Christmas Painting | Watercolor Christmas Wreath | Step by Step Tutorial

Christmas Painting | Watercolor Christmas Wreath | Step by Step Tutorial

Hi there everyone! It’s Oana! Welcome back to my channel, the place where you and me will explore the world of watercolors,
and other mediums, by being creative together. Today I have another
step-by-step watercolor tutorial for you packed with lots of tips that you’re
going to be able to use to paint your watercolor Christmas Wreath if you want to.
And don’t worry if you find this hard because the tips I’m going to give you
here will help you get started smoothly. So let’s get into it! So the first thing
I do is to rip the edges of the paper. I want to give it this torn cool look.
This is a square piece of Canson watercolor paper.
And also please note that I will list all the supplies I’m using in this
tutorial in the description below. The next step is to draw this circle into
another bigger circle. This helps me know exactly the shape of the wreath and its
margins, so I can keep my sketch between these lines. I’m starting my sketch now. I used some
pictures on Pinterest for references and combined them into one piece. I used
lots of pine branches as you’ll see, and this will make it look so Christmasy and
also these pine branches are relatively easy to draw. You can incorporate
whatever you want in your Christmas wreath. I just wanted it to look more like
a Christmas tree with the pine branches And of course I could not leave out this
red berries Christmas plant, which I don’t know the name of. Maybe you know how
this plant is called and, if you do, please tell me in the comments below.
Also just to let you know guys this is the first of a Christmas painting
tutorial series which I will be upload on my channel. I will just add this bow in here and my
sketch is done we can add some colors now. Also guys, don’t forget to give this
video a like so I will know to continue to create these tutorials for you. Also
if you have something specific in mind related to Christmas that you want me to
paint, leave me a comment down below. You know I love your suggestions. Now I start painting this red berries
plant using a combination of two colors, Indian Yellow and Viridian Green. I start
by applying the yellow on the margins of the leaf and mix it with the green paint
directly on the paper. I will also add yellow on the middle of the leaves. You
can do however you please. The combination will work just fine. Use your
damp brush to lift up some color if it seems too much or too watery. Continue
with the other leaves of the berries plant. Apply the paint just as we did on
the first one. I’m using my smallest brush to apply the
paint in the empty spaces between the berries. Now let’s paint the pine
branches. This is very easy. Start with the center line and then add the needles
around the line pointing them towards the top of the branch. Don’t hurry!
Be patient! This way your branch needles will not look too smudged or too crowded. I’m using my Viridian green for the pine
branches and I’m adding on each branch a mix of Indian yellow and
Viridian green. This will give the branches a more interesting look with
this or a yellow green on the top. Continue painting the rest of the vine
branches in the same way. Now let’s apply some shadows on the
leave0s. I want to add a darker green here so I can have a lot of contrast. I’m
using my Viridian green with just a tiny bit of water in the mix. Actually
I’m picking it right from the palette with my brush not mixing it beside. I’m
also leaving some space where the leaf main veins should be. After applying the
paint I’m softening the edges with a damp brush. You know me. I don’t like hard edges at all. Now let’s not forget about the red
berries. I’m using my cadmium red and a small size brush to fill in this one,
taking the paint right from the palette and filling in the circles with this
color. I will add the shadow color and the highlighter later. For this beautiful bow I’m using my Indian yellow and for the shadows yellow ochre I’m filling in my shadow parts on the
red berries with my purple. The color it’s called Purple Lake and its from
Windsor and Newton, the Cotman series. As I said before, right now I am
filling in the shadows on the bow using my yellow ochre. I’m careful to soften the edges were I
need to If I want a darker color for this shadow
I am taking my yellow ochre right from my palette. With just a little tiny bit of water. Now I’m adding my highlights on the red
berries. For this, I am using my white jelly roll. You can add there just some
lines or some dots. Now adding the lines on the bow and the
bow is ready! And for a greater effect let’s add some
gold. I use for this my metallic colors from Coliro. So guys, thank you so so much for
watching. Please like this video if you liked it, also don’t forget to subscribe
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upload a new video and see you in the next one. Bye bye!

10 thoughts on “Christmas Painting | Watercolor Christmas Wreath | Step by Step Tutorial

  1. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Tell me in the comments what kind of Christmas Watercolor Tutorials you would like to see in the future on my channel!
    Have great day!

  2. The red berries are holly berries, this is so pretty I’m going to use it as my cover page in my bullet journal for next month xxxx

  3. This was so fun to watch! Now I want to make this but I know it won't turn out as beautiful. You are really talented.

  4. So lovely! You are already in the Christmas mood! I see some one already named the holly plant! This wreath is very beautiful. I like snow scenes for winter paintings, I still have trouble getting the white of the snow but I enjoy trying! Poinsettias are another seasonal plant/flower that make a wonderful Christmas card/painting. You are truly inspirational and talented and I am so glad that I am subscribed to your channel! Thank you for sharing your expertise and warmth!

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