Cherry Tree holding the Moon Step by Step Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Cherry Tree holding the Moon Step by Step Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Hi I’m Cinnamon Cooney, your Art Sherpa and today I’d like to show you how you can paint Lullabye Moon yourself at home. So get your paint your brushes come back and meet me. Right now we’re going to get started. All right let’s look at the materials that we’re going to be doing for today’s really easy tree painting. I have a 9 by 12 canvas or this is prejudges soda and you don’t need to do another thing to it to start painting over here. I have a limited palette. There’s actually only two colors. There’s all terrain blue and Kronecker magenta. And then I’m using white paint. This is titanium white and I’m going to be using a fluid black and a fluid white for part of the tree. That just means soft buddy. Listen guys the bottles are crap paint will work for this part you just want something that isn’t heavy body like this is in the center here I have acrylic glazing liquid gloss that helps me slow down the drying time of my paint and improve the flow. And I’ve got a bunch of tiny detail brushes for acrylic painting to help me with the fiddly bits. Let’s put in our background and have a really good time doing this. So I’m going to look for a nice little beret at first to put in my moon. This seems really good. All right. So this is just a number for bright so you see right there number four or eight right. This is a black pearl. I’m going to come over and I’m going to get the brush a little bit wet drag off the extra water and I’m going to come and make just initially a dark purple ain’t it. These two colors together make the prettiest colors and I’ma come right here if you imagine that the canvas is divided into force up here in the upper corner. I’m going to make my moon that my tree will be holding. I really really love all the really cool online stories of trees holding moons with like Trick photography and different ways people told that story so I looked really hard for a way to add to that story with my artistic voice. And this is actually based on a very popular painting I did from last year hope swing that everybody really liked this beautiful ancient tree with cherry blossoms you know holding this moon kind of sprung out of that. Maybe thats This is the rest of that story. So you can see I’m just making a circle right here. This determines the size of my moon and you can have it be kind of brushstroke Diom in or in that brush out and put it to the side. And now I’m going to get this is a one inch stiff white nylon brush the synthetic filaments. They’re fairly stiff and I’m going to get this wet. And again drag off the extra water and right now I’m going to pull little of my alter Marine out just on the tip of my bristles. Now I might get some of my white here. And this is going to be going around my man in a circle. It’s ok if some of the moon is blending in to my sky when I’m doing this it’ll just look like an aura. So don’t worry about that you’re just wanting to use this nice moon that you have here in the center as a guide to help you make circular round strokes around it. The wonderful thing about these two colors when we get this one again but a little more marine more weight. The wonderful thing about all the marine and Winokur down is they always make the most beautiful color combos. So I always like visiting them for painting stories. I’m to carry in here on the edge my brush is kind of smoothing around my man rounding that out you see making these round strokes. So there’s a beautiful glow in the sky. And the tree. Now as I’m going I might let a little of the magenta a little with the purple come into this story. As we’re going make sure that you’re blending that the two ways you get to blend that is that this paint is still wet in the paint blending into it as well. And then of course you can Glaeser dry brush. So there’s always ways to get that blend going little. The question I don’t and a little of the all Maureen King in nice purr Paul. And my brush and some water and pull that out. A little white. Pull that out. Getting a nice purple here. Just coming around. I have a very big canvas easel for an easel for big canvases. And so I like to put something behind here and help stabilize it. You wouldn’t have to do that. If you were not painting on a tall standing easel just getting this maybe a little more weight will brighten up this color story. Mary go you can see how I’m blending going around my own easily creating this dramatic sky flat of the brush so easy. You’ve got this. You just feather this. The other thing that I’m doing here is I have a light brush pressures that really helps me. LEMON or in some brush. In my brush a little bit. And I’m hopeful that my clinic are down. Let’s get a little wet here. Pull up my Winokur down some white. Mary go some white and we’re going to come here and start pinking up this guy or we. Just a little bit pink. You need to wipe off your brush wipe off your brush. I sometimes need Jim puts more weight on when a lot of weight on this I want this to be a very very light pink look at that. So it doesn’t take a lot of the knacker down. Moment or it’s out something little purple in there you don’t want a lot of purple more more white. Now this pink yank sky this reminds me a little bit of a gemstone sometimes. And that pigment in there into the White Heat some glazing media or water just grab that and just keep blending it out. I have left the canvas wrapping the plastic wrapping on the board supporting this behind me. So that way you don’t lose that canvas for later. And that’s just for the couple of you that are painting on big easels. So now I’m going to just work this guy sure I’m happy with it. Wearing out my brush. Get my number for bright back and resolve the moon a little bit. So I still have a little bit of this fun purple here. And I have a bunch of white and the come and get that all my brush and I’m in the shade my man. I think where it is lighter on the left side and it’s going to get darker on the right side and that tells you where the sun is in the universe some little purple picks up into the white. And I want that one a little of that. It sure have some purple on there. Because we want it to have a bit of a shadow just a light once that shows up in the sky. You know that all my work are purple here. Saying on out shading that out see the backside working in the back of the moon over here on the right hand side just well soft feathery strokes doesn’t take a lot out. I think just a little more Highline moreI here. Mary yow softly back and forth creating that soft texture when I’m happy with that. I’m going to try that with my hair dryer so that I can put in witchery. All right. Let me show you some strategies on how to really succeed at putting in this tree that will help you especially if you’re new to painting. So one of the things that I want to do is make a beautiful arc around the upper part of the sky and then joined down into this very interesting bit of landscape. So I’m going to chalk in to help myself not get lost. And I like chalk because I can kind of erase chalk with a slightly damp cloth from acrylic paints the first thing imma do is come up about three fingers right up here make a little mark and I’m going to wander a bumpy little bit of Cliff land over to the edge of my canvas. OK. And I’m going to even have it be very cliff like. So we know that this trees on a precipice. The other thing this is this is just kids chalk that I’m using. The other thing that I’m going to do is make sure that I have a nice curve so that the tree hugs my Moon Well some to start at about the halfway place the moon come up. Curving out out out out if it gets too far. See I can just change my mind a little bit so much that out come back in and make a nice curve and that gives me beautiful. I even want a more extreme curve than that. A beautiful angle to my trees so goes whew. Imagine you’ve got a hot wheel car there and I can easily easily going even get a damp finger and just take that chalk right off if I need to. So that lets me change my mind really easily and make a plan for what I’m planning in. I’m going to put all of this in with a soft body paint. I’m using this carbon black here. But keep in mind that any of the bottle paints from the craft store also soft body you just want the paint to be like kind of a low splat like this. And I’m going to paint in my landscape solid black. And then make sure that my landscape is interesting and Bumblebee. I might even get a slightly bigger brush to make short work of it. This is a number eight bright by a black pearl. And so you can just paint in the entire landscape really easily. Really fast. So this is in this nice moon shadow is a silhouette. What makes this landscape beautiful are the little plants and grasses that live on it. And it’s nice solid color. If you had Mars black that would be fine. Any black paint you have for this is fine. Right. So once that’s in I’ll get my nice small bright and I’m going to do some of my trunk with it. I’m not going to try to do the delicate bit here. I’m going to take my trunk to maybe the curve with this brush. Now first curving this around and I might let it even be a little bit Bonaly because I want the tree to feel a titch old an ancient and smart like it’s seen Aidan’s at the base here. I’m going to come out quite wide almost an inch and a half in a curve. This in my line is going to start intersecting the main trunk. Now I want it to get quite delicate up at the top. And paint that all in solid. Meaning that all Insall and now the trick with fine lines and trees is the fluidity of the paint that’s how much it flows off your brush how soft it is and how fluid it is and. The smallness and the edge and design of your brush see here even on this round I can come really really here on the edge and as long as I’m lightening my pressure get a pretty fine line before I even have to switch to a smaller brush. If you try to thin heavy bodied paint tilts super liquidy then it gets running it doesn’t perform well. So that’s something to think about. Now I’m going to get a small detail brush to start working the finishing parts of this wonderful tree. So this little brush is very tiny. This is a number one round is a sterling studio. I’m going to dip this. You can see that right in the tip of my paint there. I’m going to come down here with this tree. To hold on to my own seen how delicate and fine the branches are getting. This is the smallness of my brush the fluidity of the paint meant to bring a little branch in here. Being a tiny little branch in here just remember that your branches that come off a wonder one out here down the midway I’m a wonder one out here it’s going to meander. Look at that. It meanders. It’s holding on. Might pick this up just a titch in picking it up just a smidge up here. So trees are ever diminishing the older they are and the longer they’ve grown out the finer it is in branches that come off of the tree are always smaller than what they’re attached to so that’s just something to think about when you’re. Adjusting that. Another thing is a new painter is that you might want to make your branches too short. Remember to go long like in football. See them wiggling those out. What’s also wonderful is anywhere these little branches are. I get to put wonderful little clusters of flowers which I’m really going to like. You know make a little branch that comes off here and comes down. That it’s going to come around here so you can see how the paint in this brush is Lenni me really do this. Now periodically I am in a want to wash it and dry it out. Just to manage expectations in my experience. Unless you’re in watercolor or oils detail brushes don’t last forever in acrylic. So take as good of a Karem as you can. Don’t leave them in water. Wash them out. Well after use at that nice fine line. You sure can reshape them though. They’ll go a lot longer for you if you take care of them. Try to keep a bunch of around too. That is one of my strategies is just to have a bunch of detailed brushes around. I’m going to break a branch here. You can all these. This is like doodling. In my in my mind. I feel like there needs to be a branch that comes down and holds kind of the opposite way. I like that that interesting crickety little branch comes down into this man. Breaking news stories on. If you garden at all you can think about those things you know from gardening to help you plan your branches. You can imagine that each of these little intersections is a bud with therefore maybe sprout another branch but that’s what Supraphon about all of this is just trying to imagine all of these delicate branches coming together and creating this amazing tree. I think we need to balance out and have a branch come from up here wander out that way. As flowing along. They’re just really beautiful right. Maybe another one here noticed that I’m resting my pinky different places to try to hold my hand steady. If you have a situation where your hand is not steady money advice is artist I know that have gone through that. They make it a feature. They lean into it. They like art. My lines aren’t going to be steady. So I’m going to embrace having shaky lines. You know don’t try to set conditions that you’re painting experience should be exactly like somebody else’s painting experience. Is that in this a little bit so it can support some stronger branches. You’ll see me Everyone’s will roll off the excess paint there and reload. I’m going to bring a branch made me that comes here and. Was around. Just have fun using the ditto because the really good bit is that you get to put little flowers on it later. You want this to be an interesting special mystical tree. Another good strategy is to dry your painting periodically as you’re doing these detail branches. That way if you’re resting your hand you’re not dragging it through white paint since blending is an important part of this stage of the painting having the painting be dry. Periodically probably actually help you out. Just wandering this long wiggling it out every time I’m trying to lighten my line I’m pulling the brush away from the canvas and playing a game. How lightly Can I touch the canvas and still maintain contact with the canvas. Well little Branshaw here for bounce. Merry go. I’m going to drive this real quick so that I can keep resting my hand in maintaining a steady of a stroke as possible. Let’s keep putting in breeches. So I’m feeling like I need another little branch coming back here above this one. I try not to line up my branches like directly across from each other on a tree. They can be but I’d like them to just be a little off center. Even in a fantasy tree just keep adding beautiful little branches coming out. Beautiful little branches. This one could have a low one coming on here. And you can see how having the painting dry so I can steady my hand helps me. Get it and a little branch coming out this way. You can also rotate a canvas if you find that you’re working to an uncomfortable angle. Painting is meant to be relaxing and help you stretch your imagination and creativity a little bit. So you should do everything you can to keep your comfort levels high. Remember not to get frustrated if there’s mistakes. And I’ve done a lot of videos where I talk about how you can just correct any mistake in art. Once the painting is dry because once the pain is dry you can just go over it with white and then repaint the color back in the hands. You don’t have to feel trapped in your experience. This branch down here so I’m going to let be a little more crooked he may get a little more paint on my brush. And is going to be a little bit thicker. See I like that could get and thicker. Maybe I’ll move my tree like this. So I’m painting at my comfort that’s just something to think about see. Paint to your comfort if you find your neck or body or any part of you is just not comfortable not happy. Remember your canvas moves so always move your canvas before you move yourself something I forget to do when I’m teaching because I’m always thinking about the positioning of the student more than I necessarily think about the positioning of my own posture. And then I would notice that students were mimicking that and I was like oh I need to remind people to find their comfort so notice how long I’m making these lines. The reasons we don’t fast forward through these segments is so that you can see it happening and you have a measured expectation. How long something takes. We’re going to come right here. And my last branch this one’s going to come up. We reach up this way because that’s interesting. You can see how the pain really is on my team. You know you don’t have to have a particular tool or medium to do things in art. Well I’ve seen people I’ve even done art working coffee myself. Now magic of the art is definitely in you but having a great tool for sure helps your experience a bit. I like that. Now I’m going to really enjoy my work this out and get a really really enjoying making some long ish crash strokes. I think this has a good point on it right now some attest that this is a script liner to overhear a script Pliner and it does a very nice grass. If you’ve never gotten to use it you could keep using your other ditto. My trick with grasses. I’m going to come here and make a little cluster that goes up the opposite way. I try not to create clones. And I tried to imagine that wind is blowing through it. It changes the directions of the blades. Don’t think that like tools like this are just inherently expensive because they’re not. You’ve got to find your own. Jan in your own studio so you can see I’m just making these delicate delicate little. Lines and I’m sometimes archiving them to the right or to the left creating this depth of groundcover. And also I feel that it creates a flow in the painting. It’s very enjoyable. Weren’t song going to couple little clusters of grass here. They’re blowing out an interesting thing and not. A one there or maybe if there’s a little patch of empty space they’re bare earth. Maybe somebody stands there and sits there a lot. It’s just fun. To make with little lines. And then I’m going to add just a little cluster here. If a seed has landed in an impossible place. When that is all done. We’re intice out and I am going to grab Mike dogging tool and we’re going to finish up the cherry blossoms on the stunning painting. Can you believe you’ve done this. Well I’m so excited for you. Let’s get our gardening tools and put out our Fluid white paint so you can see this is soft buddy to how it’s different than the white paint there which is very stiff and is still holding its body when this dries. It won’t change shape or height at all. This is self-leveling and it’s perfect for dotting projects like Mandela is and all of those fun projects that you see on Pinterest. I have here dotting tool you can use the back of a brush or toothpick. So please don’t feel limited in any way. And I’m going to start planting little flowers and some of my dots to be smaller. I enjoy that anywhere I’ve got the edge of a branch I can put a little cluster of flowers. I like some of my dots to be bigger at the edges of my branches. Try to see the areas that maybe you’re excelling and be forgiving of those places that you’re starting to learn. Being new at something is wonderful and you’re not supposed to be good at everything the first time you try. Coloring is fun and painting is fun just because it’s fun to do. So take a minute to appreciate that you’ve given yourself a little time to do something just because it brings joy into the quality of your life. See if there’s any spots that bug you. Anything that you want to change. And if you’re happy you can sign it. I think I’m going to use my black paint. I’m going to turn my canvas on the side here I’m going to look for a spot a weird spot sign. And I think I’m going to sign it right here. Very subtly so it looks like part of the grass. Just a little bit of a signature. That makes me happy. I hope you have fun. I hope you enjoy yourself and we’re all really got into laying down your flowers and branches be good to yourselves. Be good to each other and I get to see you at the easel really soon. But by

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