[CC/FULL] Into the World Again EP15 (1/3) | 다시만난세계

[CC/FULL] Into the World Again EP15 (1/3) | 다시만난세계

Did you hear that? Yang Kyung Cheol met someone with a bandage in the school. Jung Won, you were in the same class with Kyung Cheol. Yes. Someone had a bandage. Do you remember who? He was always with Kyung Cheol. He hurt his arm and had a bandage. If he was there at that time, it means he was with Kyung Cheol. Did he kill Kyung Cheol then? Park Dong Suk. It’s him. I also remember. It was Park Dong Suk. I’ll try to locate him first thing tomorrow. Park Dong Suk. He’s either a prime suspect or the witness of the murder. The person who committed the murder was your brother Young Joon. Why did Tae Hoon’s father tell me that Young Joon killed him? I’ll tell Young In where you were the day Hae Sung had the accident. You don’t have to. I’m fine, so don’t mind me. You kept the secret so far. I want you to continue keeping it. But why were you here the other day? It’s my last year in high school. You know how we get so sensitive. I guess I don’t want to study. Everything hurts, from my head to my toes. Really? Anyway, I know how you feel. Is something wrong with your eyes? My vision is a little blurry. It’s a nice view. Why are we here? I thought we’ll have chicken feet and soju. Well, I wanted to tell you something nice up here. Say it. Jin Joo. What? Jin Joo, put your hands here. My hands? Why? And please look over there. Why is he talking like that? Jin Joo. I’m arresting your heart. What? And I’ll be your prisoner forever. Ho Bang. Ho Bang. Are you crying? You’re crazy. What is this? It’s so childish. You have to answer. Answer? My answer is… Yes. Take these off of me now! Take them off right now. Do you find this funny? Take them off now! Stop joking. I’m going to report you for this. Sorry, we’ll keep quiet. Oh, no. I don’t have the key. Stop the prank and remove this. I mean it. I left it on my desk. Okay, I got it. Now remove it. I’m not joking. I didn’t bring it by mistake. It’s a mistake, really. Do you have death wish? Take these off now! What the heck is this? Excuse me. Can someone call the police? I’m a cop. Hang on. Sir. – Hey. This is so annoying. Honey, have you heard? I heard some strange rumours that Tae Hoon is seeing an employee of a clothing store. It’s all stupid rumours. What if it’s true? You should look into that. Okay. Why didn’t you come home last night? Something happened. You look pale. Eat up. About Park Dong Suk… Eat first. I asked our schoolmates and they told me he left for Canada as soon as he graduated. Canada? So? Not even his close friends have heard anything from him. I asked the immigration office to check, so let’s wait for it. Okay. Granny’s so rude and blunt. What is blunt? She looks down on people and bosses around. What is bossing around? Oh, no. She saw my drawing. You’re here. Yes. I came to bluntly boss you around. What? What are you talking about? Geez, look at you. You’re not a good liar, are you? I’m blunt and I boss around. You speak ill of me? Mrs. Do, I didn’t. You didn’t? You did it very openly. Okay. So this is what you want? Hi, sir. This is Sung Hae Sung. I called to check on the orders. Okay. Please do so. Thank you. Bye. My goodness. Why are you so startled? Silly boy. Are you not going to tell me about your restaurant? No, I won’t. Why won’t you tell me? In case you help me if I do. Okay, forget it. Don’t tell me. I need you to go on a business trip. A business trip? But I don’t work for you. Listen to me and go. I have a lot of things to do. What is wrong with everyone? Will you go or not? Okay, I’ll go. I need you to go and cook there. Cook? Jung Won knows where you’re going. Jung Won knows? Are you going on a business trip? Yes, Mrs. Do– I mean, Granny asked me to go as punishment. As punishment? She saw a drawing where I spoke ill of her. Oh, no. But why is she sending me with you? That’s the punishment. You… Anyway, we need to hurry. It’s far. She’s in an outdoor clothing store? Thank you. Bye. Enjoy it. But she’s… Hang on. Thanks. I should be careful too. “Personnel Card” Sung Young In. From Chungho City. She’s Sung Hae Sung’s sister. Mr. Yoon! Mr. Yoon! Yes, sir. Tae Hoon. I want Tae Hoon here right now! Why do you want to see Mr. Cha? You know he’s the chairman of the board of my high school. Yes. He cares a lot about me. That’s why he offered me the chance to go to the US. You must be very grateful to him. I am. But I think I disappointed him when I told him I won’t go. I want to explain to him. I asked you to stay. He got the wrong idea. Okay. Let’s go and explain to him. Do you think he’ll understand? Yes. We should also tell him that we’re getting married. Okay. Father, what’s the matter? Who is she? Who is Sung Young In? Father. How can you date her? Father, hear me out. She’s Sung Hae Sung’s sister! How can you date her? How? Tell me. Why does it have to be Sung Hae Sung’s sister? You’re not in love with her, are you? You’ll end it, won’t you? I really like her. I want to be good to her. What? – Please let me handle it. It’s my business. You can’t do this to me. What did I not do for you? Sung Young Joon? Why do you think I support him? I don’t want to see him. It makes me uncomfortable! But you said I should do it so you can have peace of mind! That’s why I sponsored him! Don’t you know how I feel? What’s going on, Young Joon? I think our timing is bad. Let’s come back another day. Let’s go. Break up with her. From now on, I’m in control. Get your hands off this. Father. Don’t ever try to disobey me. If you do, I will not forgive you. Do you understand? Which one looks better on me? This one looks better. – Oh, this? Ha Do Kwon’s Workshop. It’s here. So this is where one of the Top 3 artists in Korea works. You should thank me for bringing you here. Oh, come on. He’s such a famous man, but he lives in the mountains without a phone? Do you think he’s here? Excuse me. Excuse me. Are you Mr. Ha Do Kwon? Who are you? We came from Gallery Do. Do Rak Soon’s gallery? Yes, sir. She sent us here. Leave. Right now. What? – What? I said leave. Right now. Mr. Ha, we came… You came with the contract for the exhibit, didn’t you? Yes. I won’t show my works in Gallery Do. But let us explain to you a little. Didn’t the other employee tell you? She sued me after she got hit with clay. They dropped the charges after I saw the police a couple of times. Do you want to be hit with clay? Calm down, sir. – Right now! No wonder it’s a punishment. What do we do? I can’t let her hurt my pride again, but I can’t force him to sign a contract. I wonder why she sent me here. In case he throws clay at me, you’ll get hit instead of me. What? She told me to come here and cook. Cook? Chef Cha, you know that Hae Sung came back from death. How do you know that I know? My husband came back from death too. What? Did I surprise you? Yes. So that’s why Hae Sung… He went on a business trip with Jung Won. Do you know who he’s meeting? Your employee told me that they went to get a deal signed. They went to meet someone like you. Someone like me? So the potter is someone like me? Do you want to know who he is? Cook pasta for me if you want to know more. Ha Do Kwon is a friend from art school. I considered him just a friend, but he had feelings for me. However, I was already married. So we stayed as friends for 20 years then my husband died. I was very sad, so he stayed with me and comforted me. Three years after my husband died, he proposed to me. But right then my husband came back. I couldn’t say yes to him. And since he didn’t know that, he couldn’t understand why I said no. I don’t think he understands until now. So he still doesn’t know? Do you think he’ll believe me if I told him now? He’s living in disappointment, but I’m living while feeling indebted to him. My heart feels burdened. But what can I do? I can’t tell him. I like someone. I’m not saying this to reject you on purpose. I hope you’ll understand me. Sorry. And my pasta? The kitchen’s almost ready. It won’t take long. When was this rice polished? This? Yesterday. Sir, I think it’s been 10 days. Really? Can you do me a favour? I need really good rice. Can you really tell which is good? No. I just said it. Let’s get some groceries. I’ll take this, ma’am. One tofu please. Let me try that one too. It’s good, isn’t it?

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