Can These Chefs Turn This Yeti Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

Can These Chefs Turn This Yeti Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

100 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Turn This Yeti Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

  1. This is is rare to have have two asians in the ring not killing each other and un competitive or mildly competent and have such high ranks cause knowing Alvin he be competent and Rei has a fling in this series but asians be nice to each other to apperantly

  2. "We literally just started, and I'm already 10 feet behind."

    Don't worry, Alvin. Remember, you're area of expertise is making it big, not making it quick 😁

  3. why is nobody talking about her set being pink and his blue? CAN WE PleAsE GEt sOmE STRonGeR geENdEr stEReoTyPES????? like really? nobody wants that. i know its supposed to give the set a "childish" feel but you can do it without enforcing gender stereotypes into the decor

    sorry GREEN not BLUE
    cause that makes it better?

  4. I swear to God this video is just pure ADORABLE .. Alvin was so supportive , Rie is so cute as usual and the kid was so nice and adorable 💕💗💝❤️😤❤️

  5. Alvin and Rie on separate videos
    Me: automatically clicks like

    Alvin and Rie on ONE video
    Me: aggressively clicks the like button while screaming pterodactyl

  6. This from the very beginning already looks unfair 😂. Then seeing Alvin, for the first time getting so stressed out over broccoli. I mean, who wouldn't felt stressed out when competing against the fanciest tasty producer 😂

  7. Oh God I was laughing so hard at Alvin’s reactions to the kid politely obliterating his food ahahahahha this was so well edited 😂 what a sweetheart of a kid! And Rie is so talented it’s astonishing

  8. Fun Fact: You can tell what the other themes will be if you look at the kitchen background, it's been like that since the start.

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