26 thoughts on “Captain License Chart Navigation – Set and Drift Practice Problem 1

  1. I’m not a captain I just click out of curiosity. You didn’t get any of the numbers listed, you just guessed. Shouldn’t all that formula work give you one of the numbers in the multiple choice sheet? Is like me getting a 6 and choosing 5 because is the closest number.

  2. Which formulas do you know that you have to covert time to decimal diveded by 60 and decimals to time times 60 ????

  3. Reason for 229 vs ~239 He read the compass wrong… for some reason he said 229, but it was really more like 329 if you look close.

  4. You really should be a instructor, you helped this ol' dog understand how to do this with ease. I'm a disabled Veteran trying to find a new direction to sail . You have helped me find a new direction it is now up to me to pass the 6 pack… . THANK YOU!!!

  5. 200T masters test all pgc gyro compass exam promblems. What are the rules for using gyro compass, for plotting and Navigation ? short cuts ?

  6. I think you miss read the compass rose when you said it was reading was 229*. That is a physiologic impossibility that far north. The video makes sense if he reading was 329* true then you would be only 3* off and the video makes sense that way.

  7. Great video!!! Might I correct; diff betn 229 n 332 is well over 100deg n not 3 deg as stated by u. Secondly while reading the set u read 229 from the NW direction, if it were 229 then it wld hav been in SW direction.

  8. Hey NeilI'm with the Coast Guard at Mooloolaba, Australia.Presently undergoing a Coastal Nav Course over here, it's in house and a crash course.I would like to thank you for your terrific vids, they have been invaluable.Thanks for taking your time during them and revisiting certain processes along the way ie TVMDC / DSTREET I have to say, I got a giggle at your earlier go pro experimentals as well.Well done mate and thanks.Paul Heath

  9. to get the 229° did you use the geographic compass rose? instead of magnetic compass rose? I see there are 2 compass rose on the chart and I am not sure when do we use such one.

  10. I passed my Captain's test about three weeks ago but your videos are really great for reinforcing what I learned. Thanks

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