Choose Your Own Path || The Power of Art || Advice for Creatives and Artist

Choose Your Own Path || The Power of Art || Advice for Creatives and Artist

Choose your own path! Hi my name is James
Ruddle and welcome to my channel Today I’m going to be talking to you about how
to make your own path in life and to make choices in life that help you move
along the journey of life to get to where you want to so this video is for
anyone searching anyone trying to find their own way in this changing busy
chaotic world soren cured a philosopher of the 19th
century once wrote that life can only be understood backwards but it must be
lived forwards this is a great quote because I think as I look back on my
life up to today it’s all about the choices that I made and very specific
times that sort of helped me to get to where I am today as a practicing
professional artist and a high school art teacher we live in the busiest time
in history with more distractions than any other generation in history and yet
nothing has really changed I think all human beings are stressed
out by the idea of what is their purpose or how they’re gonna make their way in
life whether you’re graduating from high school or university or searching for a
job I think it’s so important to have goals to set goals of of where you want
to be in 10 15 and 20 years what do you want to do as a creative or what do you
want to do as a professional Aristotle teaches that each person’s life has
purpose and that the function of one’s life is to attain purpose he explains
that the purpose of life is earthly happiness or flourishing that can be
achieved by a number of reasons and the acquisition of virtue we’re all
searching searching for meaning searching for purpose searching for
happiness or a future a love searching for a job and I think that if we think
about our lives and and what we want to do it’s really important to always
think about the fact that you have a choice we have a choice in every
situation and that is whether we’re happy or not whether we’re content or
not by having gratitude of what we’re naturally gifted with and also have
gratitude over the things that people have given us I think that’s super
important in allowing us to be happy in all of our lives choice is the problem
it’s the answer but it’s also a problem I think so many of us get anxious
especially today with having so many options living in a free country like
Canada so many of our youth have so much freedom and with that freedom they have
so many choices and they can’t actually figure out what they want to do and so
as I look at my younger self and I realized that really in my life I had so
many choices but I made a few choices from a young age and I chose to live a
life of action I made the choice early on that I did not want to sit back and
coast through life I made an essential decision to make every effort to make my
own path whatever that meant I used to be an athlete
and as a young kid I sort of had this dream of being a professional athlete I
played water polo which is kind of an unknown sport but I had the aspirations
of being great I had the aspirations of being a professional athlete and I put
time and effort and training and skill development
I played between 20 and 30 hours a week throughout my whole high school career
and it wasn’t until I didn’t make the national team I didn’t make the team of
my dreams that would help me launch me to hopefully one day be a professional
athlete and at that moment at 21 years old I made a conscious choice that I
would continue to try and make my own way but I realized
that it wasn’t gonna be through sport through my whole high school career in
my adolescent years I was really only good at sports and art and I wasn’t even
really that good at art I was mediocre at best I got fairly good grades in art
but I didn’t have a huge skill set I chose to train to the best of my ability
I chose to learn to read to research about what art was I chose to research
who the Great’s work I did so much research into art that I just began to
immerse myself in art as someone who’s mediocre and as someone who was not the
best I was never chosen to be in galleries I
never won awards and so all I did was I made an effort every day to get a little
bit better and through marginal gains through just working hard and building
my skills day and day out I was able to get better and better
I stopped comparing myself to others and bulldozed a path for myself in the arts
at 21 I was lucky to hit the mountain and my dreams of being a professional
athlete were ended and I realized it wasn’t realistic in my sport but I
realized something new I found my own purpose and through the lack of choice
through not having the ability to continue as an athlete by learning that
one path was cut off I found a new one and I chose to make every effort to
learn to create to focus on making my own way in the world of art Mark Twain
once wrote that the two most important days in one’s life are the day when one
was born and the day you find out why and I think
that’s so important and it especially true in my life
it wasn’t until I I realized that I loved art I was passionate enough that I
could live the rest of my life doing it teaching people about it and trying to
share the message and stories through art that I realize what my purpose was
there’s no right path to be a professional artist but through marginal
gains and skill development and my understanding of art and art history and
other great artists and looking and trying to copy and to innovate on my own
I knew I wasn’t good enough or innovative enough to be in traditional
galleries so I made my own exhibitions I sought out spaces and places that I
could put art for free or places that would allow me to paint legally so that
I could showcase my art so that I could get it out into the public I chose to
live in boxes I chose to make art in public spaces that would pique people’s
imagination that would get them to question what I was doing or what the
artist was doing when there is a mountain in your own life don’t be
discouraged but simply go around it or for that matter just move the mountain
and I’ve realized in a lot of my life through making and choosing to make my
own way I have actually moved the mountain a lot
of the time some people wonder in question oh how did I get a big mural or
how did I how did I get on TV a lot of the times it’s by asking it’s a simple
ask if people say no that’s fine then ask someone else don’t take no for an
answer when trying to be successful and meet
your own goals it’s important to be innovative
and creative around the ways that you can meet those goals I hope to have 500
subscribers by the end of 2019 is it realistic maybe not but my goal is to
actually have people watch it seems impossible to me I have like 300
subscribers right now three weeks ago I had 250 but Nelson Mandela once said it
always seems impossible until it’s done and I think that’s so true even in the
world of art you may not think that you can do something but through dedication
hard work and skill development it’s amazing what you can do so once you find
your own purpose in life don’t just coast but make choices every
day that will move you one small step closer to your goal today make a choice
to move forward thanks for watching and stay tuned next Friday for a new episode

5 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Path || The Power of Art || Advice for Creatives and Artist

  1. I like how you talked about your past history and built up to where you have came now and showing your art from when you were in highschool to what you're currently working on now.

  2. I like how you talked about your path to find what you wanted to do in life because i know for me and a lot of my peers it is very difficult to choose especially when you have a lot of aspirations and dreams.

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