Chael Sonnen: 'I'm Not a Martial Artist, I'm a Gangster'

Chael Sonnen: 'I'm Not a Martial Artist, I'm a Gangster'

what's up jail I met you what's up jail what's up we you know when it's like to be me I'm always getting pulled over and harassed people assume I'm a rapper you know my flow young man with money in a fancy car it's rough but thank you for asking what's up with you that's a better question fight with Anderson Silva the fight with Anderson Silva is going to be on the top of Anderson Silva's head the first time I see his prissy little ass hey ask me you gotta wait till June are you going to wait till July I'll wait right now bring the curtain down bring that turkey up here I got business with that guy we're going to take care of it the first time I see him wrote a song for Anderson slope as a matter of fact you won't hear that Anderson Anderson little miss Anderson I call you a girl but you're not your mannequin Anderson Anderson little miss Anderson I am Chael Sonnen and I am the people's champion look look you're a wuss there's no way to put it lightly you ducked me for years and now Dana's making you fight me when I beat you in Brazil I'm going to leave a whole lot richer but I'm not going anywhere till that old lady makes me a steak for dinner Anderson Anderson Prentiss Silva fight you with my eyes closed and I'd still kill you Anderson Anderson princess Silva does this bicep look familiar how do you think you can make it out of Brazil alive because they were threatening Chad Mendes well and you know you bring up a very good point and I don't like that I don't like being in this spot and I think that it went a little bit too far that wasn't my intention it really was not and you know I'm going to Brazil I would be there we have a press conference there on Tuesday so I'm trying to smooth things over with these guys but I don't exactly know how right so I packed a suitcase full of gifts full of things from America that they don't have I'm trying to merge yeah I'm trying to merge the two countries in a way you know that maybe we can work together for example I brought I bought packets of soap for them okay I know they don't have it I just want to help and I brought shampoo and I brought them dental floss and you know speaking of dental floss and dentistry it's very interested is a true story did you know that the toothbrush was actually created in Brazil yeah it's true had it been a created America or really anywhere else would be called the teeth brush but that's the way that happened and when I get there on Tuesday I'm going to explain to these guys that I didn't need to do this and I'm going to come with gifts and see if we can smooth it over there's a lot of guys to compete within that division you know one of the toughest fights I ever had was my last with a guy named Michael Bisping that was a pretty hard puzzle to solve for me so I think you know there's some potential to do rematches there and I happen to be a fan of rematches some people are some people aren't I happen to really like them and anytime you have two guys that truly believe they're going to win when they go to fight that's when you have a great match I truly believe I can beat him Bisping he truly believes he can beat me I think that'd be a really great man I haven't even agreed to this fight with Anderson because my demand has not been yet been met yet my I have a demand of my own Anderson had his list and I have but one there will be 80,000 people in attendance and my demand is simple silence when I come through the curtain they will sit down they will shut their mouths they will show respect to their American guests or I will go back to the dressing room back to the car back to the airport back to America and those ingrates aren't even going to see me fight you know my ideal fight would be the smallest guy with the most atrocious record in the largest venue for the best most enormous paycheck that would be my my ideal matchup if I could somehow put that together I love easy fights and that's why I'm already pining for like being a you know Anderson and then Vitor and these guy you know I'm already trying to feather my nest with bombs that's the way I like to do it some guys like hard fights I don't I like to take the easy road which is sown a common thread in all the disciplines of martial arts throughout the years since beginning of time have been respect and humility somewhere along the line I'm sure it was taught to you starting off but somewhere along the line you abandon that you've brought entertainment the likes of entertainment the likes of Don King productions Floyd Mayweather WWF I know it's brought you attention but do you feel that you've abandoned that long tradition in the martial arts for years and please remember that not only you're representing the martial arts but you're also representing America and over in almost 200 countries in UFC what is your comment on that what is your comment to the young practitioners that are coming up that may not be buying into your ways by the way you're wonderful on the mat you're a great champion I just wish you would act up sometimes with a little bit just a little bit more respect that's all Raul's get now hold on yes and okay question row first stop thank you for your service as a fighter and I sincerely mean that but guys hold on I'm not a martial artist and godhand – garma I'm an award-winning author and I don't even know if the word martial means I'm not a hundred percent I could spell martial and I know I couldn't define it so as far as the martial arts were a little in fairness you have no realm of reference outside of what Hollywood taught you in the martial arts you've never seen the martial arts outside of the EOC you didn't go to a junior high high school at college that heading to the martial arts you've never been to a martial arts competition Hollywood taught you to bow Hollywood taught you to wear pajamas with little little cotton different colored belts Hollywood taught you that was about respect not real life I'm not a martial artist I am a gangster from West Linn Oregon and I went fights with these and I no goddamn apology thank you you're welcome if that was said and you know we're to fight in the ring again listen the first time I fought Anderson I did everything I could do to make it perfectly clear that our skills are not even close that I am the best and this will not be closed as sure as sure as night follows day as soon as I started destroying him he goes back to the edge Soros School of excuse making and comes up with you know my ribbon my bag of my I will tell you again he can get his excuses ready but when we get done fighting we're not even going to be close and they can talk about he's not in his prime and this happened in this injury and all of this BS that they come up with his marketing but I will stomp this man for 25 minutes or until he gives up um took him my dog huggy balls out for a walk and these two guys pulled up in a pedicab and cut me off and then jumped out what I won't put out a machete and was like wow yeah and then uh the other one grabbed huggy balls and they took off with him you know God God knows where he is now but I was sitting at home that night I was thinking you know what would Van Dam I've done you know what would Chuck Norris had done and then I was like what would Shell Sun and the American Gangster have done in that situation well it's much like the Adam Sandler movie you don't come to a Q&A you get out there and you find your freaking dog that's the first thing I would have done I hope you get mr. huggy balls back as all hell would break loose if somebody took danger waffles that's my dog I can tell you that much I don't know if wrestling's a great base but hard work is a great base and wrestling is very hard so a lot of times you you you come from that and again you know and I teach your father a little bit earlier but I was talking about the martial arts you know but these are the guys punching the air this stuff's phony this is stuff you learned in Hollywood there's no other reference that any of us have besides the UFC and Hollywood for martial arts so nobody actually even knows what it means they just I always get faced with this reports when they come in and they tell me about the history of martial arts and I'm like oh the history so you mean when you watch Chuck Norris or when you watch Bruce Lee because I know you've never been to a martial arts event that wasn't called the UFC with that said you know wrestling's a ver good bass but at the end of the day there's not a whole lot of Champions in the UFC that are wrestlers they all can do some wrestling but they've all had to transform and do some other stuff too you know Jose although I don't think ever had a wrestling match you know and he's a fantastic fighter GSP is the best wrestler in the company he doesn't even own a pair of wrestling shoes so second best I say did I call them you guys know what I meant but you guys know what I meant when I said that right then I mentioned I have a book for sale called the voice of reason yeah Ivan wrestling is a great base but the bottom line hard work so my first question is you made a statement about did your bicep look familiar to Anderson I wanted to ask you how his crotch smelled after five rounds I know it was pretty sweaty well done actually let's give them a head that's very well done that's good work actually by you I for one respect then also with as much game that you do have why did you tap out why didn't you just go to sleep well how would have that benefited me what why would I go to sleep that's like the guy that says I wanted to get my arm broke well enjoy yourself but I'm not gonna sign up for that one again I got worse than you in the morning now I understand hey and you know what I got no problem with your question brother you can ask anything you want that was fair game and it was also very funny okay very well played but yeah he will not respond next up all I need for him to do is to be a crybaby show up talk about the rib talk about all this that's the new marketing of of team black house right you go have a fight and then all this you know what I wasn't feeling well you know dos Santos did this he goes out he beats Kane he could have just he could have just walked out instead he's out you know I also got a torn ACL what these guys are trying to do is they're trying to tell a story and the story isn't how I feel the story is I'm good but I could have done even better had I only felt 100% that's the story that they're attempting to tell and it's disgusting so I hope he gets his excuses ready I like easy fights and he sucks I would fight that guy every single day did you hear the news I heard that Anderson was a metrosexual what's your comment I am shocked really I mean that blows me away what's next you're gonna tell me a UFC ring-card girl got naked for a few bucks I mean I you are blowing my mind I the hell you say young lady I just I don't believe it I mean that's like telling me that that Overeem was posited I'm in convincing me of that it's like that's like convincing me that Roy Nelson is clean I mean I'm just not gonna believe it I'm having to see with my own eyes but I'm not I'm just not hearing you young lady hey can I ask you one more thing absolutely can I come up there and give you a hug I wish you would what's taking you so long you

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  1. he's my new favorite fighter.. i wish he was still in action now that I have a full appreciation for his personality

  2. essy fight cheal really? wen was that you won a fight? meeenn you have only a big mouth thats all u have you can vs with a wedoow women

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