Common Projects Achilles Low Alternatives

Common Projects Achilles Low Alternatives

if we're going to go for one out of the four that I would definitely go for I made a video on this channel about common projects and if they're worth it and today I'm going to talk about some alternatives that I would personally where they're all going to be cheaper than common projects some a lot cheaper and some ever so slightly cheaper all of these options are going to talk about a beautiful in their own way but some of them are more like the akiles though than others but we'll go through them one by one there's six that I'm going to talk about at the end of the video I'm going to give you some options if you want to go even lower than these even more affordable than these but let's start off with number one and those by a brand called artisan lab I actually do already own a pair of sneakers from artisan lab thank you to artisan love for gifting me a pair of their new minimal sneaker and it's a beautiful looking shoe I think they've done a beautiful job with the lack of padding around the entrance to the third and have that suits you or not it does me I'm always a fans authentic type of person rather than a Vance Erie person mainly because of that padding around the top the areas look a bit too chunky I like that slim minimal look and if you're going for a minimal sneaker then it doesn't get much more minimal than this look wise I'd say it was a cross between the akiles low and the chairs so I'd say these were a cross between the Adrian sneaker by acting studios and the Achilles Lowe they are slightly lighter than the Achilles though the quality seems to be absolutely amazing for the price if you don't want to spend two hundred and eighty pounds on a pair of common projects Achilles though then I would really really recommend these like seriously I've been a common projects farm boy for ages and these are lovely if you go in for 110 pounds you're saving yourself 170 quid so you could even get this pair and another recommendation off my list so that's number one artisan love so number two this is also a very close looking shoe of the Achilles Lowe and it's by a company called a day's march a day's march are a standard Navy and brand that do a lot of like basic essentials and marching sneaker is you can tell they've definitely used the Achilles though as inspiration for this shoe but I still think it has a really nice look in its own right so the marching sneaker very clean very simple and although I haven't actually owned a pair I do have a lot of stuff from a day's march and I can say that the quality on their clothing is excellent so I have no doubt that the sneakers will be excellent quality as well and for 145 pounds for these sneakers you're still saving yourself 135 pounds off the retail price of a pair of chrome projects with Keeley's low so it's pretty much hard price for a similar looking silhouette number three is from a brand called axel arigato and the reason that I love this brand is because they appeal to anyone in whatever scene you're in like the current projects achilles though I think everyone appreciates the common projects I said that a bit weird the common projects Achilles Lowe everyone no matter what you're into everyone appreciates the shoe even if you're bored of them even if they're overdone everyone still appreciates them up being a very good classic white sneaker and I believe that's the case with these as well the axial arigato clean 90s maybe a little bit more chunky than the Achilles lo but very sleek very good looking shoe in their own right the silhouette of the Aragon so actually reminds me more of the minimal sneaker from who are they from again artisan love yeah they remind me more of the silhouette from these guys mainly because of the toe box and the way that aces are they just remind me more of an Axl arigato shoe so if you like that clean looking shoe maybe you want a bit more clunk to it then I definitely would recommend the axial arigato and as I said everyone no matter what sort of seen you're into everyone appreciates the arigato so you shouldn't really be careful scenes do your own thing and I actually like the gold detail that they have where it says the brand name on the shoe it's a nice touch they're a very well-established brand but I think they are a great shoe now the arigato is normally come in about 160 pounds so that is going to save you I have to look at my list cuz I'm not a hundred and twenty quid so you do the math number four and this one is really a shoe in its own right it's not really like the Achilles though at school it is a clean white sneaker and it is something that I would wear hello got these these horns number always by a brand called Grimson there are well-established British brand their Lomond sneaker is very slim very sleek looking and the main detail that's different is the strip along the front of the toe box you know with a brand like Granderson they're very as I said they're very well established they do high-quality products their Footwear is very high quality you know it's going to be high quality and that is why it's a little bit more expensive but then again you're still saving yourself to the list 110 pounds so they're a honking seventy pound retail price provides the Grimson low one and that is 110 pounds 170 pounds saving 110 pounds and now on to number five and number five is a shoe that I haven't actually been able to work out if I like it more than the Achilles though anyway regardless of the price or if I like the Achilles no more I've been going back and forth between the two shoes and some days I like the Achilles no more some days are like this bad law and that is cqp I'm going to be talking about the rakia trainer in white if I had the money I'd get both pairs but unfortunately I blast it all on the Achilles low so I don't have the money now but if I did have the money then I would definitely pick up a pair of these anyway because there's such a good looking shoe the leather and the build of the series of the highest quality I love the detail in the shoe opening where you put your foot in it's got that sort of line and then an angled line rather than a curved curved entrance like you see on the most of the shoes I love that little detail it makes it unique to that shoe the toe box is a little bit smaller like in length ways than the Achilles though which I actually really like weirdly it looks like an Achilles low but then nothing like it at the same time they are very well constructed I believe they have a metal plate at the back as well to give it extra support and extra structure and they do hold up very well let me know which one you prefer down in the comments I personally am very torn between the two but that will set you back 250 quid so you're only saving 30 pounds but the other plus side of them is they are a little less common than Carmen projects I'm not as why it's another reason why I like the CQ piece sometimes a little bit more because you don't see them as often people know about them less and it gives it that little charm that you are in that exclusive club that everyone likes to be in where you know about a brand where everyone else doesn't and now at the end of the video I said I was going to give you some alternative some cheaper alternatives and these are going to be all below the 100 pound mark but they're not going to be what you're expecting a lot of these shoes that I mentioned are Italian leather they are very good quality they will last you a very long time as you go below the hundred pound mark the quality does reduce quite a bit and you're not getting the same premium sneakers that I've recommended to you in this list and that's why I think you should save your money if you don't want to spend it over the hunt of power mark but I think you should save your money or get yourself a pair of vans anaheim Authentics or some Converse Chuck Taylor 70s sometimes I actually prefer wearing the converse Chuck Taylors and the vans over the common projects they all look really good they go with anything so you've got to work out if you can afford the thing I always say to people is everyone's situation is different if you can afford to buy some common projects where it's not going to leave a dent in your bank and you're not going to struggle afterwards then go for it but if you can't afford to buy a pair then there are better alternatives out there even if you can't afford the 110 pounds of the artisan lab shoes then go for a pair of Converse Chuck 70s go for a pair of vans authentic just go for something that you like the look of you don't need expensive trainers to get a good look but I hope you've enjoyed that video and I hope that's given you some alternatives I didn't want to list this or Oliver cabal and just to finish off if we knock off number five because that doesn't really count because it's quite high price anyway if we're going to go for one out of the four that I would definitely go for the artisan lab sneaker and you've got some money left over to buy yourself some vans or some converse nothing will beat the Achilles though in my opinion they are the best looking shield the bunch apart from the cqp maybe but the price is it worth it I don't know you don't have to watch my other video where I talk about is it worth it or not up there but thanks for watching I hope this has helped you out and until next time I Benari Cheers

10 thoughts on “Common Projects Achilles Low Alternatives

  1. Not sure how much traction it has got but there is a Dutch brand called Filling Pieces which has a great white sneaker ~190 EUR. I swear by them!

  2. I got the CQP’s instead of the common projects. Love them so much. Best purchase in terms of shoes.

  3. Great video! I have the Marching sneaker and I'm really happy with them (like all of A Day's March stuff)

  4. Hi Harry. I have super wide feet and I just can't get any sizes of the Achilles Low to fit me. Do you know of any alternatives for people with wide feet?

  5. Huge fan of the Artisan Lab – Minimal Sneaker. Love the Acne Studios Adrian & obviously the holy grail, Common Projects Achilles Low. Really nice to see a combination of the two in the Artisan Lab sneaker. Great video, Cheers!

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