44 thoughts on “CompTIA A+ Certification Video Course 220-901

  1. I'm gonna get one of those motion sensors and KVMs. Very enjoyable and informative, have a wonderful day.

  2. Can someone please tell me if this is either enough or semi enough or helpful for the new A+ CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2) cert exams?
    please answer

  3. Does this covers all the topics for the exam? I have troubleshooting skills and building PC but I believe some stuffs missing. Am i wrong?

  4. This starts off really easy Iā€™m laughing so hard. A lot of old people should just watch the first hour of this

  5. Will you be doing a 1001 video with the updates to the 901? Your videos are so great and help many of our IT students. I hope you do and if so would love the link.

  6. This is PERFECT. Really needed something to help me with networking. Thaaank yoou
    Now I haven't taken this test yet, but I see there are two tests to complete for 901 and 902 for the full certification. Do I actually need both? Also, what's the best site to take these on?

  7. Quick question ok? Are you going to be updating your videos to cover the CompTIA A+ 220-1001 and 220-1002 tests that came out in January 2019? 220-901 and 220-902 will be unavailable after July 31, 2019 and the new tests have 20% new material as well as shaving off Vista, Windows 7, and 8 from what I've read.

    I really hope you do and I'm in no way trying to rush you at all. I think your videos are incredibly helpful to the people who learn visually and I'm positive a lot of people appreciate your work. Thank you!

  8. Took my 901 on Friday and got a 655 and needed a 675 šŸ˜«

    Update took it 7days later and passed with a 777. I will say this video is def not enough to pass. Most of my test was scenario based smh and the 2nd test was harder. Thought I failed for sure.

  9. Awesome! Please do a Security+ video like this. This is great. Going to watch Network+ as well. Testing scheduled for 901, 902, and Net+ all within 60 days.

  10. So happy I found this great source of info for the exam. I am looking into starting a career in IT (switching from the automotive field) and it seems based on all the comments that I stumbled into a gold mine of a resource. Thanks for your hard work PowerCert & godspeed.

  11. What happened to the power cert CompTIA A+ Certification Video Course 220-902 video…I as well as other viewers would like to see that online to see.

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