Once upon a time, in a far far away land (far
in distance and in time), there was a kingdom. It was winter, a winter that seemed would
never end, and the whole country was going through a cold and snow wave. Away from the town and the white forests,
right in the middle of the kingdom, there was a Castle, protected by high walls and
lots of eyes watching day and night. In it lived a very special being, little princess
Alexa. She was a very smiling and bright little girl
– she loved playing with her dolls and watching the stars. But what she liked the most in this world
was laying on her mom’s arms, the queen, while she told her fantastic fairy tales,
which sometimes had a terrifying ending that made her tremble. She also had an older brother, called Alexander,
a happy boy with a great sense of justice, tho he also loved making pranks, especially
on her sister. One day, during that winter, the queen came
back from a long trip, and Alexa went out to meet her. She was surprised not to see her dad, the
king, as well, but she imagined he probably was taking care of other matters. In order to celebrate she had come back, the
queen suggested to the kids the three of them should go for a walk around the street fair
that had just started next to the castle. Alexa was having a good time, going here and
there, watching the minstrels and the fire breathers. But when she held her mom’s hand to follow
her, she had a strange feeling, as if it were colder than usual. She calmed her down with a smile, and pointed
to another ride, far from the rest – An old and shabby marquee, tho it still looked bright. The queen invited her kids to go in and said
goodbye from the entrance. The inside was a maze of mirrors, also covered
with dust. At the end of it, Alexa and her brother found
a beautiful gift box. The kids pulled the ribbon and opened the
box. Pink and blue smoke came out of it. Suddenly, the whole place came to life, everything
looked new and shiny, and two more boxes appeared. Two jesters, a boy and girl, dressed in blue
and pink, came out of them. They started pirouetting, beautifully, around
the kids, who looked at them fascinated. They sang songs and showed them some magic
tricks that captivated them. In the end, they gave each of them a little
music box. They explained that, from that moment on,
they were at their disposition and would be with them always to entertain them whenever
they needed. But they also warned them that those boxes
were for them to share with each other, and that only those with pure hearts could use
them. And just like that, the jesters disappeared. Alexander, still astonished, wanted to see
his sister’s box, and took it from her. When she tried to get it back, he slapped
her and ran towards the castle, leaving Alexa bathed in tears. Days went by, and Alexander never left his
room. From hers, Alexa heard every night her brother’s
uncontrollable laugh. She was worried she didnt see him anymore,
she missed him, and she wanted to play with the jesters as well. So, one night, she gathered her courage and
went into his room. What she saw in there made her blood run cold. The lights went on and off, revealing the
blood on the walls. In the center of the room, on the floor, laid
the 2 music boxes, open, playing a strange melody, of a lullaby, both sweet and sinister. Alexa looked up and saw her brother’s body,
wounded, writhed against the ceiling. The girl shrieked in pain, and suddenly, the
body started to burn. She managed to run out of the room, yelling
for her mom. She found her in her room, in bed, and she
tried to explain what she had just witnessed. The queen’s reaction was a grotesque laugh,
and Alexa stepped away from her, scared. She bumped into her dad, who held her in his
arms. But the pressure in the hug kept growing and
growing, until it was almost impossible to bear it and he started to choke her. The girl managed to free herself and scaped
running. She tried to hide in one of the closets in
the hallway, pero she felt a presence behind her. When she turned around, she saw, horrified,
her parents’ corpses. Their eyes were out of their sockets, and
their tongue, purple, sticking out of their mouth. Alexa didnt know what to do. Those creatures that were not their parents,
were chasing her closely. The fire in the room had turned into a great
fire that was burning down the whole castle and was blocking her way. She ended up going to her room. The walls in there had been destroyed, leaving
the room open to the cold and the snow. At the door, she saw the two grotesque versions
of her parents, walking through the smoke. Slowly, they went back to their original shape,
the two jesters. Alexa then understood everything. Her brother’s selfishness and meanness had
freed them from their miniature jails. The jester got close to her, with an evil
smile. A huge colored mace appeared from his back
– it was so big that it was impossible to hold it in the air. He took a deep breath, took it above his head
and let it fall on Alexa. She was paralyzed and could only watch the
snow flakes moving away as it got closer.

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  2. Its 21:21 now and I was thinking "What to do " What to do" and lovely youtube recomended this freaking scary candy pop 😍

  3. I love watching this until you know you have to go sleep but everyone is already sleapin an you her your hous settling

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