Cargo trailer conversion! Bodywork, paint & vinyl for diabetes Camp!

Cargo trailer conversion! Bodywork, paint & vinyl for diabetes Camp!

Ahhhh! Rough night! I was sleeping good and I hear “Honk, Honk!’ I look outside, 82 Chevelle, Super Sport! Is there’s any way you could help me put
at the bumper in? And i was like, “oh my god!” Have you ever put a bumper on one of
those? You know you gotta take out the headliner and dash? Special edition I guess. “Oh it is!” He worked at the factor.. [laughter] We just got this trailer in. dented up, dulled out, the aluminum needs brightened up and summer is right around the corner! So we gotta get this
job done ASAP! Yep, this is a special project. It’s for kids with type one
diabetes. So lets get busy! Boom! What’s up Megan? Welcome to Newman
Tractor! Come on in guys! Alright Megan, we got your trailer. What are we doing? So we’ve got
this trailer that was donated by the UPS Pilots Union, (the IPA Foundation) and it’s
pretty ugly, but it does the job. So we’ve brought it to Newman Tractor hoping you
guys can fix it up, and make it look pretty snazy! I think we can help you out.
Tell us about Camp Hendon. Alright, how about I show ya! So Camp Hendon, we are a
summer camp and year-round program for children and families that are affected
by type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a chronic autoimmune disorder. It has
nothing to do with lifestyle or eating habits. So when these children are
diagnosed, they wonder what did I do wrong? There is no cure. They feel
isolated from their peers, knowing that they’re a little bit different from
everyone else. Summer camp is a place that these kids can come together and be
like everybody else! They’re not the only ones testing their blood sugar. They’re
not the only ones maybe lifting up their shirt to give themselves a shot. They
come to camp and they get empowerment from the other kids that are around them
doing the exact same thing. We have hundreds of volunteers that come to help
them realize that they’re not alone. Maybe it’s just one week out of the year
but that one week makes such a huge difference for these kids! And not to
mention the parents! This is one week that those parents get to sleep through
the night. There’s doctors surrounding them 24 hours a day.
There are passionate committed volunteers that know exactly what it’s
like to live this life. Kenny for these kids, Camp Hendon is
life-changing and it really is the best place on earth! Alright Megan! Sounds good!
Let’s get to work! So we got this project in and it’s got a couple dents in it. And this one’s a pretty good one. You can’t really see it but it’s about a half inch deep. So what I’m gonna do, is drill some random holes in it. And I have a dent
puller (which you’re gonna see in a minute), and pull it out as much as I can. That
way I don’t have to use as much body filler. Usually using eighth inch drill
bit. I went a couple sizes smaller because this is very flimsy material.
This here, is the slide hammer and this is what i was talking about, you’ll screw this into the panel. There is sweet spot you won’t feel for the deepest part of this dent
is where you want to drill. So I like it about right here. You’re kind of
helping it come out as you step up On cars and steel there’s a stud gun
you use a slide hammer and pull it out then you just cut that stud and you
don’t have holes. Our dent’s looking pretty good down here.
Not gonna take as much body filler now. This spot here it looks like it’s a tear. Somebody least if put some silicone in to keep the moisture out. So what we’re
gonna do, clean it up, grind it up and we’re gonna fill it in with some
fiberglass! We’re using fiberglass which has the
fibers in it. Cream harder, because you don’t put this in that will never ever
set up. Now we’ve got our fiberglass mixed up real good. Now it’s time to
apply it to the panel. This is basically just to fill in the heavy dents. Now we’re
gonna let that set up, and then we’ll get to sanding on it. Go home and take shower, eat your hot pocket. But I want Chik Filet Gus! You know a Cliff fine! If you don’t want me to get any calories in my body and I’m gonna fall over, that’s fine!
That’s totally fine! Eat you two hot pockets Gus! [laughter] We’re gonna paint the trailer. So we want the aluminum to pop as well. So get you a scotch-brite pad and get you a fresh one.
Pick one direction to go. That way, you know you don’t have a bunch of lines in
your aluminum. And dig deep inside you got that hot pocket resting right there! Ooooooh! [laughter] The fiberglass has dried, so we’re gonna do take a little 80 DA, smooth it down, then we’re gonna get set up for bondo! There’s a little high s pot right here.
Some taking my body hammer and I’m knocking it down a little bit so when I wipe my
mud, it’s underneath the body filler and not poking through. I like that alot! What we have here is our bondo. We put
fiberglass on there first because it’s kind of a heavier material so it fills
in a lot quicker. Now we’re going to start finessing it with our mud. Gus, this is what I do I do all the
nasty stuff and you bring in the pretty! 80 DA, we’re gonna knock down all of our little mud lines and see what it feels like afterwards. I’m gonna have to wipe it one more time
with mud and then we’ll follow it up with finishing glaze. Over the white we’re going to glance it
with our DA, with some 180 DA paper. Around the rivets we’re gonna take our
scotch brite pad so we can get around there real well. We got the trailer in the paint booth. We’re doing a little masking. We’re taping it off getting it ready for prim and paint. The cool thing about this trailer is that it’s going to be used to store insuline and other stuff for the kids. We’re excited, the project’s coming along great and we’re having fun like normal! First two items I’d buy… 79 Trans Am and I’d drive down to the local record store and get me Motley Crew greatest hits! So now what we’re wiping this down with is a wax and grease remover. So we can get it ready for sealer. That thing was loaded with decals, which
kind of has a halo of them left behind. So, we thought it’d be best to seal that
thing off so none of that bleeds back through our base. You gotta smile a little bit cause that was like really… “vanilla”. Sushi, He always makes fun of me for eating it. Anybody that eats that stuff sits down and pees! We get paid tomorrow so I’ll pick me up another phone card. You’re an idiot! You’re not learning anything from these videos. You don’t remember the dent pulling? Didn’t that rock your world? Huh! As you can see, we got our epoxy primer on, got us a good base Now we’re gonna put on our single stage black! We’re finishing it up! We’re going to paint the wheels. This is the green that Megan picked out. Some people prefer the cross coat method: up and down, side to side We just kind of prefer to do 2 coats. It builds mils in the paint. To us it’s easier to watch over and control. Our friends from Venefron are here.
They’re gonna work your magic. They were nice enough to donate their time. So everybody give them a big round of applause! I got a call from Justin at Newman
Tractor about two or three weeks ago. Wanting to know if we wanted to get involved with Camp Hendon. Justin gave us a little bit of insight on what camp Hendon’s all about. We got super excited! We’re happy to
donate our time and material, so the kids can go down there and enjoy some
downtime. We got a giant puzzle at hand for lack of a better term, but we’re
ready to do our magic! It’s got a bunch of little needles. We
hit that it puts little holes around it, which allows us to come in with our
rivet brush, heat it, and then push the vinyl down. And I’ll tell you I put that
in my pocket without this on it.. And it hurts! Ouch! [Laughter] On this vinyl, it’s 3m wrap material. I
was able to pull this vinyl back and manipulate it and get a crease out and
it goes down just like you want it to! The guys from Venefron, as you can see did an awesome job and knocked it out of the park! So hopefully the people from Camp
Hendon enjoy it as much as we do! good job guys! [Cheering] That’s a jellyfish! Alright you can open them up! Guys! This is awesome! Yes!! I love it! I love it! Camp Hendon has been important to me because I’ve seen firsthand… excuse me, I’ve seen firsthand the the life changes that it made not only
for my sister just but for me. To actually be there and to be a part of it
they talked about it being the best place on earth and it truly is! It’s, it’s
a life-changing, magical experience for all these kids and I’m so happy to be
a part of it. I was diagnosed with diabetes I was 14 months old I’m 32 now so I’ve had it
for 31 years. And being able to be a part of this and
see this awesome thing is just the best! You approved don’t you! Hey what’s up guys we finished up our
trailer for our friends at Camp Hendon. It come out super awesome,
everyone’s stoked and we’re moving on to our next project. And to everybody out
there watching our videos, hopefully you’re liking what you see, and if not
please share all your questions down below. And always hit that subscribe
button and don’t forget to look us up at ! Good day! Well that looks stupid as well. That jealousy coming
out again! And haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate! [laughing] Since I did such a good job, I think you should go up to Burger King and get me a sandwich! Gus, I’ve got a little
surprise wearing my toolbox! [laughing] Wasn’t that his name, Jerry? Lee? No Bruce Lee, the fighter dummy! Bruce Lee, not Jerry Lee! Yea, Jerry Lee the fighter! No it’s Bruce! He did that, that. Are those the same Lees that own that Lees famous recipe? Cause I don’t know if this is gonna work or not. You can’t talk like that! What!? It’s gonna work! You can’t have no heart! Okay this might not work! This is all we do here at Newman Tractor. Walk around and stand holding our knee! Its a shame you don’t have lock jaw today. That would be great! No, I done got him Gus! Look! You’re not holding up to your end Gus! I can’t do it all on my own, I’m only one man! You sound like Johnathan Mox from Varsity Blues. I’m just one man. I’m just one man. I’m going now Kenny! I’m going now! [laughing] Live free little Bubba! Come on dad, get your wings back! Do i dad
get your ball back! Come on fly! Man he’s trying! I don’t know I guess that’s all I can do! But after I got what the credit people, they got everybody off me for owing tax money, all the pawn shops are gone. the aren’t bothering me anymore for my loans! Hey it was that easy! You’re an idiot! Justin speaking of that, um, are you gonna on any vacations this year? The pawn shop on Turfway, if you give them that title to your car, you can borrow money off of it. I do it every Christmas! Like 37% interest. It’s a pretty good rate. Like 37 percent interest isn’t bad you know. Justin he needs some new shirts. The under arms of his are all shot! The claw! The claw! Are you ready Justin? No I’m not ready! Go ahead! As soon as you get this thing hemmed up , Coffee time! You can have your cup of coffee! Alright! A good cup! Alright! None of that stuff from the Dollar General. And don’t buy anymore
of that too! Cause I got sick I did get my stomach pumped! And just close it off
with an N. we need an N. You got one!

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  1. Nice work. That aluminum is thin and dings easily. Ya'll did a nice repair and repaint, and your vinyl guy's work is awesome.

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