Chakravyuh – Hindi Drama Short Film

Chakravyuh – Hindi Drama Short Film

I want to bring your beauty to life.. You are the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen!! Will you come into my life? Hi baby, how are you?
Hi Why did you take so long? There was so much traffic at juhu signal today I am so tired How come you reached home early today from office? You are not excited to see me or what? Oh no baby! I mean.. ofcourse I am happy to see you You must be so tired after work Should I make a cup of coffee for you? Yes, I so badly need one and.. A head massage too!! please Ok Sure!! I will be right back Hey! What? 18 missed call And what? Oh this!! Leave all this.. Have your coffee at least Let me give you a good head massage. ok! No! I don’t want one (cell phone ringing) Hello Hi guys Sorry, I will be just there!! Just give me 15 minutes Sorry baby, I got to leave! Listen When will you be back? I’ll be back tommorow! I will be late today Bye bye Hello Sorry, I missed your calls! I got a little busy.. Yes, sure you can send her immediately! As soon as possible Ya, fine | Hi |
| Hi | Come in…This way Ya, come This way Hi, I’m Parichit Maria First Let me feel your body Undress and.. go and still on the stool I will not undress! No! You need to undress!! ok Look You are so beautiful…..I think You need to take off your clothes! I cant get my portrait without
you undressing so please! No! Why no? Do you need money? Take it all Take it You want more money?
How much? No! Please take this money |Listen|
|no| Let me go I need to get this done today. Sit over there No! Please.. understand What the fuck! What is this all happening So this is what the 18 missed calls
were all about?? No baby Let me explain It’s not what you think Baby, I am an artist.. ..And i called her for the some other work What are you trying to say! ..I dont understand what’s happening here You think I’m a fool? Whatever you are thinking is wrong Sapna Sapna Sapna, please try to listen
to what I have to say I don’t want to Sapna, listen! I am in search of that beauty.. ..without which I am incomplete I am an artist I’m a creative mind, God damn it! My obsession is with beauty.. ..and not with lust Please ‘Keep explaining’! Please try to understand.. Sapna Don’t get me wrong Don’t get you wrong? Please Pari, am I not beautiful? We met just a few weeks back.. ..and you are already with that russian girl ‘Its not what you are think’ Please give me a chance to make you understand Sapna Please Say something, please! Did you ever feel me? |Good morning|
|Good Morning| What are you painting? I am trapping your beauty in this canavas Wow, its so beautiful! Hi! baby Why did you take so long? There was so much traffic at juhu signal today

75 thoughts on “Chakravyuh – Hindi Drama Short Film

  1. Yar kuch ढँका डाला करौ आपके इतने अच्छे सब्सक्राइबर हैं तब भी यार😒😒

  2. Ekdum mast movie hai bhai.
    story mast hai aur banao yar jaldi jaldi.
    Great work done by bharat, bibhav n arvind.
    I am waiting for next movie.

  3. He was a nude woman artist in search to paint a beautiful girl. He was not after lust only beauty he was imagining the beautiful girl that was on his bed but in real she did not exist.
    Sapna, his girlfriend was also his imagination. At last the woman that came to his flat was his girlfriend/ wife but she was not beautiful. He was obsessed with beauty.

  4. For anyone wondering, this movie is bad. Bad direction and writing, definitely made by a pretentious person, who thinks they're absolutely fantastic.

  5. Great acting by the female lead- that was the only redeeming thing.
    The plot tries to come across as deep but isn't.
    Bad Cinematography & Editing
    Awful dialogue
    Overall 5/10

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