Can These Chefs Turn This Mummy Drawing Into A Dessert?

Can These Chefs Turn This Mummy Drawing Into A Dessert?

hi my name is Kalani I’m nine years old and today I’m gonna have four chefs competing to make my dream dish hi Kalani I’m Alex I’m Alexis okay mommy what would mummys eat maybe something with bugs like like a a plate with like window bugs this is the scorpions they have long tails what are some of your favorite flavors I like strawberry chocolate hey I’m actually excited that she likes fruity flavors and chocolate and vanilla I’m definitely gonna go with the sweet dish this time I know these are the spiders yes thanks okay she’s saying scorpions and spiders and well how am I gonna make a scorpion what else is on the plate sticks sticks sticks like this the main meal and these are the sticks yes so the Mummy’s like to eat sticks yes like wow no it sticks yeah and they’re little ants oh these are the llama eyes at the side of my eye I love that there’s long as yet ammonius you don’t look peruvian yeah I know about my they live in the desert and they’re dead I’m gonna use all these blues and make like a huge like dip what do you think dip like like Justin from the llamas new life good good good good good good I have no idea this is the filling for the eyes and it’s game like swap ok money do you think we can make your mummys dish yes thank you so confident I think we can wrap this up so here’s my plan for the 6:00 I’m gonna make a chocolate bark out of pretzels and coconuts and I’m gonna put little sprinkles on top for ants for these scorpions and spiders I’m gonna be making the bodies out of Oreo truffles and coating them in candy melts for the colors for the llama eyes I’m gonna be making strawberry cupcakes with a strawberry icing and a strawberry in the middle and for the loma tears i’m gonna be making a blueberry flavored whipped cream and coloring it blue and green for the branch I’m going to use rice krispies treats to make some whimsical branch and then I’m gonna cover it with melted chocolate then for the insects and the llama eyes I’m also going to make little rounds of rice krispies treats and cover them with a marshmallow fondant and then I’m gonna have lots of fruit maybe some chocolate covered blueberries some sprinkles it’ll be imaginative I’m gonna start by getting my cupcakes in so they have time to make I am using just a big thick yellow cake mix but I’m gonna add some strawberry jam to that to give it a strawberry flavor because she said she really loves strawberry so I’m gonna hit her over the head with rice krispies treats are really easy to make I’m going to melt the butter at the marshmallows stir it down until it’s nice and smooth I’ve never dyed cupcakes I do know that when they bake color kind of fake but I’m gonna just go with it oh yeah marshmallows are almost at the right consistency marshmallows done wow we’re so in unison just right into my greased cupcake yeah I didn’t want to sell them too full because they will puff up so I’m gonna pop these in the oven at 350 to fake and then we’ll move on I’m gonna oh I’m gonna try to shape these into a whimsical branch but okay this feels like a whimsical branch is not gonna happen these rice krispies treats are not turning out the way I thought that would be next I’m going to move on to making my truffles for the bugs it’s a two ingredient cookies-and-cream truffle all they take our Oreos and cream cheese I’m gonna grind up the Oreos and get it to a nice fine powder [Music] I’ll use food processors almost every day of my life and I have never had such trouble when I’ve had today how many people than okay wait okay wait as alex is struggling this is firming up so whimsical branch might happen just died and came back as a movie goodbye and good riddance so actually while I was trying to help alex is crispy treat started to solidify a bit so I can actually mold it now my vision back out so now I’m gonna add my cookie crumbs to some cream cheese now that I have gotten this into like a paste kind of thing I’m just going to start rolling them into balls so this will be like the bodies of each of my bugs okay I’m gonna pop these in the fridge so they can set and then we’ll move on [Music] gonna make some llama eyes now that my tree and llama eyes and insects are made I’m going to go with this in freezer no you have to walk like a mummy oh so now I’m gonna move on to my stick crush up some pretzels cool got my frozen oh yeah nice krispies whimsical tree whimsical tree it is it is oh so now I’m gonna melt the chocolate and then pour it over the tree so she left shockula it looks like tree so now I’m gonna go grab the cupcakes actually oh wow so I definitely over but on the bright side the bright purple side they still got a lot of color so now I’m gonna add the pretzels to this melted chocolate coconut sweetened coconut I’m just gonna lop these down what are you like kind of a good chocolate bark thing you know let’s go I don’t know what really qualifies is chocolate bark it’s usually just chocolate with some stuff in it and hopefully the chocolate bark looks like sticks because of all that texture so my chocolate is silky and smooth this kind of looks like bark like does know so my candy melts are melted and now I’m going to start coating my truffles in their colours to make the rainbow bugs I’m gonna move on to my marshmallow fondant which I have to be honest I haven’t made before regular fondant is what you would find on wedding cakes or a lot of cakes it’s like kind of sickly sweet so your marshmallows add a little bit of water and microwave okay so my marshmallows are totally melted so I’m just stirring until it becomes really stiff and all the powdered sugar gets kind of absorbed into the marshmallow so I’m just gonna break apart these pretzels to make some bug legs oh this feels I’m kneading it and it feels too soft but it’s also kind of working so I think I’m just gonna go with it it’s gonna flatten one out whoo look at that okay and I’m just gonna try to stick these legs into my truffles hopefully this I was okay so I’m running into a little bit of a problem with these truffles because the candy coating has set me putting the legs into it is cracking the coating I don’t know how this is all gonna turn out I’m gonna try to use a skewer instead and create a hole before I try to shove the pretzel stick in okay one is done I’m now gonna die this one so I’m going to use just a drop of gel food coloring gel food coloring it’s more intense color and it’s not as liquid so it’s not gonna change the consistency as much as liquid food coloring would pop these little candy eyes and I feel like the lingam loves really come to life that’s that’s really good so I’m totally sure if I’m doing this right it’s really malleable which makes it really easy for me but typically I think it should be a little stiffer but it looks good so the marshmallow fondant is actually covering these bugs really well it looks smooth they’re brightly colored I think she’s gonna love it okay so I’m gonna start assembling Milo my eyes I’m gonna take out some of the center and I’m just gonna pop that right in there I’m gonna use the bottom of a piping tip to cut out some eyes for the lungs now I’m gonna make the frosting for the cupcakes this is cream cheese and butter softened of vanilla this is powdered sugar I pre sifted so now I’m gonna add some more strawberry jam to this this frosting is a little bit loose so I think I’m gonna pop it in the fridge before I frost the cupcakes so it can kind of firm up a little and so I’m just putting little eyes on my little rainbow blobs which are representative of the bugs finally in the end I’m going to do the blue tears I forgot I forgot the llama tears I always forget something but it’s like on the edge of the drawing I can imagine she’s actually gonna know this I’m gonna melt some chocolate and then make some chocolate covered blueberries I’m just making whipped cream so I’m doing honey whipping cream a little sugar and some vanilla so my chocolates melted so I’m just gonna toss some blueberries in there and then put them on so she tight so now I’m gonna add some blueberry jam because she said it tasted like blueberries wow you were really well we have such different strategies last time I lost to Alexis because she went even bigger than the drawing and I went pretty literal this time I’m going pretty literal so now I’m going to color this flute and then I’m gonna color this one green okay okay I’m ready to play okay it’s okay you can still piece it back together oh this was a dumb idea the tree is breaking why did I do this I should have put it down on a greased parchment paper but sticks break right it should be fine okay I have to be perfectly honest I didn’t actually think about what the flavor was gonna be like if she was gonna enjoy eating this really yeah hey why why did I do that it was so you come so far so cocky it’s a lesson honestly it looks kind of weird I don’t know it doesn’t match the drawing I’m I’m not feeling good looks beautiful you did it yeah putting together my dish I’m actually super proud it looks like her drawing I just hope it’ll taste good and that she really loves it I went big it’s imaginative and it’s rice krispie treats its chocolate its fruit this may not look like Kalani’s drawing but I hope she really likes it bring me my mommy dish it just looks like the picture I caught that doesn’t sound good [Music] I like the chocolate filling hmm Straub is my favorite she seems to like it all so far so I’ve got some hope family and try some of this this is blueberry well in this like pick job it’s almost like Siam this is not cited this is Dolly Diane I don’t even know what that is best of luck Alexis this is huge I feel like these this the sticks whoever the chef is no I like strawberry and then ice dynasty eyes everywhere the only thing I don’t see at the dip remember earlier when I said that I hope she wouldn’t notice there were no along with tears she noticed this is west coast between authority um I feel like everything smells i’m crispy trees down I’ll try you see they say there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing but when it comes to rice krispie treats it’s apparently not true I don’t like these they all have it’s like mushy and marshmallows melted the marshmallows are not my favorite I do Lani which one did you like better get cupcakes or the Rice Krispies you didn’t have the sauce Oh can’t win everything Alex deserves it hers was amazing chef Alex since you’re the winner is so much finally I’ve been raised from the dead so well I’ll be taking this to my grave get it like money [Music]

100 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Turn This Mummy Drawing Into A Dessert?

  1. Most people watch the coking and be like: GIMME DA FOOD MAMA. I be like: why MY SOUND TURN UP REEE and like that back round would've taken forever

  2. Girl:I know that they are dead and live in the dessert

    Me being the science-ey nerd girl I am: ummm no they can be located anywhere the ones in EGEPT (not the dessert) are man made mummy’s also can occur naturally

  3. I really love ❤️ chef Alix because she has a really fun personality and she really knows how to get along with kids well.😀😀😀😃😃😃💕💕💕😇😇👩‍🍳👩‍🍳👩‍🍳

  4. She shoulve said « i will take this to my tomb » instead of grave but still her puns are amazing 😂

  5. I like this tasty if they make a teen's what would they love to eat cause i want to experience i am craving while watching and the chefs are my idol i wish i could just experience this

  6. lol did she really say "tHiS iS cYaN bUt ThIs Is GrEeN"
    im so done lol that made me so mad lmao
    but i mean tbh alexis only used fondant, chocolate, and rice krispies yikes

  7. What I thought when I heard these.

    Sticks = Did she say sticks? Because they are in a steak shape 😂
    Llama tears = What is it with these nine-year-olds and tears 😂

  8. What I thought when I heard these.

    Sticks = Did she say sticks? Because they are in a steak shape 😂
    Llama tears = What is it with these nine-year-olds and tears 😂

  9. What I thought when I heard these.

    Sticks = Did she say sticks? Because they are in a steak shape 😂
    Llama tears = What is it with these nine-year-olds and tears 😂

  10. why’re all the kids so bratty, I would be like


  11. 13:00 damn okay picky but girl that ain’t no cyan

    though I must say I’m impressed that this little kid even knows cyan is a color and how to pronounce it,,,

  12. Me :hears fondant being pronounced fon-dont
    I know some people pronounce it that wat but I'm used to the other way since i watch the icing artist.

  13. “Things I know about mummies, they live in the desert, and they’re dead.” Sooo the LIVE in the desert but they’re dead?

  14. I like it when Alix and Alexis compete with each other, they're my 3rd fav pair

    I wanna see Hannah vs Rie or Claudette, and Markus vs Matthew, I haven't watch all of the episodes yet so I don't know if they already competed

  15. I love Alexis but not every child loves rice crispy treats
    (ahem like me I hated and still hate rice crispy treats)

  16. Both of these 2 chefs are fantastic!! If it's true i was sorry to hear Alix is no longer on Tasty.. someone responded to a comment on a recent video saying she posted this on Instagram?? If so best of luck to you on your many future endeavors….

  17. Wait… She said she doesn’t like marshmallows that much she was eating marshmallows because Rice Krispies have marshmallows O-O

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