Hey everybody, it’s LavenderTowne and recently I’ve been looking for something
outside of Photoshop to draw my Webcomic and a lot of you had been suggesting
Clip Studio Paint and so today I’m going to be drawing
the next page of my Webcomic that I actually will upload
alongside all the other pages in Clip Studio Paint, a program
that I’ve never used before. And then I’m gonna compare it
to Photoshop and see how it stacks up. So just to make things clear, I am using the EX version
of Clip Studio Paint. There’s two versions including EX and Pro and it sounds like Pro is actually
the one with less features so I went for EX just so that
I have the best chance to have a good time with this program. Now Photoshop is notoriously expensive and Adobe recently raised the price
of their subscription service to Photoshop. So I feel like a lot of people
are going to be looking for other ways to make their art and their comics. Now the good thing about Clip Studio Paint is it was actually originally called Manga Studio. So the whole thing is really designed
to make comics. Now this was really surprising to me as someone who’s been using Photoshop and forcing it to sort of work for comics because there were so many things
built into this program that made it very clear that
they wanted you to make comics on it and just made it very convenient. So that was the first good point
for this program. The first frustration I have with it, though is the fact that there is no way
to just hold Shift and then drag for a straight line. Now this is a small nitpick
but there are a few different ways that you can make panels in this program one of which makes a vectorized panel that you can actually have a fill behind, which is interesting but not something
I would want to use. And there’s also clicking– Holding Shift and then you see the lines
sort of coming out of your cursor and then you click again
and it makes a generated straight line. Now there’s a subtle difference between having the computer
hold your cursor straight while you actually use it versus having the computer
make up a line between two points and that is that you can’t freely adjust
the weight and the pen pressure while you’re drawing the line. So it didn’t make my lines on this page when it comes to the panel’s
a little bit less exciting looking and that have a little bit less character,
which is something that really bothered me. However, on the positive side again, being able to import your own custom fonts as a make or break feature for me,
when it comes to my comics and I actually found that my pre-made font was already built into the program. Because it was just pulling all the fonts that were already installed
on my computer right into the program. So that was super convenient. Now originally, I was just going to try
to use the trial version of this because the full EX version
of this program is over $200 and I didn’t wanted to buy it
without trying it but it seemed like almost every feature
that I was going to need in order to work on my comic, were walked behind the limitations of the trial. So I just had to suck it up
and give it a purchase. So I’m really hoping that
I’m gonna end up liking this program, otherwise, I just wasted like 200 bucks. But again, compared to the monthly
subscription cost of Photoshop, it’s really not too much. So if this is able to completely replace it, it’s actually somewhat of a deal. Now there were a lot of little customizing things that I wanted to do when I open the program up, I changed the default text size and font to the one I always use in my comic and I also adjusted how sensitive
the pen was to pressure because it was a little bit too even, the way it came sort of out of the box
and that makes a lot of sense because obviously Hmong, an anime art has a much lighter touch generally when it comes to pen pressure differences whereas really cartoony Western art often has that like more dramatic thick
line kind of inking. So that’s one of the things
that I did adjust right off the bat. And I still feel like there’s more
that I’d like to change regarding the pen pressure because I still feel like I was straining a bit to get the kind of line variation
that I tend to like in my comic. There are also some very smooth pens and not a lot of texture even on
the textured pen so compared to the inking thick
and thin pen that I’m used to using, it was definitely smoother than I was accustomed to. Though I didn’t mind it too very much, the inking features and Clip Studio Paint
are probably my least favorite in comparison to Photoshop largely because the Pens that come with the program are all largely very similar and you have to mess with them a lot
to get the kind of variation I like. Also it appears that most brushes or most pens that is that they have in the program automatically add a sort of fake flick at the end so the old taper off, regardless of whether
you actually did that flick in real life which can make it a little harder to control, even though it might be easier for a beginner who has trouble with those flicks, if you’re used to doing them by hand, it can be kind of weird to see the program
doing it for you and sometimes you really
don’t want it to do that so it’s something that bothered me
as a personal preference kind of thing. Though I should mention that I looked it up and it looks like it’s actually pretty easy
to make custom brushes in this program so if this was seriously something
that I wanted to approach as my long-term solution for making Webcomics, I would think I would be able to make
a reasonable dupe of that inking thick and thin brush in this program
without too much trouble. It’s really the customizable elements
of this program that make it seem so possible
to replace Photoshop. It’s one of the things
that makes Photoshop really helpful is that even when they leave features out, usually either a modder
or even just the user can figure out a way to build brushes or tools or scripts to get done whatever job they need done. And I do think that looking
at a lot of tutorials for it and things like that it seems
like it has a lot of that flexibility that makes Photoshop so useful. And I should say
that if you’re doing more detailed art or especially anime or Manga Style art this program is pretty much pre-built
with that in mind. So you might find that it’s basically
perfect for you, if that’s the kind of style you guys like to use. Another thing I want to make really
clear right now is that no matter what program you use, when you first open it,
if it’s not working quite right for you, don’t immediately panic
and think that the program is not good because in every drawing program
I’ve ever used, especially Photoshop, I found that I’ve had to make
a lot of adjustments to basically every setting to make sure
that it’s actually a good tool for me and that involves things
like moving around the workspace so that all the windows
that you need are actually open and then you close all the clutter that you don’t need and changing pen pressure, all of this stuff it’s very standard
for a program like this. So it’s definitely not something
I would consider like a con of the program, it’s just sort of something
that you almost always have to do. I think the only program that I’ve ever used that I didn’t feel that way
was probably like Paint Tool Sai. I feel like that program is so so friendly
to the user right off the bat. But since I use Mac’s I can’t
really use Paint Tool Sai and I also believe that I think
it’s abandonware at this point, like it’s not being updated anymore so I think it won’t be usable forever
because they can’t keep updating it. Which is really a shame because yeah,
it’s one of those drawing programs I actually really love to draw in. But anyway, I’m getting a little sidetracked. So I’m almost done
with the inking on this page and about to move to the coloring and I do want to mention that I’m gonna do
the coloring in a sort of normal way, like I used to when I was doing
this comic in Photoshop because I don’t want it to look drastically like different from the other pages,
that can be a real issue when you’re reading a comic and you notice
like sort of changes in the way that it’s starting to look randomly
throughout the pages that can really break up
like a reader’s experience. However, I am actually going to color it twice because lately Clip Studio Paint
has sort of been getting more attention because of this auto colorized tool
or it’s kind of like a script or a setting and it basically instantly colors your Leinart’s without you really having to do anything. There’s two different versions of it. One, where you give a hints
of where you want the color to go, like you just put down blobs
of the color that is right and that will fill it out
to the inked lines that it sees or there’s a version
where you literally just click Auto colorize on your Lineart layer and it will just color it through
I guess Magic or something. It’s something that I had never tried before and I really don’t automate most parts of my work so it was something
that I really wanted to check out just because it takes me so long
to make these comics and, especially since I started doing
two videos a week on my YouTube channel,
I’ve been really looking for ways to speed up the comic process so I don’t have to miss updates
on unfamiliar anymore. So yeah, that was something
I was really excited about when I downloaded this program
and it’s one of the reasons I decided to actually purchase it
rather than trying to make the trial work and you know trying
to work around stuff like that. I just really I think that this program
has a lot of potential and I wanted to give it a real honest shot. So now that all the inking is done, I took in a random panel
from the most recent chapter and I just started sampling colors
from that little panel and it was very easy to add swatches, it was just like Photoshop like
pretty much identical. So I just used the Eyedropper tool everywhere that I needed to pick up the color
and put it into the swatch set. And I should mention, if you are someone
who is using Photoshop right now, Clip Studio has a lot of overlap with Photoshop. So it won’t be very difficult for you
to get used to this new program, if it’s something that you want to try out. Most of the shortcuts on the keyboard
are exactly the same already so you really don’t have to fiddle with that
if you’re used to Adobe programs. So the Full Bucket tool on this program
is super incredible. There’s a setting where you can actually
have it take the selection that is already going to pick
and it just adds a little bit more color and a little bit wider of a range
than it would normally and that allows you to completely
get rid of those like, you know, those little
like crunchy white pixels that you get in between your coloring
and your lineart sometimes, this completely eliminates that and makes it look so nicely done
and so professional. The only way– The only time
that I actually needed to go in and touch stuff up with the brushes on the hatching of the Fairy King’s nose and in his ears and compared to Photoshop where I pretty much have to
touch up every area of lineart that’s inside the face. This just really sped things up
and made it such a more like enjoyable experience
versus the very tedious and annoying experience of coloring
with a Fill Bucket in Photoshop. Another feature that Photoshop
should really have is the Gap Filler or a Gap Forgiveness kind of slider that they have in the Fill Bucket settings
on Clip Studio Paint. I don’t know if they have a Tolerance, which is kind of like that in the Fill Bucket and adjusting that
can give you better results with how much Photoshop notices but if there’s just a straight up
white gap in black liner, no matter where you set the Tolerance, it’s pretty much going to notice that gap and fill outside of the area
that you want to be filled, whereas, Clip Studio can actually close little gaps, depending on how you set the slider. So that was extremely convenient it really sped things up for me and it’s
something that I really appreciate, like I noticed a actual difference
in how I felt coloring this page versus in Photoshop like it’s no joke and especially if you’re doing a lot
of pretty hard coloring, like in a comic, it will really
make a difference for you and how much you’re enjoying your drawing. There were moments where I actually forgot
I was using a new program and felt like I was just using Photoshop again because of how similar
their Layer Blending modes are and the Gradients, it all worked exactly the same so I barely even noticed, I was using a new program, which might be a benefit or a detraction depending on how you feel about Photoshop. But I will say that since this program is one that you can just buy and own forever, if you’re someone who’s low on cash
it might be better to try out one of these rather than getting yourself hooked on
to these subscription programs that Adobe is insisting on using
despite everyone hating that. So yeah, it’s definitely something to look into. I still don’t know honestly, whether or not
I’ll be able to fully move over all of my comic work onto this program. I’m gonna have to fiddle a lot more
with the lineart situation because like I said there were things that were making the lineart take longer and be more frustrating. But other than that almost
every aspect of working with this program was better for comics than it was in Photoshop. If you’re just an illustrator and you don’t
really need to use comics, I still feel like this program
will see you a little better. It’s a lot better to draw illustrations
in a comics program than to draw illustrations
in a photography program which is what we’ve all been stuck with
when it comes to you Photoshop. So now I want to show you guys what it does when I hit Colorize on this Lineart. So this is with no Hints, it just decided that it was gonna have
this color palette and honestly it looks really pretty
and interesting. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense it kind of looks like the autumn section of like a Joanne’s sort of got oil painted
all over my lineart but then I wanted to try it with the Hints hoping that maybe
that would look a little bit closer to something I could actually put out as a, you know, finished page
or something that I actually want to look like not just an experiment. So I gave it some Hints and I
use mostly the colors I want but I was, you know, sloppy with it
so that I could still save some time even with this added step and then I selected color eyes on that layer. It sort of colored it right but overall it’s nothing
that I would actually put out as a final piece instead of coloring the normal way. Though, I didn’t actually waste this colorized layer. I ended up putting it as an Overlay layer
over top of the whole comic and it just made it look subtly more hand done and more sort of modeled and pretty. So I’m actually really happy
that this tool exists. I’m just not going to be using it the way that it was intended
or originally designed. So final verdict time. I honestly think that Clip Studio Paint
is a really good tool and I feel like if I learn to use it better, it really could become
my primary drawing program. If you are a comic artist please let me know
in the comments down below what you are using and if you like it. Thank you so much for watching till the end and I’ll see you next time. A big thank you to all of my patrons including Bella story, Calponpon, Cassitarius, Clockwork Construct, Dionysius hagGorillaz, Dr. Casket, Elizabeth Alban,
Hope Chilsome, Imagine Creation, JJJ, Joseph Copal, Carla Tapia, Katdid Thatcuter, LeBlehBlehBleh, Megan Claire, Midnight Doodles,
Mikeadacytl, Okamorei, Ollie, Rome Espinoza, Rosy Warlock, Sgt. Pendulum, TheArtsyMoose, YaBoyST and Zoey Stardust.


  1. There is nothing in photoshop I can't do in CSP. Been using it for years and hate when I hear well Adobe yadda yadda is industry standard. So much nope. CSP is everything Adobe wishes it could be

  2. I finally switched from paint tool sai to CSP today. I found that after struggling around for a bit i got used to it fairly quickly, and it's so much better than SAI.

  3. I've been using Clip for about a year and I don't know lots of funktions. My coloring and shading takes for ever and such so what you are able to do feels already like magic to me |D I really like your work.

  4. Paint Tool Sai might be abandoned but I’m pretty sure the developer is still working on Paint Tool Sai 2, there’s a free beta version that works impressively if you already own Sai

  5. Idk if anyone has said this but I would suggest only purchasing the EX version if you make comics a lot. Other than that, get the Pro version because its only $50 and is usually on sale for 50% off. Clip Studio paint is an excellent program for art.

  6. As a pant tool sai user I recently stopped using it and am currently without an art program. I might look into clip studio!

  7. just watching this helped me find things i needed help with on clip and helped me understand how some tools worked. btw i love the comic!

  8. I spent two years working in Photoshop and always dreaded doing digital art, inking especially. It sucked all of the fun out of drawing. I would always choose to sketch on paper rather than on the computer because even with a Cintiq drawing in Photoshop was a terrible experience. When I tried the CSP trial out I fell in love with it immediately. Just the way the pens and pencils behave made it so much less irritating. I bought the Pro version because I don't need all of the EX functions and am super happy with that decision. I don't hate working digitally anymore,

  9. I've just started work on a comic and currently use Krita. I love drawing in it and use the program all the time, and it's pretty decent for comics, too! A friend of mine also uses Krita and his comic looks phenomenal. But as much as I love Krita, you've made me want to give Clip Studio a try at some point!

  10. Question: how good are the brushes and how much freedom/tweaking/customization of brushes and pens do you have in PRO version? EX version is too expensive for me right now but most importantly for me is that brushes are highly customizable (like pressure can bring out a new texture for example) and highly customizable layer edits like in photoshop. I know EX seems to do all of that but im interested if PRO is just bare bones and the same as Sketchbook Pro or if its meatier and more advanced. Any help appreciated. Cheers.

  11. cool, this convinced me to buy this program (the pro version seems to be all i need)
    btw i had the same desktop wallpaper for a while :p

  12. My personal favourite is Krita. It's free, and it's really not as laggy as everyone says it is, it's just occasionally, and after I restart my computer it's fine again. And it actually reminds me a lot of Photoshop! There's a lot of brushes, and really nice to sketch with

  13. for anyone interested, Clip Studio regularly goes on sale, so you can pick any version up for a decent price too!

  14. nice video dudde
    download this awesome

  15. Oh shoot ex cost $219
    I wanna make a webtoon and this seems to be the Best But idk where I’m gonna find all that money

  16. if theres one thing that I just dont like about clip studio, its the ui and after getting used to programs like medibang and then seeing the ui on clip studio paint. it just kinda sucks and looks old and clunky from the icons of the tools which really bugs me because its not a bad program. But I think if im seriously going to buy it, a new set of paint on the ui would be nice

  17. I just got clip last month and have been moving all my comic work over. It’s easy to use, super customizable, and a fraction of the photoshop price. Best part I can use the full version on my iPad Pro and go anywhere with it. Once I got hold of that Ipencil I only wanted to use that.

  18. I've always loved clipstudiopaint. I used to use manga studio a lot. But then switched to paint tool sai. Manga studio wasn't as user friendly many years ago when i first started digital art. So i went to paint tool sai. I had photoshop but it wasn't good for me and what i wanted to do. So i use it for photo touching up, and special effects on drawings. Thats about it. But man, when they made clipstudiopaint they really revamped manga studio. It's so easy to use. I love it so much. I got the regular version for 25 bucks when it was on major sale. Hoping I'll be able to upgrade in the future when they have another sale.

  19. Im new to your channel and im loving your comic.

    If you're into it I would LOVE tutorial videos on clip studio ex. I think it would help a lot of young aspiring comic artists. That is if you'd be willing to do something like that.

  20. I used to love clip studio paint until I ended up ruining all my drawing tools just by increasing the stability, now I use Krita

  21. I can't afford Photoshop so I googled the best comic software and this came up. It's my first comic and my first time using this program. I think after a while I'll get the hang of it. It's actually a really great program.

  22. Hello. I just wanted to ask. If I buy the EX version, for how long will I have the license?
    Is it temporary or when I buy it once i don't have to buy it again? Thank you in advance. 🙂

  23. You should get MediBang Paint it’s $8.00 on the App Store and it’s geared for comics. Also much more easier to created your comic cels.

  24. Another alternetive I use to Illustrate and make small Comics with is FireAlpaca.
    It may not be specified on Comics but it's still an free Alternetive! Haley mentioned it before and she also liked it! I've been using it for about 1 Year and a half and it's my favourite drawing Program I know

  25. The good news about Clip Studio and Photoshop is that Clip actually takes psd files, so you can do your line work on Photoshop and switch over to Clip Studio if you wanted to keep the adobe subscription so you can use both. I keep both for now but usually only use Photoshop for projects like magazine covers or resizing emojis when I work on those.

  26. Paint Tool looks cool, and I've got a spiffy new computer I can't load my old Photoshop on to. I hope it takes some of my favourite Pshop brushes, however.

    I also miss the "Liquify" filter, but suppose I have to draw more accurately now.

  27. Both programmes are really good! I use CSP however, when it comes to creating photo effects, Photoshop has a slight edge.

  28. I used csp for quiet a time now, and i can say i love to make my mangas, illustrations AND animations with it~ 🥰♥️♥️♥️♥️

  29. The only thing lacking in Clip studio is the Liquify effect, which helps a lot to correct problems when drawing or painting. If Csp had that, then I would totally abandon Photoshop and switch to it.

  30. @6:57 @LavenderTowne
    and FYI for everyone else. Easy Paint Tool SAI isn't abandoned. The dev is making SAI 2 at the moment and if you've got the official license you can use it to access SAI2's beta. It's available on his website. 🙂

  31. for those watching recently you can get past the trail limitations by making an account on their website, letting you keep whatever you have after the trail and all you have to do is put in your serial key. there should be a prompt for it when you open the program and it lets you choose between trying pro or ex

  32. my mind has just been blown. I used manga studio 4 a LOT back in the day before i switched to photoshop cc. now i've been seeing clip studio paint everywhere and i had no idea it was the successor

  33. 10:21 Did you not know about the Select > Modify > Expand tool in photoshop to extend a selection or is there a reason why it doesn't work for you in certain situations? I'm not an artist so I wouldn't know

  34. uff checking this video quite late since was posted, I use the colorize the same way, I think it works better with certain styles, but regardless can give a good base to add some variance to the colors, hope you are loving the program and learn more about the rules and perspective tools

  35. Krita is free and open source and made with illustration and animation in mind. You should check it out. Unless you have done already. Clip studio looks great too.

  36. I just got this program from sale and I've been curious to try it out as I hardly need photoshops photo features, but it seems like it's really buggy if you have multiple screens… (for windows at least). I have three monitors, one of them being my Cintiq, and the program thinks that cintiq and my second monitor are one monitor and my cursor flies off, making it very impossible to draw.
    (Changing tablet mode in clip studio fixed monitor issue but lost any pressure detection, tablet drivers are ok because issue disappears as soon as I pull my cursor out of the clip studio window, none of the "easy fixes" worked :c)

    All the sparse lines I got on the canvas looked real good though, I just hope they fix it real soon.

  37. 2. Questions…
    You CAN draw normal artworks too? Not ONLY comics? I mean it's obvious but i'm asking to be sure, but is it made for animation, comics, AND normal artworks?

    Is it vector? <- this is not important but if it is a vector program that'd be awesome.

  38. even tho I have Clip Studio, I ended up falling in love with Sai 2, it's still on development but I really love it, it was worth the money spent on it

  39. as a webcomic artist myself who uses clip studio… here are my top tips for new users.
    1.) press CTRL+K then navigate to the undo settings, set undo from 0 milliseconds to something above 100 milliseconds. You will notice an instant improvement in performance and responsiveness.
    2.) increase ram suage to about 80% (small improvement in performance)
    3.) open up the settings in the individual drawing tools you are using and turn stabilisation down to zero, and turn off all the auto correction options. If you don't need them, you will notice a marked improvement in responsiveness of said tools. (auto correct at the beginning / end is responsible for your "fake flick")
    4.) once you are happy with a tool setting… lock it down. with the little wrench icon. That way if you need to tweek it for a specific job you can. reverting settings on it you simply have to choose another tool and choose back.
    5.) look into reference layers, and set up an auto fill bucket tool that only uses the refference layer for constraint, and also expands the fill by at least 3 pixels. makeing 1 tool do in one click, what it takes about 5 clicks to do in photoshop.
    6.) rulers are your friend. They replace the shift straight line function with something infinitely more powerful and more useful.
    7.) as you have the EX version, you can create a story file. this allows you to navigate through the pages of a comic without having to faff around with individual files, which is super useful.

  40. I'm pretty sure, that the auto coloring function was added to be more of a gimmick, than a feature which people are meant to seriously use

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