Can You Guess These Weird Paint Names?

Can You Guess These Weird Paint Names?

– (rooster crows)
– (lion roars) Welcome to
Good Mythical More. “Lonely hashtag.” This is when we find
a very lonely hashtag
on Instagram and then add to it.
This one is, #FartingOnBrother – Post your photo that makes
sense with that hashtag…
– Why is that lonely? – so it’s not lonely anymore.
– I woulda thought one would’ve
been, just– – Nope! It hasn’t
caught on yet.
– All over the Instagram. – It hasn’t caught on yet.
– “Farting on brother.” No. Farting on brother.
Make it–make it–
make it sing, people. No regrets. All right, um…
I won some laundry that I get to sit on. Ellie: Hey, Link. – Oh, Ellie is bringing
the laundry.
– Yeah. This is how I used to
always carry my laundry
around in college. – In a trash bag?
– In a big trash bag. – Yeah.
– Is this your laundry? – Oh, yeah, definitely.
– ( laughs ) – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah, we gotta– Yeah, there’s your
comforter. Comforter from
your–? – Yup.
– Yeah, that’s my big–
my big tan jump suit. – ( laughs )
– My white jeans that
I always wear. – These are your–
your britches?
– Uh-huh, yeah. – That’s my “business
casual” look.
– ( laughter ) Why do you have some
of our Christmas sweats? Um, sometimes you
need to, uh… – At your house.
– Ah, you’ve been raiding
wardrobe again, haven’t you? ( scoffs ) Well,
clothes are expensive. – ( cheerily ) And I’m
an intern.
– ( laughs ) So this is your big–
here’s your big
laundry pile. – All right, Link.
Sit on it, man.
– No, no. It seems to me… ( uproarious laughter ) This is what the kids
are doing now. Just like the hats,
they leave the stickers
on the t-shirts. – Yeah, it’s a trend.
– Okay, whatever. It means it’s legit
Fruit of the Loom. I’ve never felt
more K-pop-y,
than right now. – Ooh, yeah.
– How does it feel? Do you wanna be
the eighth member
of that band? I feel like you need
a foot stool. – Okay. It’s good.
Oh, look at me.
– Ah, man. – That looks mushy.
– Those guys are on
top of the world, man. Sittin’ on laundry,
dancin’ on ice, running
through quarries… I watched so many
of those music videos,
I’m in love. – Yeah?
– They’re so good
at dancing. Who’s your favorite one?
You gotta have a favorite
one, right? – Rap Monster.
– ( laughs ) It’s true! He goes by
“RM” now, though. Rap Mon–oh,
Rhett McLaughlin. – I know what I’m talking about.
– Rap Mon–I could take
his place. – No.
– Just because you have
the same initials as someone doesn’t
mean you can take
their place in life. I probably wouldn’t
fit in very well. Aw, no, I think
you’d be great. – So you have a card
in your hand.
– Yes. So, this is a call-back
to the A-block. – We did some really fun
hardware store hacks.
– Mm-hm. – You remember.
– The A-block is–is – internal language for…
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – the first video.
– Inside baseball. That’s what we call it.
A-block. You call it,
“Green border.” ( laughter ) – We call it A-block.
– Green border. What we– – We’re now in the D-block.
– Yeah, we call this
the D-block. – Ooh.
– It’s basically like– it’s like prison
terminology. That’s how we plan
this show, as a
big prison. – Oh, man.
– I don’t know
what that says, but we should guess
what these paint
colors are? – Yeah, we should.
– Yes, so there’s– there’s thousands,
probably hundreds of
thousands of paint colors for
interior paint – that you can pick up
at a hardware store.
– Cute names for paints so they can sell you
like 20 different shades to test on your house
before you decide on
the one shade. – Right.
– You get into
so many arguments with your partner
that you eventually
just decide to not repaint
the house and just leave up
the 20 samples – and then call it
some sort of “art.”
– ( laughs ) And it’s a really–
it’s a sore point
in your relationship, – This happened?
– from there on out. This sounds like
it happened. Nah, I think he’s
talking about a
hypothetical situation. – Oh, okay.
– I’m just a guy on laundry,
man. Don’t listen to me. – Yeah.
– So these names get pretty
weird, so we’re gonna play,
like, a very relaxed – “Real or Fake” game.
– Relaxed, okay. First up, we’ve got
“Burglar Blues.” – “Burglar Blues,” fake.
– “Burglar Blues,” fake.
People don’t like to associate “burglar”
with “household.” – Nobody wants to buy something
that’s gonna be stolen.
– You’re right. You’re right. – I just wanted to give you
an easy on to start off.
– (laughter) Next up,
“Lauren’s Surprise.” Both:
“Lauren’s Surprise.” – I know lots of Laurens.
– I don’t think you’d name
something after a person. – Lauren’s surprise.
– ‘Cause then, like,
Judy wouldn’t want it. Tell me what color
family is it in. Um… – Well, that might
not exist.
– I can’t… …tell you. – ‘Cause it’s not real.
– Right, she would have to
lie about that. Fake. Lauren’s
Surprise is fake. – Lauren’s Surprise is real.
– Real fake. – Link is right, it’s real.
– But you don’t know what
color it is? – Ellie:It’s a light blue.
– Link:Oh.– Wow. Surprising.
– Now, listen. You may– – Surprise!
– Oh, wow! The most boring
color ever. This may seem almost
Communist, okay, but this is how I feel
about…paint systems. – Okay.
– ( laughter ) I’ve thought about this while
standing in Home Depot before. – “Almost Communist.”
– I think that there should
be a standard of color. Like, there should be,
like, a Color Academy, or a Color Association,
and they should put out
what the colors are. And you can get
a new color, but it’s just like
if you got that and
that’s called light blue, and then you’re like,
“I wanna make a lighter
blue,” they’ll be, “Okay,
you get lighter blue.” – ( laughter )
– You know what I’m saying? ‘Cause I wanna know–
I don’t wanna get into
an argument with my wife on which one is lighter.
I’m like, “Honey,
this is ‘Lighter Blue. And that’s ‘Lightest Blue,’
and this is ‘Light Blue’.” And we don’t need any
other iterations of this. – You know what I’m saying?
– No. Or this is blue grey.
This is grey brown, This is lighter
grey brown. This is–they should
just be logical. And then all the
companies have to sign up and they have to
make the same colors. – Yeah, but what if–
– The world would be
a better place. Okay. – Less fights.
– You’re gonna love
the rest of this game. – Next up we’ve got “Bagel.”
– Yeah, exactly. See? Light brown.
( chuckles sarcastically ) – Bagel. Yes. Paint color.
– Paint color? That seems real to me.
It should be if it’s not. You’re correct.
It’s real. Ellie:And it is
a light brown.
– Link:Light brown.
– Rhett:Light brown.
Coulda guessed that.
– Yeah, you got it.
– Yeah. Next up, same color
family, “Likeable Sand.” Likeable sand.
Not true. – Likeable sand.
– Yeah, sand you wanna
hang out with. On your wall. “I like that sand color
so much, I wanna live in it.” – Mm-hm.
– Fake. – Real!
– Uh– – Link:Seriously?
– Ellie:Yeah.– Link:Is this, like
some Glidden–

– Ellie:Kind of a drab sand.– sad, clamoring for–
– That’s unlikeable sand. – Yeah, right?
– See, again, it’s
just too subjective. Why can’t we just
call that, grey-brown–
light grey-brown? – Mm, I don’t know.
– Eh. Light grey-brown. Light grey-brown. – LGB.
– ( laughs ) Okay. Next up we have
“Dead Salmon.” – Dead…salmon.
– Salmon that’s dead. – Dead salmon? That can’t
be true.
– It’s passed away. – It is real!
– What? – Link:Dead–
– Rhett:It’s the same
frickin’ thing!
You’re telling me
you can buy dead salmon at a hardware store? Like, you can go to
Sherwin-Williams and get yourself
some dead salmon? – Yeah.
– And then you have to
tell somebody that you painted dead salmon
on your frickin’ wall? – Yeah, what was–
– That is so stupid. – Yeah.
– When I looked it up
it had this whole description that’s like,
“This is the color of,
like, the matified… – Yeah, whatever.
– tangy, of a salmon that’s
just been poached.” – And I was like, “Gross!”
– Well then call it
“Poached Salmon.” – Right?
– But hold on. You don’t
think this proves– – this is proving my point.
– I didn’t wanna help prove
your point, – but it seems I am.
– It’s too subjective. It’s color.
It’s math, man. Would you got to a
restaurant and order salmon on the menu– it was
called “Dead Salmon”?
‘Cause it is. – It’s all dead salmon.
– I like dead cow… …burger. You know you wouldn’t
do it. It’s marketing. – Yeah.
– They’re shooting themselves
in the foot. And all these colors
are named this way
because of marketing. Maybe it’s
a prank paint. The family of
prank paints. “Hey, honey. I painted
the nursery ‘Dead Salmon,’ like, and I’m also
filing for divorce.” And it’s like, you know,
you do that at the same time. There are so many weird
baby names for paint names, – but I–
– Yeah, Dead Salmon. All right,
lightning round. Next up we’ve got
“Kissing Mist.” – No.
– Yes. – Fake.
– All right. – Okay, “Grandma’s Dust.”
– Both: “Grandma’s Dust”? – Fake.
– Yeah, it’s real. – ( laughs ) It’s fake.
– “Grandma’s Dust.” – “Spooky Ghost.”
– Real. – Spoogie?
– Spooky. “Spooky Ghost,”
it’s real. – Spooky ghost.
– It’s white. That is real.
And “Shine, Baby, Shine.” “Shine, Baby, Shine”? – Uh…
– ( giggles ) – Fake.
– I would say fake. – It’s real!
– Oh, and I win, five to six. All right, well you
can buy us some paint, then.

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