oh I'm so excited to create an artwork today with all of my lovely colors that I've spent a long time collecting that I'm gonna put to good hang on hang on hang on hang on right there just a minute power hang on a second your middle I'm not you I'm not a child I'm an adult can you see yes we have the same I'm an adult shed but I happen to have a tie and glasses anyways if you were a real artist you would be able to create an artwork use using just colorless and blender and you wouldn't need to rely on all of those actual give it a go I guess why don't you give it a go you know the UM timing and execution of this interactive skit is really poorly executed it is it's really bad give a lesson gentlemen welcome to draw with Jazza I'm Josue and ever since I started using Copic markers the colorless blender was the most elusive and confusing of the markers on its own it's pre useless it relies on the colors of the other markets now of course if I'm gonna try and use this to create mark work I'm gonna need the ink of the other colors but I'm not going to be using the other markers today that is my challenge but you know what isn't my challenge awkward cigarette Skillshare the sponsor of this video I want to thank them so much for sponsoring and those of you who haven't checked out Skillshare you're really missing out Skillshare have over 26,000 classes in illustration drawing design animation and loads more so whether you want to learn cinematography or you want to start a business and learn how the numbers stuff works which I personally suck at or even if you want to learn how to be a youtuber or how to present a camera I mentioned those two because I actually have to secure share courses I've made on those things which are really great and I encourage you to check out look isn't the cut I'm a discouraged honestly Skillshare is an amazing resource I can't recommend them enough so make sure to go check them out and while you can the first 500 people to use that link that I provided in the con in the description will get two months of free premium school share membership but even if you miss out or if you just end up paying per month it's only $10 a month that's cheaper than any classes overtaking any courses I've attended or visited which I've done many most of which averaged minimally $50 per session so there's huge value for money there and it's a community that's only growing and getting more awesome by the day once again a huge thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video so how's this gonna work I have no idea let's play around I have here some blending card and I also have some various inks in this tub and what I'm gonna do is just play around with ways that I can use the colorless blender as the only way of applique up like applying the various ink and the colors from the other markers and I'm gonna see if I can come up with enough of an efficient method of doing so that I will be able to then attempt to create an entire artwork so let's just start off with a little bit of a little bit of a marker and a little bit of a colorless blender again the rules are I cannot touch the paper with this marker nor can I directly apply a various ink without using the colorless blender so the first thing that comes to mind is sort of like I don't know if you've used the chameleon markers they use like a gravity based thing where you pour the color in just by like holding the tips against each other and look at that there we go so that does sort of work now this colorless blender is quite dry so you know that's not ideal fortunately I have it to have these little tubes of various ink then the next question is of course does this ruin your colorless blender markers you can see that I have that green on the tip well probably I don't know I've never seen this before and there's probably a reason people don't do this but here's what I'm going to assume an attempt to put some various ink just it it's got a little thing in it and I'm just gonna tap the colors blend it in there and if I scribble off on a different part of the page and they just draw very slowly it does remove the ink from the tip and move the front part of the marker chamber my next question is can I apply and blend two colors using just one colorless blender marker I know this sort of go-to thought might be what if I add a whole bunch of different colorless blenders my theory is you'd be able to sort of like suck and blend several with the one that sounds little seedy but you know what I mean right let's try the gravity application Shh let me feed on your shoe yeah it's quite strong so it's slow and steady and I'll work towards a stronger color and now I haven't removed any of the red aside from just applying it until it gets a bit weaker but now I'm just gonna try and go straight to the yellow see how this goes shall we yeah the yellow and just bit by bit I'm transferring just a little bit of color and gently working it in the blending it's sort of working but because I'm using a color as a blender which in and of itself sort of breaks down the colors of kopecks the more I apply it the the more too saturated and watery the applications of color look however that does make for a bit of a watercolor look and as you can see I just I just did a thing that's sort of a cool like result considering I didn't even know if this would work I'm an idiot who attempts this crap so that to me is a proof of concept that means I can do that which is cool there is one more form of application I do want to attempt or just see how it goes and that is directly using the marker in a little puddle of various see here I have blue and red various inks I'm just gonna put these down in here let's start off with red and I'm just gonna try and gradient across look at that it's like that went down deep that one wow that's sort of cool so it does sort of gradually mix with the colour that was already in the tip and then I can blend between them and get to a rich blue so this sort of acts like a paintbrush that's pretty cool alright okay cool well that's really good to know that is it dirty tip mind out of the gutter god damn it you go and how long does it take to clean the tip these are the legitimate questions related to colors blenders I have a feeling I'm gonna ruin my only two colorless blender by doing this oh my god I have one of these this is a big colorless blender yeah I can ruin this one too great okay well there we have it ladies and gentlemen we have tested our materials and I have a pretty clear idea as to what we're looking at here that was our double and our experimentation phase ladies and gentleman next comes the dive where we dive deep into the art does everything I say sound bad wish me luck [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] and there it is I gotta admit this turned out cooler than I expected I thought they using colorless blenders only to apply the colors would be a pretty unworkable way of working and it wasn't the most veiny n't I would never do it again really cuz that point and I've definitely definitely ruined these markers some worse than others but in particular the chisel tips were the most useful to apply things with a good lord yeah I need a buy some new color let's blended but in the meantime this is the final outcome and I'm really proud of it so proud of it in fact that I'm actually gonna put it up on the print shop so if you guys liked it yourself you can get it in high-resolution you get a framed print you can get a poster print they're really high quality prints and if you like this artwork of the floating island which by the way was suggested by twitch I actually created this live and they gave me some different things for them to vote on and they chose floating islands and this was thanks to them and if you want to join future streams you can of course click the link in the card in the description to join and follow me on Twitch I'm also really happy that Skillshare a sponsor of this video in this channel they've actually worked with me over like three or four years at this point and there's such a great resource in the content that you can follow to learn today and also if you have skills you want to teach you can go and teach on Skillshare and you can be seen and found on Skillshare a lot easier than you can on youtube and share your skills above other people and even make a bit of money on the side so if you haven't go check out school she ever linked once again is in the carbon in the description and those lucky 500 of you who use that link first will get two months of free premium Skillshare membership but once again it's only ten bucks a month so it's not a lot to fork out for a huge amount of resources to learn and create your own artworks illustrations I love the results I hope you enjoyed it make sure you hit that like button if you did subscribe to George Joseph for more fun with art and creeds who really thank you so much for watching and until next time I'll see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jazza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

35 thoughts on “Can I Make ART Using ONLY a COLORLESS BLENDER???

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