Carving an Owl from Wood – Woodcarving, Art, Sculpture

Carving an Owl from Wood – Woodcarving, Art, Sculpture

A long-time friend of mine contacted me recently
about doing a commission. I do not normally take commissions, as I keep
saying, but I do make exceptions in special cases. In this case, this is a long-time and very
good friend of mine that I have known since childhood. He saw my owl carving videos and wanted a
gift for his wife. He asked if I could carve an owl for him. Completely unrelated, Jeff over at Soda City
Sawmill, here in Columbia, gave me two pieces of this wood. I think he said it was paulownia. He said, “I would be interested to see
how this looks carved.” I said, “Me too.” I think this is the perfect opportunity to
try carving some of this wood into an owl. Unfortunately, this wood is very wet. [Laughter.] Unfortunately, this wood is so wet, it is clogging up my carving burrs. This turned out not too bad, despite it being
completely wet, like dripping wet, wood. Like I said, it is for a good friend of mine. I hope he and his wife like it. This piece of wood had a hole running through
the pith. I thought I could work around it at first. I quickly realized that I could not. That is why I flattened this side and made
it a hanging piece. Because it is wet wood, it was sort of tearing
out the grain a little bit when I used the rotary tool on it. It actually looks like feathers a little bit. If you stuck around this long, thanks a lot
for watching. You can bet I will be doing more carving in
the future, so stay tuned to Cammie’s Garage.

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  1. Really nice work. I've got a hold of a big off cut of oak and wanted to attempt to carve something with my angle grinder. What discs would you recommend ?

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