Can You Dye Your Hair with Crepe Paper? Testing Weird Hair Hacks!

Can You Dye Your Hair with Crepe Paper? Testing Weird Hair Hacks!

Can you dye your hair with crepe paper? A
question I never thought I’d be asking, but a question we’re about to answer. Hello and welcome to the Queendom. I’m
Sarah Ingle, and today we’re gonna attempt to dye our hair, dye my hair — tips of
my hair — not dyeing all of my hair but we’re gonna attempt to dye my hair with crepe paper because Troom Troom and 5-Minute Crafts say that you can do it and we all
know they’re not exactly the most reputable sources but we’re gonna test
it we’re gonna find out if it actually works like a lot of things I’ll be like
no that’s just bologna but you know what it’s possible it’s theoretically
possible so we’re gonna just find out if we can actually dye our hair with crepe
paper I mean the thing even just sounds completely ridiculous anyway so it’s
your first time joining us here we’ve been on kind of like this journey
lately going through the internet and figuring out what hair care advice is is
great on the internet and what hair care advice is just garbage so we’re gonna
find out today if this is greater garbage basically all we’re supposed to
do is take some crepe paper put it into some dishes pour hot water in it and
then like soak our hair and it’s supposed to somehow dye our hair like I
don’t know I don’t know it sounds completely ridiculous but when I saw it
in the trim trim video that I reacted to I was like uh we need to try this and
you guys are like yes please try it so we’re going to and you know what I feel
like almost best-case scenario doesn’t work because I really don’t want to have
turquoise and pink hair but you know why if it does work I’m just doing like the
ends of it so it’s not the end of the world we can find out like does it wash
off I would think Ian if it does it should just wash right off because we’re
not using any sort of so we’re I’m looking for
we’re not using any sort of like developer or anything that’s going to
make it so like the hair is gonna open up and absorb any color it’s just we’re
just dipping our hair in some colorful paper water I don’t know to describe
this the whole thing is just bizarre so let’s let’s try it I don’t want the glue
let’s let’s rip off the glue part that’s for you there you go oh okay let’s get a
decent amount here they cut theirs into strips I’m pretty sure the strip’s have
nothing to do with the effectiveness of this so we’re just gonna leave it in a
big long thing and maybe fold it I think folding it will be able to get
more of it in there there you go had a nice little bowl of crepe paper. and now
pink. here’s your pink piece just for you all right and let’s just get a much pink
this is such a light pink I feel like it’s not if it was red I feel like it
might have a heavier chance of turning layer yeah I feel like if we put water
in here it should squish it down pretty well okay so here’s the thing I feel
like my hair has a better chance of this working because it’s also bleached
it’s very bleached if it’s gonna work on anybody’s hair it’s probably gonna work
on line so let’s just do this let’s just do this pour something like scalding lis
hot water stir with this one cuz it’s a little more in the bowl yeah it
definitely shrinks when it’s wet oh I’m spilling a little oh I made quite
a mess all right in there and oh yes it’s really hot it’s that hot I don’t
know if I want to stick my hair in it right away
I must smoosh this down oh you can see like the water actually is turning color
like especially in the blue one maybe some of that color will transfer
to our hair okay I’m not gonna dunk like the whole thing I’m just gonna do a
little little bit because I don’t I just want to know if it work I guess that’s
going in there and that’s going in there to attempt to help this be successful
I’m gonna like stir it in there and see like kind of really get it up underneath
that crepe paper the water and this one is definitely blue well if you can see
that but it’s definitely blue water which is a good sign if you want my hair
to turn the water over here is not pink at all so I’m gonna try and stir it yeah
I’m don’t I don’t see this working but we’ll try it we’ll try it I just want to
have the best shot at working this is what they said to do they just said
leave it in a few minutes I’ll probably like like 15 minutes hey Siri set timer
for 15 minutes kyoool and while we’re doing this we’ll talk
about some other ways of dyeing your hair like if you really like truly if
you want to dye your hair the best way to do it is to go to professional
there’s a reason why they go to school and do it every single day and it amazes
me how many people think that they’re gonna do just as good of a job somebody
will at a salon who does it every single day and it’s been trained in it just the
mere fact that they do it every single day and another thing I like to say is
like your hair is like the ultimate accessory that never ever leaves you
it’s always there you have to wear it every single day so it doesn’t look good
I mean you’re not gonna your best you know what I mean so it’s like the one
thing we’re like yeah that’s like it’s not leaving your face so she didn’t
invest in a good haircut and/or color so that’s all be obviously the best way of
doing it there are box dyes and think I feel like if you’re gonna do it at
home personally I’d rather go with the temporary method because I feel like
you’re less likely to screw up your hair that’s when you wind up going into salon
anyway and paying even more to try and fix it
but then there’s also temporary ways or like semi-permanent would be probably
still better than permanent but some temporary ways they’ve got great sprays
one of my favorite ways that I tried one time for Halloween one year I just up as
a unicorn and I had pink hair basically with hair chalk and it’s like I don’t
usually do the spray they don’t do the temporary or semi-permanent I don’t do
any of that because I just don’t like messing with my hair because like some I
take as good of care of it as I can um so I go to professionals who help with
that okay Oh oh my goodness guys I think it’s working
and this bottle bottle full and this one I don’t think it is I don’t want a
turquoise hair boy oh boy well the pink one is an absolute it looks like I mean
I can’t say that maybe if it sits in here a little while longer I’m curious
to see like this just washes right out or well this club is a lot bigger than
this club I shouldn’t have put that much in there I didn’t think it was gonna
work ah okay whatever whatever it’s all good
it’s all good I’m sure it’s not permanent if it is it’s like one strip a
couple inches and maybe I’ll just leave it there it’ll be like our little secret
that strip of blueish hair anywho I gotta go to the Frozen 2
premiere on Thursday — gotta go? get to go! if I have a little strip of like frozen
Elsa hair and there it’ll it’ll be all good right oh boy okay
we’ve still got eight minutes left but it only said to leave it in there a
couple of minutes and it looks like it actually is working and it’s like the
wet part is any more blue but if it’s not super blue then maybe we can put it
back in but I’ll take the pink one out now and just show you like it’s very
clearly not working at all like not even the water the water is still clear so
this I’m just gonna like sit over here let it do its thing
I didn’t mean actually wanting to put color here and this is what I get but I
say oh no and I put more in there than I sided I can’t decide if I’m like happy
like oh hey guys find a cool app or like oh no no I’ve got a blue strand of hair
definitely it’s like blue blue like not even like a little bit blue definitely
no need to leave that in any longer that is full-on kool-aid this is like Jesse
Paege you know my you guys know my friend just she paid Jesse this matches your
hair I don’t know how long this is gonna stay in because we didn’t do any sort of
developer to let it like sink into the hair follicle or anything
I’m and I’m as I’m its it is transferring a little bit to my fingers
I think we might be able to get it out with shampoo this might be the
equivalent of a like some other demi-permanent semi-permanent temporary
maybe it’s temporary I just shampoo it out you’re supposed to blow-dry it I
said to blow-dry it and I cam kena curious what this will look like dry so
you know what I’m gonna we’re gonna do this right I’m gonna get a blow dryer I
be right back okay I am back I have a blow dryer we’re gonna blow dry it see
what this looks like it literally looks more vibrant because it was darker when
it was wet wait so at least we have proved that trim trim and five-minute
crafts don’t make up everything some stuff they do but I said I didn’t know
this one would work and you know why I said I wanted to try it and it works I
feel like a My Little Pony I’m kind of glad I didn’t get more colors now
because that would have been more of my hair would have been like this I’m gonna
try and wash it out with some shampoo I’ve simply more hot water we’re gonna
make it a little bath and try it and scrub this off and I did not want it to
work but I dad put a little bit in here tell
me your blue hair where to go there there it went okay it does seem like
it’s coming off in the water it might take a few shampoos which I’m okay with
it’s still it’s still a little a little turquoise but now it almost just looks
like I have green hair the color I feel like was cuter before it was more
intentional and now I just have this strand of weird murky kind of reminds me
like you know the Harry Potter mermaids that are not cute and they’re kind of
scary and I like this deadish blue color that’s what we have faded too now okay
so we learned a valuable lesson today whoa I said I said in the video I don’t
know how to work I’m really curious and overworked and ice also said that I
didn’t think it would come out that vibrant um I was wrong it can come out
that vibrant the pink definitely didn’t and you would definitely have to have I
would think pretty light hair for it to work this well if you want to have
colourful hair quite cheaply you can buy a roll crepe paper at Target for two
dollars gravel to get it at the dollar store for one dollar
oh yeah it looks so much better now oh I was worried we were gonna have a
turquoise streak in for the frozen to premier great timing I’ll just be like
yeah I also did it hey you guys left to watch that too about a frozen premiere
of law that’s gonna come out this video is so full circle I started out with
regular hair accidentally changed the color and now I’m trying to get it back
to where we started it’s kind of like baseball does anybody
else feel that way about baseball the whole point of the game is to get back
to where you started so we’ve got my walls back full circle my hair is almost
back where it was when we started but this has definitely been an adventure
you could tell me in the comments did you think this would work were you right
were you wrong like me and I just thought I thought it sounded so stupid
it couldn’t possibly work but hey like I want you guys know if I don’t know if
something’s not gonna work I’ll tell you I think some people think
that I’m just like oh no that’s bad advice I’m not gonna say it’s bad advice
unless I know it’s bad advice typical long hair person I’m literally blow-dry
it not even on warm I’m footing it I’m cool it’s still a little tint I don’t
even know if you can tell I can uncertain lighting like it gets a little
greenish down at the bottom but for the most part we’re good most people are
never going to notice that’s just good it’s a little nervous there anyway ah
this this was really fun I hope you guys see that I really do give you guys the
most honest advice possible that’s part of the reason why we do these videos
going through other like questionable sources and seeing what’s right and
what’s wrong is because I just want to figure out what’s real what’s not if we
don’t know we can try I always I always warn about that don’t test things on
your own head it’s why I did it with a strand but still still I should listen
to my own advice anyways please let me know in the comments if you thought this
would work did you think it would do you think it wouldn’t rewrite we wrong and
if you see any other videos that you want to see Hey just this is this good
advice is it not link to that video so that I can see and will or just tweet it
at me I do actually have Twitter I never talk about Twitter because I never tweet
anything but if you tweet at me because I never do anything on Twitter I’ll
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make sure you do ring that little bell thank you guys so much for watching and
I’ll see you next time I can’t like a stick up some sort oh no there’s more
stay out of there we’re gonna move you over here I just wasn’t expecting this

22 thoughts on “Can You Dye Your Hair with Crepe Paper? Testing Weird Hair Hacks!

  1. you don't need developer for fashion colors and blue is one of the hardest colors to get out, but Im sure if you wash it with hot water and shampoo it will come out.

  2. This is what my hair looks like after a lot of mermaid swimming at the pool. Everything starts to get a green vibe going. I did not think this was going to work. WILD!

  3. lol Sarah just think, you'd still kind of be like Rapunzel having one strip of hair that's a different color from the rest. XD Only it's blue instead of brown, haha! You could even dye it in a place beside your neck like hers, where you can only see it sometimes ^^

  4. well, that totally worked! The painful life of a youtuber, you have to test weird hair hacks for us!LOLLL I have seen crepe paper stain stuff when it gets damp, so im not surprised! I guess if i ever want blue hair thatll work on me cause im blond !XD At least you only did a tiny piece of hair so when you brush and wash it a few more times you wont see it…and you have a lot of hair to hide it!XD Have fun at the frozen two movie!

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