Can I Draw REALISM with only 12 Colored Pencils?

Can I Draw REALISM with only 12 Colored Pencils?

let's keep your expectations realistic for this video doing the realism challenge with 12 colored pencils is not going to be easy do keep in mind that when people do the realism challenge they use everything at their disposal a Crilley is the master of the realism challenge people use gouache for shadows and they use hundreds of different colored pencils just using 12 color pencils is going to be very difficult to pull it off but that's what this video is going to attempt and it may not be perfect as a result especially because I am not good at realism every time I attempt it goes horribly horribly wrong also learnt a bit from the last and first and only other time I did the realism challenge I picked something too small I picked something grayscale think it would be easier but the problem it was reflective so that the highlights were brighter than the white paper I was working on it just wasn't good so this time having learned from those mistakes I'm gonna go a little larger a little more colorful these art materials the sketchbook that I'll be using today and these twelve beautiful polychromos color pencils they're 20 times as fast as you can't polychromos color pencil polychrome it's polycomb it's competent that's really hard to do these are two of the incredible art supply line up in the Jazz's jazzy album the sale of this box will never happen again and sails in on the 31st of July so if you want the Jazz's jazzy art box you need to go check it out if you want to know what's in the box I'll link in the card in the description to the video where I'll share everything that's in the box and why I picked it for the box it goes into great detail you can check it out there if you want to know what people think of the box I'll link to the video where react to people's reactions to the box and it has a whole bunch of videos where people unbox it and share their so and if you want to know the people who make the box with me and know how its put together and where it comes from I'll link to the video where I go visit the people who made it over at smart but I really want to take time today to have a bit of fun with the sketchbook in the pencils these are some of the heroes of jazz's jazzy art box these are top notch I love this so much I know for a fact these are fantastic I literally so much about this sketchbook recent one of my new favorite kind of sketchbook this is a very nice sketchbook so there you go you don't have to take my word for it people love these things I love these things that's why they're in the box and if you want to get them as well as all the other amazing goodies you can go check out jazz this Jesse art box for a very very limited time now that sales are going to end let's get to the realism challenge so how this is gonna work is I'm gonna open this up and I'm gonna have two sides of the page and the challenge involves setting down a 3d object on one side over here on the left and then replicating that on the right in order to get the best things to try and replicate I of course raided my children's baby toy box I wanted a variety of colors that's got like a lot of complex shadow work so don't do something like that watch the spider I thought if I did that well that could look really cool yeah there's what's this this is a like a teething toy see how I touch it and like things move quite drastically like if the highlights change oh I can't let it move in fact I should pin like the book down with blue tack that feels pretty solid I think that's going anywhere what are our other options we've got some play-doh cutting tools this is like the the baby version of a mobile phone that's pretty cool I mean that's got a real mix of primary colors it's a clean simple shape clean simple shadows but a lot of gradients and a lot of different blends and transitions oh my god my heart is actually start to race this is this is gonna be really difficult oh boy alright let's do it this is the one I'm gonna do the bright stars baby phone toy I'm gonna rotate this because I don't want to draw the complexity of the elephant or the cat some of that alright so I'm set up and my hope is by the end of the following time-lapse I will have here what you see here I don't think it'll be perfect but I'm gonna take my time and do the best I can I am scared because every other time I've done this I've failed miserably wish me luck I have to say this challenge was really really hard and most intimidating at the beginning I tried to use the pencil and roughly sort of measure sections but it's not entirely accurate I just had to do my best on top of that you don't even draw from the perspective of what you're seeing you're actually drawing from what you see on the camera display I mean think about what you're looking at that's the perspective of the camera and I'm copying that therefore I'm not actually watching the paper as I draw I'm looking at the screen so all of you measuring and proportions isn't based on the object itself it's based on the lens of camera and how it shows in the video so it's quite an awkward drawing process but I just took my time chucked on an audio book and tried to enjoy it and say get in but was also as picky as I could possibly be moving on to the coloring was a relief after all that meticulous sketching as I slowly built up the colors careful to leave the highlight areas clean and wide I realized very quickly was going to take a lot of saturated color to look solid but the thing with colored pencils is there's only so much it'll erase so when you put it down really heavily there's no way you can fully erase it to the point that it's gone so then it became a matter of really slowly building up the drawing and constantly watching the object I was trying to replicate to make sure I didn't take any of the coloring too far now you might think that there really wasn't any color blending needed even though I'm only using twelve colors the toy I'm replicating is so primary colored and simple that surely those twelve colors cover it all yeah for the blue that's mostly true and some of the orange but overall there was a lot of blending to try and get the exact hues over see for example the green wasn't just green that was a hint of yellow in the lighter areas there was a touch of blue and the shadows the orange was a mix of orange red and yellow the purple was the trickiest by far as I didn't have a color close to that in my base 12 color so as a mix of AM / blue and a red and I slowly mix them all until I came close enough to the color next them towards the end came the shadow this was quite tricky but also the most satisfying bit because out of everything it was the thing that really made what I was drawing look three-dimensional and also the thing that most clearly showed what I was copying was the object on left as with all of the other colors and values it was a matter of very slowly building it up but I actually did get most of my shadows done with the mechanical pencil gray levers it was much lighter than the black and also smudged nicely to produce a soft transition to the pure white now after that I built up the deeper sections of shadow and ambient occlusion with the black pencil last but not least I used the white gel pen to add that final polish and shine to my painstaking attempt at realism and there it is that is the result of my realism challenge this is a look ok I don't mean to toot my own horn but I am really happy with the way this turned out it's not perfect but it's pretty damn close and I think I think there we go even more realistic if you watch this video and you need to wear glasses in general but you forgot to wear your glasses it's probably looked picture-perfect the whole way through but the funnest part of doing the realism challenge like this is the warp in perspective I'm going to use my phone to cap to the top and then twist its most interesting when you turn angle look at that that's sort of trippy we're going to dimensional and then we're going back to a 3-dimensional replication I'm pretty happy with that before I finish I do want to do one thing that I've never done before so I have never unboxed Jazz's jazzy a box and I want to do that today simply because I've never done it I know it sounds like I will have done it obviously I put the whole box together organized all the suppliers I even displayed them all beautifully when I first released it and promoted to you guys but I'd never received the box and when I went to visit the smiler officers I asked if I could have a box and now that the box is going to finish selling forever and ever really gonna promote it on the channel over again I'm never gonna have another chance to do this so I want to do this with you guys oh this is it my little thank-you cards or anyone guess the box and all of these supplies in the box this is the artwork that comes with the box the signed in print work here we have the fabulous faber castell polychromos pencils one of the true heroes of the box as you can see the colors of these pencils go down so damn well my custom spectrum noir markers huge sat out of course two crafters companion or spectrum are for doing the custom packaging and letting me pick the exact colors I've wanted if the marabou graphics fineliners these are fantastic we have three different font liner sizes and then one brush mount I'm a huge brush pen fan that's why there are three kinds of brush pens in the box so if you like inking or if you want to learn too I have a bit of fun with it there's a lot of fun to be had here I love this thing because it's like it's really sharp and fun you can do a lot of detail but it's technically a bit of a brush pen you can really get a little bit of line weight variation in there but it's almost like a plastic tip so you can really do a lot of work with it really solidly really sharp and fine like look how funny and yeah this is a brush pen and I don't have to worry about you know losing detail but I can also get a lot of that a lot of a variation that's a gorgeous bit really loved if the prismacolor color eyes pencil I'll of this for construction work my favorite mechanical pencil I'm obsessed with mechanical pencils but I'm also really picky so I love this thing we have the Express at blending card again this was extra but this is the same type of card that I use for pretty much all of my feature final illustrations in like character design sessions and stuff we have my pencil case this is the thing I take with me and travel everywhere I have it packed like this it's missing a couple of things I've been using in this video but that's that and then of course we have the Hannah mule sketchbook this is an amazing sketchbook I mean you can see how I use it in this video and if you're interested to see how people use any and all of these our suppliers go check out the hashtag jazzy art box I really love hardcover sketchbooks they just obviously feel like they're gonna last a lot longer and they feel really premium in the hand I am just in love with how all this came together and I'm so grateful for everyone who supported the box partners over at smart art who made this possible and has sent it out to everyone really worked hard to get the best suppliers to work with and send me samples and have a lot of patience with how picky I can be this is a weirdly like a bittersweet moment for me because this is the last video where I'm gonna be shouting it out and thanking you guys for getting it really at the end of the day and after all that it's just one of those amazing things that I'm just so grateful to have been able to do with you guys and for you guys and you know it just like really highlights how special this community isn't and the amount of awesome stuff we get to do together and how fun art and creativity is so this is it Jazz's jazzy art book I thank you so much for watching this video and also for making things like the jazzy art box possible by being such an awesome community and supporting us so much and showing so much love with the hashtag and just with your positivity even people who didn't get the box sharing their creativity or the suggestions or their encouragement it's all just been such an overwhelmingly amazing positive experience so I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart from making this possible I've talked about it a lot I'm finding I'm struggling to stop talking about it because it's the last time I'm talking about it with you guys this has been awesome thank you so much for watching this video and until next time I'll see you later

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  1. I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for making the Jazzy Art Box a success. And not just people who got it, but just the overwhelming support, kindness and encouragement, the positivity and enthusiasm in this community makes me so grateful to be doing what I'm doing and sharing art and creativity with you all. I don't feel worthy of it to be honest, but I'm SO, so thankful <3

  2. Jazza it just suddenly became 3D at one point after your colored in the numbers but before you added the gray shadow!😲

  3. Jazza I suggest taking a picture of what your drawing just in case because you might move it or if you take a long time to draw the object the light could change

  4. Jazza I dint think you understand how people with glasses work. Jk it looks nice. If the colours were more accurate I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to see a difference

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    “Almost 500 bucks”
    Dies quietly

  6. 7:48
    Yeah i thought it was bloody amazing then you said this and I put them on…

    (I usually don’t need them unless I’m reading)

  7. Uurrrgghhh I REALLY WANT THIS ARTBOX, JAZZA! Really 🙁
    But I am so glad that you had the opportunity to arrange something like this and give so many people very good art supplies ❤

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