hey guys it is Sonia and welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another apartment renovation it has been a very long time since I've done and apartment renovation so I thought it was time to do one and I got a ton of suggestions to do an artist's apartment so that's what we are doing here today this is in the spice district in San my shoonoo and this actual apartment is located in to be Jasmine Suites so the spice district is by far my favorite area to build in or decorate in in sand mice you know I just think it is so pretty and I also my first time ever playing in say mush you know like the day city living came out I was playing in an apartment in the spice district it wasn't this one I try not to use that apartment too often because I just I use it too much and I just get really nostalgic about it from the kwid city living game out but this apartment is one I really enjoy as well and I had a ton of fun figuring out a layout for this I really wanted a small like built-in kitchen I wanted it to look like it itself was just a very simple apartment but the way it was decorated was very eclectic and instead of having two bedrooms they had converted one of the bedrooms in to an art studio so I thought that was a lot of fun I asked I thought about adding a fireplace over here we added it on the other side of the room instead and I played around with bricks forever I believe we ended up with this darker brick color in the end but I definitely wanted an aspect of that in this apartment based on where it's located there's a lot of bricks on the outside these are brownstone buildings so I definitely wanted to incorporate that I got to use this desk that we got with an up D I don't remember how long ago now but it's probably my favorite desk in the game and then this really cute painted chair and this bookcase from seasons which I'm gonna clutter up like crazy later I I go clutter crazy in this build just oh Rudy sparking and we're back I don't really know exactly what I was saying Rudy just gets really excited about everything and he'll hearing noise in the hallway and he'll be like I must book that so you know uh working on that but anyway I would think I was talking about clutter and how I used so much of it and it was really difficult to try to use colorful items because that's what this build is and in general I'm like too much clutter clashes I love my neutrals so it was really fun trying to experiment with that and I almost used those blue cabinets of cabinetry cabinets and cabinetry those are the same thing counters and countertop counters and cabinets that's what I'm trying to say in the kitchen but I ended up going for white in the end and having the pop of color in the orange fridge which I thought was really cool because then maybe if he countertops and cabinets came with the apartment and you had to bring your own fridge which I know is a thing in a lot of apartments so I thought you know she got that her little he or she got their little spice of color in the kitchen through the choosing of their own fridge I honestly would love a vintage fridge in real life I think they are so cool they're really pretty they come in some really fun colors and I think it would just add a lot of personality to a kitchen and hopefully one day if I own a house or a condo or move in some place that doesn't have a fridge maybe I will take the plunge which I know it's quite expensive depending on what brand you want I just think they're really cool does anyone else agree I just I love using them in the Sims and I just get really excited about it and I'm like this was as close as I'm ever gonna get only one of these and I also realize how I've I've noticed lately how many things I get excited about that when I was a child I would have been like what like I'm an adult now and I'm like oh my god I want a vintage fridge or like a couple years ago for my birthday my grandmother asked me what I wanted and I was like can you get me a humidifier I was so excited about it like there's thing and I just bought a shelving unit for my closet so I could organize it and I was just so excited about that purchase and all the organizing containers like what does that switch turn because I didn't notice it just happen it just all of a sudden I'm realizing that I enjoy organizing and wanting certain appliances for my house and that's exciting I I don't know totally random rant there but wondering if anyone else noticed that switch in themselves or why just I don't know what I happened but anyway over here we use this couch from cats and dogs which is really cozy and then I use a chair from Island living which doesn't really match but it looks like it could have been handmade and I kind of was going for that vibe of kind of also the spice district is in the area where we have the flea market I was kind of going for a mixture of like found materials and created materials for this home as well as like maybe she found that sofa and she reupholstered it or you know different things were in various states of disrepair and they were fixed up or repainted or reupholstered and I just thought that was kind of cool and so it is really a mix of colors and styles and patterns in here but I think it goes okay together and I really liked how that worked I also really wish that the little TV that's the box TV not this flatscreen fit on that red shelf because it doesn't and I really wanted to use the box TV but if I raised it up it would be like halfway in the fireplace with the zero nine key so I did not bother but that would have looked really nice and here by the door I put this little succulent planter inside this side table or a little chest I just this was so fun and cluttery to do i also added this little like towel rack type thing which is just a little side table that we got with Parenthood in the hallway in the same color as the walls in the hallway so it looks like she just painted on everything and I think that looks so cool because it makes it look a little bit more built in and I quite enjoyed that and then we're just kind of throwing some stuff into what's gonna be the art studio which is way bigger than the bedroom and it has the big double doors from stranger Ville which I really really like and now we're just trying to get some of the clutter on this bookcase I almost always put that suitcase up with all the books on it on the bottom part of this bookcase because it fits they're so perfect and I haven't found anything else I like better there but if you guys any suggestions although I do think it works really well for this apartment so I was happy with that and then I believe we're gonna get a bunch of stuff for the desk as well I got to use this lamp from bowling night stuff which is also one of my favorite packs I love it so much I think it has some really cool furniture then again I love mid-century Furniture and actually I'd like to do another mid-century build sometime I feel like I mentioned that recently and I know I wrote it down so hopefully that'll be coming sometime soon I have so many different ideas but it all depends on what sounds fun in the moment so I could have an idea written down for a year before I'm like okay yes now now that sounds fun right now so hopefully that'll be soon but who knows I also tried adding some lemons up on this shelf I didn't like how it looks so I got rid of those in the end and then we're just adding some curtains onto this little hallway area which I thought looked pretty cute and I love this table and chairs that we're using from I think it's movie hangout stuff so cute and then I added those little painted stumps that came with toddler day and I had actually I am never using a decent amount of them because I have one over there and then I have a couple in the art studio on top of some newspaper I'm imagining that this artist has been painting these pieces of wood to kind of transform some of the outside spaces in the parks around the city and so I thought that was a really cute idea so there is setting on some newspaper in this room which will be placing down a little bit just trying to figure out the best way to organize this space it's very big if this could easily be another bedroom plus a bathroom if you wanted it's a very big space but I did imagine that this I'm living here really really wanted it for their art so there's some of those colorful stumps I'm placing down I also added a some other artwork in here and these sketches on the wall of course we have an easel and we end up having the little paint table next to it which I thought look nice and of course some canvases as well just like all of the art clutter like all of it I want more I feel like we have a decent amount though like I'm always very excited when I get to use these canvases I just think they're so pretty I also use that side table the little corner table from I think it's get famous that's like mid-century with a little vase on it I think it's so cute I'm gonna also have a little painting I use in every house the little leaves on it and then a child's painting under it because I imagine if this artist is working on some stumps and childish patterns they might also in addition to some of their more advanced work do a little bit of younger childhood painting maybe selling some of that stuff on Etsy have that hot dog went over here just all kinds of stuff I feel like they're artists that's hustling and getting all their stuff out there selling stuff on the street they're selling stuff online they're transforming the spaces around them and I just really really liked that idea so that's what I went with in so we're just we added this table as another surface of course you could paint on it obviously and this seems it doesn't work like that but I was thinking you could paint on it you can measure things on it you could write down notes and ideas and sketch out like your plan on how this is gonna work or how that's gonna work and I just think that's really helpful in an artistic space I am or I'm a graphic designer but through my program I had to do a ton of traditional art and almost everything we were doing we were writing it down and like planning stuff our writing down ideas sketching ideas out before you get started especially for more like 3d pieces well I guess also for any paintings and drawing some stuff you're doing an initial sketch getting your ideas out lots of practice that way as well but especially for like ceramics I would always try to plan out what I was doing ahead of time sort of especially when I was doing stuff not on the wheel because I'm not super great on the wheel I love throwing pottery on the wheel but I'm not great at it but that was always a little bit more unpredictable because I wasn't so good at it I didn't know it was gonna happen would this come out good I wasn't great with the techniques but when I was doing something that was more just by hand hand pressing and pinching clay by hand I would always play in that out on paper first but we're just getting all over the place I guess it's still related because I'm talking about art but this is in the bedroom I did push the bed against the wall because I thought it made more sense for this room I really wanted it to feel like there's just a bunch of stuff in here and it's really cozy I really do like how it came out but of course if you wanted to have two Sims in here you could just move the bed over so it's not against the wall or you could make the other bedroom or the other room to a bedroom instead of an art studio lots of space for Sims in this house for sure and then here comes my rug struggle I could not decide on a rug for a long time and I wanted to do this one and I kept it for most of the time I'm working on the bedroom but I got rid of it in the end I think we went with one of the wicker ones from laundry day stuff if I'm remembering correctly which I thought worked out pretty well in the end and of course these little lights from Parenthood are soaked you in the luggage next to the bed I just I had a lot of fun mixing colors and stuff and this apartment does use a decent amount of blue but I don't think it's the primary color I mean maybe a little bit in the bedroom but then we have lots of like oranges and warmer colors out in the living space and I think it just kind of mixes a lot of colors together but I'd like to do some more colorful builds and try to avoid blue a little bit so if you have any color scheme ideas in mind that are super colorful but don't include blue and aren't just pink that would be great because I definitely want some more ideas and to do some more colorful builds and maybe like a theme to them not just colorful like this one is well the I guess this one's theme is artist an eclectic artist maybe even color call this colorful artist apartment or eclectic artist apartment I'm not sure yet I think they both work and I already made the thumbnail and it says colorful however I feel like eclectic works just as well but anyway we are in the bedroom now this is not a bedroom it's pretty simple in here we use this shower/tub combo from Parenthood as well as the sink from Parenthood and we're not adding too much clutter in here just a couple little things like a basket and some toothbrushes but we are coming to the end of the video Rudi is running towards my office if you can hear him I apologize for that and yeah this is pretty much all of this apartment if you'd like to download it it is on the sims 4 gallery link down below and if you liked this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up you can also subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and if you click that bell it'll turn on notifications to be notified every single time I upload a new video you guys so much for watching and I will see you all soon bye everybody

38 thoughts on “COLORFUL ARTIST APARTMENT // Sims 4 Speed Build

  1. i just had that switch turn, i asked for a new speaker last year and now i’m begging for a record player, i’m 14😂

  2. I definitley noticed that since I live by myself I love decoration stuff and things for my apartment that I would've never been excited for when I still lived with my parents haha!
    Omg I loove that orange fridge 😍 and I really hate furnishing this apartemnt so I find it interesting that you love it so much! I just might be a noob but I can't figure out a floor plan for it that I like haha!
    The bowling stuff pack definitley came with soo many cute items! I really love the chairs and bar stools 😊 And I love how this apartment turned out! I really like the idea of having a seperate room for painting! 😊 And for a colour scheme idea I furnished a yellow and black apartment once and for some reason they went really well together? Especially in a more modern house. I also built a house using lots of pink and yellow which turned out to be a really pretty combination!

  3. I knew I’d hit real adulthood when the number one thing on my home wish list was a garbage disposal…

  4. I think people who love playing the sims have a predisposition to loving furniture. I'm 24 and it's happening to me but I've also always been into decorating in the sims

  5. i don't know if you have aleready done this but i would really like to see an environemntally friendly/recycled looking build. you've done some off the grid kind of things but i like the current movement of being environmentally friendly and greener. also i would like a plant lady build cause i LOVE plants.

  6. I think the house-decorating mood kicks in once you move out of your family home and get to decorate your own space your own way. I mean, that's what got me into sims building videos so… adulthood makes you excited about curtains and shelving units, yes. life's simplest pleasures.

  7. Would love some more colour builds… How about a blue, white and green build for a medical intern? Our an orange, pink and yellow build for a boho sim? Our maybe a Grey and yellow with lots of steel/ metal accents in a modern style for a you tuber?

  8. You could make the chairs for the dining area mismatched, cause a lot of starting artists don’t make that much and I know when I had my first apartment a lot of my furniture was stuff I got second hand and it all didn’t match lol

  9. You are so talented with this, seriously. I haven't played The Sims in years, but I love watching your process of designing and creating these spaces!

  10. Girl yes, I remember getting so excited about a dishwasher and being like “wow this is what adulting feels like” 😂

  11. I watch all your video's and love them! I've been playing Sims since I was 8. I'm now pushing 30!! You were asking for color suggestions and I think you should do gray and yellow! I see it totally being your style 😃

  12. What are you planning to do in the future as in Youtube changes? I know this is random…I'm just curious

  13. Why don’t you try green, orange and yellow? Like ‘citrus’ colours, maybe that would be a nice colour combo and not too dramatic if you use paler versions 🙂

  14. When you click on an item and then switch what color you want is that a mod? I can’t seem to make that work…

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