100 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Create A Kid’s Dream Cake?

  1. Mia’s mom(I think):Have you seen a mermaid?


    Mia’s mind: gurl you dumb I can’t even go out to the sea!

    (No offense just to be funny)

  2. Is it just me or this kid is so annoying with her " yeah " 's ? And she doesn't really know what she wants…
    Hate kids 🤢😖😣

  3. If you omit so much from the drawing what even is the point of I Draw You Cook. Maybe this should be exclusive to Rie and Alix bc they always make it a point to think of the kid's preferences somehow as long as it works. I mean pink poop, you can pipe frosting like 💩 this somewhere and have it strawberry flavored.

  4. I know I probably will get tackled for this, but I see people in the comment seriously coming at Mia for being spoiled, disrespectfull towards her mom and etc.
    She’s a goddam kid guys. Not even a proper kid, somewhat still a toddler.
    She was still greatfull for the cake, ‘cause remember, kids doesn’t always know what they ask for. Like how she said she wanted poop.
    And the mom look overall happy to be there.

  5. You failed that girl.I am pretty sure rie and alix would have done a better job.come-on you could have done a strawberry meringue for the poop

  6. Most kids:
    Prouder: does it look like your drawing?
    Kid: No it’s looks nothing like it
    This kid:
    Producer: does it look like the drawing?
    Kid: No. I love it

    I love this kid so muchhh! Also i wanna be her mom cuz her mom is living her best life having an amazing daughter and she gets to try the cakes

  7. I love how Marcus thinks that this is a master chef competition and Alexis is just making a simple Fruit Crepe Cake and she's not feeling bad and still going with a positive attitude

  8. Mia's mom: Is it delicious?
    Mia: yeah
    Mia's mom: can I try some of it?
    mias mom try's to take a scoop
    Mia pushes hand away from bowl
    Me: dies of cuteness and laughter

  9. Mom: why was it blue?
    Girl: because of the berries
    Mom: and do you remember the theme?
    Girl: yeah…
    Girl: eating cake 😋
    Mom: 😂

  10. So disappointed. Neither of these chefs made what she wanted. They made what THEY wanted and thought was best. This isn’t about them and what they think – it’s about the child and catering to her and what she wants. Period. Alix and Rie are my absolute faves, they both would’ve definitely done what this precious little girl wanted!! ❤️

  11. You could of gave that sweet child air and she would say

    Yummy i love it thank you

    My heart has broke into pieces she is so sweet

  12. That girl is sooo ADORABLE!!!❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

    Girl: I want poop!

    Cooks: ?????? ummmm……… ok?

    Marcus cake is like what that is scary

    Mia's mom:What happens if you don't get 20 candles?
    Mia:Ill cry
    Mia's mom:Oh don't cry…
    Mia:Oki mommy

  14. Brings out Markus plate

    Mom: “is this what you thought about when you were drawing your picture.”

    Kid: “ Yaa”

    Me: MY ASS

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