hey guys today a bitch is blogging I have a few things to get done today so I just thought I would bring you guys along with me I'm actually on my way to get my makeup done right now I'm going to I'm driving so I have to okay I'm going to get my nails done later and I have a few more little errands to run so yeah when I get back and y'all will be seeing me getting my makeup done and I'm really excited the artist name is fabulous T and she is fabulous honey okay she is like a makeup artist that focus is more like I'm skin and like like more like magazine work model work like she gives me like janessa my rigs Pat McGrath been ready vascular is kind of odd like I'm here for so I can't wait to get my makeup done and I will see you guys later alright god I wish Terry say hi back and do my makeup I'm really excited so when I get back we're gonna see what my face looks like come on oh wow skin is on away so I just caught my makeup done you guys and I love it so much like I look so like fresh-faced and just so bronzy so you guys I just did my makeup it looks bomb Terry did my makeup it is so bomb like her technique is immaculate like the thing is y'all don't realize like you have to like her technique is like so skin like it may not be like your Instagram B and look super filtered and stuff like you can still see the texture on my skin and all that but like real life my skin looks a may being like I love my makeup so much my brows look feathered and I'm just lying hmm I could never I could never I'm sorry I keep blocking the UM camera but yeah we took a few pictures my face look great but I just think I look so fat I think so gross so I'm showing you guys my face I'll definitely leave her information below I actually tell her that I will be back to do a one on one because I would do want to do a class with her because I just really really liked her technique she was very gentle she I could like feel what she was doing but I didn't like acts too much because I like to just let people work and again that's what a class is for so I would definitely be back to like to see what she was doing she layered stuff she used a very very minimal product like what I tell you she use like a daughter foundation like I'm sure but yeah you guys this is sorry this is my face I'm living and I'm about to text one of my friends or something and see where they're at just you don't want to get something to eat because rich is hungry and I'm in the city okay so scratch that I am actually going to get food by myself and then my nails done they look crazy and my toes because I just realized if I call somebody to go get something to eat then it's gonna turn into drinks and hookah and me not getting home till 10 o'clock so I need to just look at the fingerprints on my window but yeah I need to just get my day going cuz I said need to go home I need to dye this my skin looks amazing haha but I still need to dye this wig and everything like that so I should probably get my nose done another day but I love gloves and I want to set the old type like I'm forgetting something I don't know but yeah guys I will be back this is a day in the life of me doing nothing so what about you guys so chick was literally like right there so I'm gonna try to get youthful a again because it's the only thing that I can eat like pretty fast and not have to go back home I'm actually supposed to be on a smoothie diet for this week but I'm just gonna start tomorrow like whatever yeah I'm gonna be doing my smoothies at home because I have hello smoothie stuff I always like buy stuff but I never I'll do it for like two days three days straight and then be like so I have a bunch of like I literally have like five bags of frozen fruit in my freezer so I'm just gonna do my thing smoothie it up oh I couldn't even think she I was I should want to alter burns but whatever know anything but anyways I'm gonna go to chick-fil-a you guys what do you get when you get to just play I normally get a eight count I get meal with the large fry and a large sweet tea Nuggets a well done baby with chick-fil-a sauce I'm like a well done Queen because I used to work at chick-fil-a I actually worked that she played for seven years you know so I'm like really particular about my order but I try not to give anybody a headache but I'm actually gonna get a spicy deluxe today because I'm that hungry and I need to just everything oh my gosh I was at a red light and now I'm at red light again I'm just trying to get into this vlogging thing I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be vlogging when I supposed to be doing this consist of me being in the car and in the car so not sure how entertaining that is for you guys it's not entertaining to me but to each his own so you girl ain't I got energy now I'm flexing I feel so I thought I got the ideas but my food was delicious and now I'm going to the nail shop if I make it because my guests I just came on and honestly I'm not going to the nail shops so I mean I'm not going to the gas station so there's a that one that you think the cars is coming I got to make sure I could go but um yeah really I wasn't gonna get my nails done first but like my nails are so jagged they're like if I start doing the hair my hair my nails is coming my nails are so jagged that if I start doing hair the hair is I mean calm right now like I'm not I'm gonna deal with it so we're gonna go – Julie's – that's my girl that is mine Oh hopefully she does my nails cuz you know like when you have a nail person and they get a little too comfortable and they be trying to like send you to they're trying to give you to like the person like bitch know I want you I don't want your cousin I don't want your daughter I don't want you I don't wanna know what okay I won't you so yeah I about to go there and I would check back and I think this is gonna be the end of my day no see I've just been doing a lot of nothing I'd be telling y'all like I don't do anything I work but yeah like I was saying um yeah you guys think that I like do so much but I really don't do anything my life consists of like now these last few months me like trying to keep myself on schedule recording all that and what is wrong with me anyways my days consist of me like recording getting my wigs ready doing a little makeup look oh I have to go to Michael's um and going to work I might take you guys to work with me one day because you know I am a full time and you a and I have my own suite and stuff so I know a lot of people of acts like see my suite and see me work I like really work so like I don't have time to be playing around and showing all my flee and lasting giggles I like to keep it very professional you know what I'm saying not have cameras in people's faces and stuff like that so maybe if I have somebody that I'm really cool with or like a cool friend a girlfriend a close friend that comes to get their makeup in then I would definitely record it but other than that yeah but you're about to be at the nail shop so i'ma holla at y'all later so you got it that pretty much wraps up today's vlog I am done for the day I'm so freakin tired I'm just gonna end it right here because I've just been doing a lot of running around and I had to like do a few stuff in between that I didn't record but that's just a typical day for moi I'll finish any other errands I have to do tomorrow but when I get home I'm actually really gonna take a nap because I'm really about to lie and then I'm gonna finish editing last week's video for you guys and then I'm going to start coloring my hair because it's gonna be about a three-step process because I have to dye the roots tone the hair and color the hair so wish me luck because I've never done either so I will see you guys in my next video thanks so much for tuning in to this vlog if you're watching it if you like to see more vlogs let me know I just have never vlog before so I don't really know like when I was supposed to vlog and I've just been kind of like low-key about it if you guys like the vlogs I will definitely invest into a vlog camera I don't mind but seeing that I don't like that so anyway like I said see you guys in my next video you guys do not forget to comment like and subscribe and I'm out


  1. The camera quality is on point !!! You can really see everything. Yes you can see texture but we all have it and yes your makeup looks so good soft but bomb

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