46 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood – *** How Great Thou Art *** – featuring Vince Gill [HQ]

  1. Mind Blowing – Carrie you are truly gifted God bless you more keep the Gospel songs coming in.
    Vince Gill – Master of many that was heck of a Solo.

  2. room full of legends and not a single one of them that night thought she didnt just lay down about the single best performance of that song ever !

  3. I love this song to begin with but having Carrie Underwood sing it live just hits every piece of my body, inside and out. Her voice is so powerful that you can feel it from here. Great job Carrie! You truly are talented and America got it right when they named you as the American Idol winner. You certainly took the right road and bypassed all the evil that's out there that are on drugs.

  4. If you think God abandons you, you shouldn’t. God has many things in store for you if you trust in him, it’s guaranteed you will live a satisfying life because everyone deserves to live a good life.

  5. Amo esta canción en español pero en ingles es mas Hermosa. Thank God for everything. God bless u

  6. Thank You Jesus for giving this woman the voice of an angel. ❤ and yes she means them, no one can doubt that. This will bring you to tears. Thank you Carrie and Vince.

  7. She believes in same sex marriage. In an interview, she said God is probably ok with gay marriage. God does tell us to love all people, even gay people. My little brother is gay and I love him. But his choice of sexuality is wrong. Carrie Underwood's view on same sex marriage is wrong. You love the sinner but hate the sin. The Bible is very clear on who created marriage. It was God. It couldn't be more clear, that is if you believe in the Bible. Her views don't mean she is not a Christian, just that she has been misguided. If she truly believes in the Holy Bible, then she will see her error. The Bible is without error and God's Word does not change. Never has and never will.

  8. Nothing on this earth matters. Not politics, not money, not career, nothing but that you believe. Be careful how you choose to judge others. Your conviction may be different than thiers. But yet I say, we're are all Gods children and we each have a different path.

  9. Whenever I sing songs in church I start to cry and can't even sing. That she could do this is very strong😭wish I could

  10. This is possibly the best rendition I've ever heard of this song, yet this stupid little twit had to open her mouth about politics, and spoiled it for me. Next time just ENTERTAIN.

  11. Carrie simply sings this song from the soul. She doesn’t sing it just as a cover but when she’s singing this song she truly means every single word

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