX 1080, i7 6800k, had the problem on 2 dif setups as well) and it drives me up the wall. Thanks!

  19. You are by far the best teacher of this application for the attention to detail you bring. Thanks for showing where to locate that shortcut for the improved Temporal Color Wheel, now with docking! I was happy to see that fixed and now it doesn't land wherever the cursor happens to be either. Wasn't going to upgrade just for one thing alone but I'm stunned by the performance increase which convinced me. It's nice the UI can be darkened to save on tired eyes too. Still doesn't import all of my purchased brush packs bought through Corel's site though, only those bought through the program itself. I've mentioned this to Corel support but they either didn't understand the issue or aren't bothering with it.

    My greatest issue at the moment is with barrel rotation on the 21UX Wacom pen and I was wondering what you think about buying a 3D Art Pen. Good solution or am I dreaming it would be? Seems I recall you made a video explaing to use settings to deal with that but is still inconvenient to change. Great demo, cute addition to put in a video clip of your beautiful cat, was definately purrrrr worthy!

  20. seems they just made it look more like PSP, i dont like psp. I like the older Corel its all Ive used in the last 18 yrs.

  21. Great video. So clear without long introductions. I stopped watching the official painter walk through and came to your channel

  22. I am so jealous! I NEED a Wacom tablet but I also need to get a Mac or pc as I don’t have anything just yet.
    I was looking at the new cintiq with the Wacom engine but it works out just too expensive for me at the moment.
    I really want a large screen also maybe the 27qhd. Touch
    What’s the lowest spec I need to be able to run coral 2019 effectively?

  23. GREAT tutorial! You covered Painter 2019 well! I just bought the 2019 upgrade and this was informative, thanks.

  24. This was AWESOME!!! You're an excellent instructor, and I'm saying that as an instructor. Outstanding tutorial!!!

  25. Thanks for the review.
    Any word on if they've increased the document size limitations? Has always been under 15000px which at 300dpi limits the maximum size of an image to 50"x50"

  26. What is that thing you are drawing on? I have a mouse, keyboard, 2 CC'd monitors, and an old Wacom 13×18" Tablet with pen and mouse, but it has no integrated screen. My stuff is dated — about 10yrs old. My last version of Painter was v9 I think — the one where the image on the box shows a hand with too many fingers. How out-of-date am I? How much does this new display-thing cost? Please assist.
    Oh, BTW, I'm a Wedding Photographer hoping to add some artistic Images to my albums. I'm getting all new cameras, & other Software as well. I faintly recall now that Wacom was integrating screens into their tablets — AFTER I bought all my stuff.

  27. Love your videos . I have a big request. I decided to get the iPad Pro 12.9 inch and Apple Pencil with the Astropad app which makes the iPad work like a cintiq. It would be great if you could do a video Review of Corel 2019 with the iPad Pro and Astropad Studio . Compare how it is vs the Wacom. Would just love to know your thoughts on it.
    How you recommend if one should set both the pressure curve in Astropad and the general brush tracking I. Corel Painter or if both souls be set to similar or same settings. So far I love it with the iPad, pencil and Astropad app but there’s almost no YouTube videos in working with those in Corel Painter .
    I don’t know if I should upgrade to 2019 because I am using Yosemite On my 2012 MacBook Pro. Corel 2018 keeps stalling sometimes and I have to force quite because all functions stop responding . I don’t l ow why it does that . I have 8 gigs of ram. Hoping you have a suggestion for that. Also that problem occurred even with my Wacom Intuos touch .

  28. Woah, the programm looks great, thanks for the detailed review. If y may ask out of curiosity, which one is the best for drawing : Corel Painter or Photoshop ? As someone who has been using FireAlpaca till now, I just can't see that many differences at first glance… People on the internet say stuff about how Corel isn't as professional, but from the drawings I see around, both look amazing :/

  29. The multi touch is what i needed to know it had. Though i have no touch screen, it still made painting a lot easier in photoshop. I haven't painted in years, thinking about getting this and giving it a go again.
    Random side question, is there a platform anymore like conceptart.org or cghub.. ? I know ca is dead 🙁

  30. Great info here, I upgraded a couple weeks ago and just went about my normal work flow. I didn't know about the precision slider mode or the floating color wheel and I will now be taking advantage of both. It's small improvements but nice to see Corel looking to improve quality of life features FINALLY. Thanks!

  31. Hi there, please tell me how to select and memorized layer with glass distorsion. I mean before drop it. I would like to have it yust in lines in drawing without background. Thanks.

  32. Thanks! I sure was hoping they would allow you to leave the main workspace on Monitor #1 and drag the current work window to Monitor #2 – like one can do with Photoshop, etc. I have a Cintiq (12") and it is a pain to have to drag part of the workspace over to it just so I can drag over my painting to work on. I can drag tool palette and other windows around to other monitors, just not the one you want to drag the most. Guess I can make the main workspace and main painting window the one thing on the smaller Cintiq and drag everything else to other monitors. Problem is the menus are still part of the tiny screen. Ugh!

  33. Hi Aaron, I'm a new Digital Painter 9 i can't even call myself that lol, im new, but im gonna use Corel Painter and not Photoshop, I've made this decision, because i love a Corel Artists called Ryan Church. And he showed me how to set up painter and some great brushes to use.
    Im just wondering one thing, he used to use this brush called "Sharp Chalk". And from Painter 6 and 10 to now, the standard "Sharp Chalk" brush has been removed and changed with something like Sharp Chalk something and it's completely different 🙁 and i don't know what to do!

  34. Hey man, I have photoshop., Paintshop pro and painter 2019. I don't have a Wacom Tablet, i have a Silvercrest crappy one. Anyway, Touch Sensitivity works no problem in Photoshop, but it's not working in either of the Corel products, I've tried to go in and use the scratch pad thing, but the pressure is uniform, even when itry to change the sliders nothing happens, i've switched from Wacom type to windows type etc, no avail!

  35. I've been using Corel PaintShop Pro X2 for longer than normal and it is still my go to drawing/photo editing program I am looking to upgrade. I have no idea that Corel was still making programs and thought I would just have to bite the bullet and get a Photoshop plan. Thank you for showing off these new features.

  36. Oh my goodness…. this was so helpful! Sure do appreciate your time. You have skills Aaron! A VERY good teacher!

  37. hello, but to enlarge the tip of a brush on a tablet intuos pro su corel painter … how do you do it? … I notice that with the mouse the tips widen and shrink easily, but when I use the pen … I am tiny tips, which even nenche you see the tract … help me, thanks.

  38. Hum I still get Painter 12 with the buggy camel hair losing his property with zoom out zoom in, wonder if this one is addressed

  39. Not sure if Corel have altered things in the last few months but the pinned colour wheel is Command + Option + 1(not 2)

  40. @Aaron Sir let me say first you are an amazing teacher. Question in a trying to start my own digital marketing company. Which program would you recommend between Adobe and Corel for a newby like myself when resources are limited right now.

  41. It very much great……could you please guide me which pen and touch screen are you using? I want to create something like you…REPLY SOON…REGARDS

  42. quick question Aaron, does corel sponsor you yet? I mean you've been at it for a while, and everyone absolutely everyone else seems to use photoshop. they should probably start giving you some sponsorness for sure!

  43. The enhanced brush ghost is standard every other art program in the market and has been for a long time. I can't see any reason for the brush ghost to not disappear. Again standard issue every other program in the digital world. Again new updates for certain reasons. I guess that's a good update for Corel. I can't imagine it not having that for the pre life before this update. I like some of the options available in Corel. Hopefully there is a iPad OS version of this.

  44. 700+ pixel brush can be useful. I work on massive canvasses and when you have a complex selection that you want to fill in there's no other way than making the brush big and drawing over everything

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