CLIP STUDIO PAINT useful features : 3D drawing figures

CLIP STUDIO PAINT useful features : 3D drawing figures

In this part, let’s draw a sketch using a 3D model. First, open the [Window] menu to display the [Material] palette. Drag and drop a female 3D model from the [3D] folder, choosing a [Body shape]. The 3D drawing model will be placed on the canvas. Pressing the buttons above it and moving the mouse or pen will move the 3D model or change the camera angle. Once the layout is decided, set the pose for the character. It is possible to create the whole pose from scratch but you can also choose a pre-registred pose as well. To do that, select the [Material] palette → [3D] and display the [Pose] list. This time, I’m going to pick the “C_Standing_01” pose and drag and drop it onto the model on the canvas. When using a 3D model, changing the editing mode from “Normal” to “Fast mode”, may make your working process easier. By clicking on different parts of a drawing model, you can move them to make corrections to better fit your idea. In accordance with the scene, I click and hold on to the hand, move the arm and change the pose. I rotate the joints by dragging the manipulator displayed when a part is clicked. Here, I use the manipulator to bend the elbow as well. I can also change other parts of the body in the same manner. Then, I change the angle and straighten out the back a little. If you want to move only certain parts of the body while maintaining the overall pose, you can lock the joints. The “Joint lock” function can lock multiple joints at the same time. If you want to change the pose of the hand, you can open the [Material] palette and drag and drop a hand pose onto the character. You can also fine-tune the hand pose by opening the [Sub Tool Details] palette from the [Tool property] palette and use the hand set-up. Further, the body shape of the drawing model can be adjusted with different parameters from the buttons displayed under the model. For this scene I will add another character. I’ll do that just as I did before… …by dragging and dropping a 3D model from the [Material] palette onto the canvas. It is possible to have multiple 3D models on the same layer. Then I use the icon above the drawing doll to move it and arrange its position. I adjust the movement of the joints and the viewing angle. The camera and perspective can be changed using the [Tool Property] palette. Open [Angle] in the [Tool Property] palette and operate the slider for the perspective, to exaggerate the perspective. Based on this set up I will create a rough sketch. When displaying a 3D model in “Fast mode”, even if the opacity of the layer is lowered, the transparency of the 3D model does not decrease. To work around this, set the “Display settings for editing” to “Normal” in the [Tool property] palette and then change the opacity. Now, create a new layer and start drawing with the [Pencil] tool → [Real Pencil]. 3D drawing models are available for male body shapes… In addition, there are models for pre-set characters with a fixed look to them. Please try them out.

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  1. Die Frage ist ob die ganzen 3D Models und auch die verschiedenen Posen schon vorinstalliert sind oder ob man sich die auch erst einzeln runterladen muss.

  2. Still practicing😁. From the beginning, it was confusing then moments later I easy working on it. Thank you

  3. Very cool. I just bought the program. I hear it has some animation functions, too but I'm just starting to explore. You know what would be awesome, is if these 3D models had a bump map function so that we could then import our drawings into something like After Effects and give them a little depth.

  4. Some people are confused i made a very quick short tutorial and I can make more if anyone is confused about anything or putting them into comics

  5. accidentally deleted women, how do i get the women back. help virtual humanity is going extinct.

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