Celebrity Makeup Artist Quinn Murphy on His Top Five Beauty Products | Just Five Things | Byrdie

Celebrity Makeup Artist Quinn Murphy on His Top Five Beauty Products | Just Five Things | Byrdie

– Hi. I’m Quinn Murphy, celebrity makeup
artist, and these are my Just Five Things. How’s the aim? ♪ [music] ♪ First one, let’s start
with skincare, right? That’s like the first thing you do. This is from Paula’s Choice,
and it is a 10% Azelaic Acid. And it also has salicylic acid,
so there’s two acids going on your face. And it kinda has this, you know,
calming skin repairing, exfoliating, youthful-inizing
thing about it. I’m very scientific.
I have to tell you that. I never did well in science. So number two is
D.S. & Durga Amber Kiso. This is a long story,
but I went to BU and I graduated with David Moltz. He was my roommate by lottery. And he ended up being a nose
and so he made this line. And it is a really classic, amber-rich,
patchouli, kind of warm, luxury scent. So the next thing is a game-changer and
most people should use it. It’s Smart Mouth. It gives you good breath
for like 12 hours. I was doing those Cold-EEZE,
you know when you get a cold, and I was like,
“Oh, my breath tastes very neutral.” You know, then I had my boyfriend–
I was like “Smell it.” And then he was like, “Oh, it’s clear.” And I was like, “It’s zinc.” And then I realized that zinc kind of
neutralizes your mouth. And then I found this
and it has zinc in it. I’m this close in people’s face
all the time. You do this packet and it’s like a
silkwood shower in your mouth. When I first became a makeup artist,
I bought this. I still have it. It’s the Flash Color Palette
from Make Up Forever. I don’t need to have seven cases of makeup
on a job because if you understand basic color theory, you can just mix all of
these colors. If I get on a job and I’ve had this happen
where someone was like, “I want like a marine aqua blue,” you
know, and you’re like, “Oh, okay,” you can make anything
with this palette. I just included this because I use it so
much and I love it. It’s RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Seduce. It is kind of like a brownie
taupe-y with gold reflects. And I just think that anyone can wear it. Should I put it on you?
Come on. Yeah, yeah. I think it’s good to do a demo. You just like tap it on your eye. It’s this perfect kind of shade that just
gives definition and depth. I use this as a base for a lot of
different eye makeups. It’s organic if that’s important to you. Is that important to you? – Very important.
– Very important. And it’s just really pretty. Well, thank you for watching.
These are my Just Five Things. Please comment and ask me any questions
you might have about any of the five items. And I hope that you incorporate them into
your lives daily. Wait one second.
I’m just going to get my bag. I forgot my five things. Thank you.
Bye, guys. ♪ [music] ♪

13 thoughts on “Celebrity Makeup Artist Quinn Murphy on His Top Five Beauty Products | Just Five Things | Byrdie

  1. i love the paula’s choice azealic acid! i use it in my routine and have for about a year. it has helped a bunch.

  2. OMG, as you were talking about the RMS Eye Polish …..
    I was applying the RMS Eye Polish in Utopia!!
    SHOOK 😱😱😱

  3. Beautiful just authentic. And not promoting his or his friends brands/ products . Love how he interacted with the lady More like Quinn please #brydie

  4. You know you are a real makeup artist when you pull out the flash color pallet and say, I don't need a huge kit, because if you know basic color theory, you can mix anything. This is the way it's done!

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