CAREERS IN M.F.A – Master of Fine Arts, B.F.A,Ph.D,Teachers,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

CAREERS IN M.F.A – Master of Fine Arts, B.F.A,Ph.D,Teachers,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

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opportunities in master of fine arts A Master of Fine Arts degree typically requires two to three years study of pg after the bachelor’s degree is obtained. Unlike other degrees which are mostly based on theories, master of fine arts is a relatively creative degree and is awarded as a terminal degree in creative writing, visual arts, photography, film making, dance, theatre or other art administration. master of Fine Arts programs are available in a variety of application which includes performing arts, sculpting, graphic designing etc. These programs help students to obtain jobs in their respective artistic fields by teaching them creative and technical
skills for example a student in a MFA program in film making can learn all facets of film making starting from directing the film to script writing. There are various courses available depending on the interest of a student. If one pursues fine arts, one would spend most of his time in a studio rather than in a lecture hall. These programs often come to a crescendo with a creative portfolio which maybe an exhibition of photography short films or full length novels. Based on one’s artistic focus, these are a few course examples:
• Prose writing
• Poetry writing • Cinematography
• Sound engineering
• Critical theory • Figure painting
• Advanced illustration.A student’s career options are entirely based on one’s own interests and likings. MFA is a terminal degree and a few potential career options may include:
• Photojournalist
• Screenwriter • Film director
• Actor
• Graphic designer • Sculptor With an MFA degree in hand one can look out for a job in any sphere of business. An expert in fine arts can look for a job in any company looking to fill a related role in that particular department. A studio artist may link up with a company looking out for graphic designers and a MFA degree in theatre may enable one to work as a private acting instructor or as a public speaking coach in corporate companies. As an artisan and creative thinker, one will realise that the specific skills one posses are rare and in demand.A career in fine arts may also be inherently unconventional. Writing workshops have now extended by teaching one’s craft in intimate settings like prisons. Studio artist may also find workshop opportunities in local galleries, community theatre and public art agencies. A career in MFA enables one to move out the of the stereotypical job opportunities and think creatively However, if you want to pursue a degree in master of fine arts it is the best to do it under the best. A Master of Fine Arts degree is in demand now and has much more value in the recent times. Here are some of the top colleges in India where one can pursue a MFA degree-
• Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad. • Institute of Technology and Management, Uttar Pradesh.
• Lucknow University. • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.
• Sri Venkateswara University, Delhi. All these institutions are well acknowledged and have received high rankings. To get a seat in one of these colleges would be a great way to kick start your career. However, if you have more questions or a few doubts in mind, log on to ww to learn
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42 thoughts on “CAREERS IN M.F.A – Master of Fine Arts, B.F.A,Ph.D,Teachers,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

  1. mam pls tell me if I am in 12th and i like to draw sketches of human which degree and job i prefer and what about salary pls reply me fast..

  2. I want to ask one question that if I studied all the arts subject history, political science etc… in hindi medium than is its value is given less.

  3. I am in 12th standard.. I like to write a song lyrics, editing videos, short films… So what to do after 12th…
    And also like to do directory

  4. I m interested in drawing..!Art is my heart..!if our drawing skills are good so which field we choose plsss reply me mam

  5. Please suggest best Delhi colleges for b.f.a and also about its scope , fee structure and eligibility … Request😣

  6. The problem with fine arts is that:
    It's very costly and often after you get a job you're still paying the debts. And in India no one gives a damn about portfolio.. Which means that showing your portfolio won't mean anything.. Until you have a degree.. And also pls don't curse at me but.. Fine arts is just the fundamental part of art.. Stylized art is in more demand.. And not even the top universities of the world cover it. So if you wanna really got at art school then do it so if you think so. Pls don't get carried over by the mindset that every field needs a degree.. Especially arts doesn't require.. It.. It's your practice that matters..

  7. hey there , i am an artist and want to get admission on MFA course in Germany. so please give me the best information on this topics.

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