Carving Wood Forks For My Kids

Carving Wood Forks For My Kids

I start by splitting the blank for the fork splitting ensures that the grain is at its strongest with no runout Now I begin to rough in the shape with my drawknife With my large gouge I carve out the topside of the fork I work towards the middle then stop and come back from the other direction to avoid any chipout I use a smaller gouge to help refine the shape of the fork Now I can start shaping the backside of the fork with a drawknife I use my wooden spokeshave to remove the heavy tool marks from the drawknife Here I’m using a card scraper to smooth out the inside of the fork and remove any toolmarks I use the bandsaw to cut out the handle Now I can shape the handle using my spokeshaves To refine the transition from the handle to forks I use a carving knife This is a decorative detail on the end of the handle I use my dividers to layout the location of the fork tips and valleys at each valley I’ll drill a 3/32″ hole Now I carefully saw to the outside of each hole The last step is to paint the handle You want the blue one, right That’s pretty cool, it’s a fork you want the blue one bud Pretty cool, isn’t it? So I’d like to tell you real quick about America’s number one milk it and today’s sponsor hellofresh Now we have worked with hella fresh in the past They send amazing delicious meals and in this time of our life it is so helpful to have them my wife My wife and I just had our third kid and our household is crazy. There’s so much going on It is super difficult to do grocery planning and the takeout is so expensive So hellofresh has is covered in this regard. You can easily change your delivery days and your food preferences You can even skip a week with hella fresh if you need to. It’s a really flexible plan They bring all the ingredients to you. Everything comes in a box Everything is portioned out. The recipe is there hello fresh has more five-star recipes than any other milk It’s so you know, it’s gonna be delicious and they’re very flexible with their plans You can you can change your orders. You can skip a week you’re not tied in with hellofresh You can really be more flexible, which is a great option Another bonus is hellofresh is from $6.99 per serving which is very affordable when you’re talking about food So hella fresh is offering a great deal tea to my viewers and I want to thank them for that Just go to hell of fresh com use the promo code rolls 80 get your first eight meals free That’s $80 off your first month a really good value a great opportunity for you to go out and try it. It’s delicious You won’t be disappointed so I highly recommend you head down in the description follow the link and use that promo code and get your eight free meals and Thanks again to hellofresh for sponsoring and thank you guys for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed this build I think my kids really like their Forks oh, they did come out looking a little bit funny, you know if Brookes a weird thing to make but Fortunately when you’re five and three and your dad makes you something you don’t really care what it looks like You think it’s super cool, so I got no worries. They’re always enjoy having you guys tuning in I hope you enjoyed the video and we’ll see you next time. Will you say thanks for the yummy hamburger? Hello, Chris You said fresh say hello fresh

53 thoughts on “Carving Wood Forks For My Kids

  1. Well – I think my kids were pretty happy with these! Also a big thanks to HelloFresh for supporting the channel be sure to go get your discount! . Thanks for tuning in!!

  2. A piece of waste wood turned into a lovely wooden fork, a very warm work. What I can't grasp well is that this kind of chisel with radians can't always be sharpened. Can you produce a video of grinding this bent chisel?

  3. I really appreciate the effort to put closed captions in the video. It helps keep the video informative to a degree while preserving audio quality.

  4. It's always great to see you make stuff for your kids. I almost didn't recognize you at the bandsaw without your cap (lol).

  5. Very, very cool project & great video. I think I'm going to try it myself so thank you for the inspiration & for sharing it. Have a great day!

  6. Very nice. You have a beautiful family. There is something about you that reminds me of my Father. He was a wonderful Man. And that is the biggest complaint I can give. Thanks.

  7. Your videos are so good. I usually like to watch them before going to sleep, because they put my mind at ease and make me sleepy, but not because they're boring!

  8. I have carved one fork to fork with a chain and two spoon to spoon with a chain all out of one piece of wood. The forks was for my wife's parents and one spoons was for my wife and me. The other spoons was a gift.

  9. The spray paint you used isn't super food safe. I know it's unlikely to end up on the food they'd be eating and I'm sure it's fine, but if you ever make more utensils like this, I'd suggest looking into using milk paint! Once dry, it's 100% food safe, and incredibly durable! AND it can be made at home and dyed with just about anything, including fruits and vegetables.

  10. Hi Andy, I'm a big fan of your videos and if there's one thing I've always appreciated in it is your old-fashioned work. Although it takes more time, but it allows you to reach high levels of precision. But now, see you promote ready meals that, though good, but are all packed with lots of plastic, it's a little sad. Nothing to say about the company, I don't know it. As regards the color of the forks, it always depends on how parents usually educate their children about gender. Your daughter likes pink but may also like yellow or green. The same for your son. We must not always close in stereotypes in 2019. I hope my comment is not offensive, it is only a personal opinion. Good job for the next video!

  11. Nicely done. Can you do anything out of cocobolo at some point. It's in my opinion one of the prettiest kinds of wood

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