I don't know if you have these in primary school or high school but I was in love with my connector pants so the thing is I never really had many I usually had like a set of 12 and that lasted me a year back then I would have absolutely killed to have a set of 80 like I have here today so that's how you know you mean business when your connector pens come in a briefcase you've walk it you just walk around and carry it with you look at me I'm off to tell us something and something important to Lou I think that's probably the best thing about being an adult is that I can afford to actually get the full set of eight email which is lovely the other great thing about being an adult so I can wear this shirt that proclaims to other people that I'm an adult no matter how many times I'm up in the fetal position if you can hashtag relate make sure to get yourself some I'm an adult merch if you liked it go check it out the links in the card in the description just mention about because this video is brought to you by me I've been a great support to this channel for a long time and if you two want to support me make sure that you think you can in the description anyway what I will be doing today is attempting to use this glorious set of 80 connector pins to create as epic an artwork as I possibly can now I have used these in the video before but not like this I haven't look at there's so many bloody colors for activities this is pretty cool and there's enough colors and variety of clothes here to potentially do gradients and stuff because I don't think these things blend I mean I would bet money that they don't blend so let's have a little bit of fun here I'm just gonna grab a brush pen and let's let's give myself a little box like this I'm gonna create a gradient I have the feeling that having this many colors in just like non blending colors is a bit superfluous and they're probably not going to mix very well anyway so I do think this will probably be a challenge and you need to use 12 markers to get one gradient between like a purple and yellow it's pretty intense let's see how we go the thing about these two is if you go over the same area twice it darkens up like really quickly like you see the streaks and the tips feel like really rough and solid cut I can't believe I thought these were like awesome back in the day let's be honest I've been spoiled because the Copic alcohol markers are pretty amazing but for what these were for school project and all that stuff they were good they held up well I should stop being such a snob and you know although this is gonna be challenging today I have a feeling that we could make something pretty cool but maybe not with a gradient I mean it doesn't look awful but it looks quite streaky and I'm gonna try and do something pretty big and pretty pretty epic today and in doing that grading it's probably not gonna be my friend there might be one or two in there but I might go for more of a cel-shaded look and I'm I really try and use colors to my advantage to make something edgy and something that pops so I'm gonna try this out I'm just gonna draw like a hand just give him some fingerless gloves there we go we've got a nice clean base to work from we're gonna play around a bit with things like lighting and get that really block you look and hopefully it'll be enhanced by it so for example I might pick like a really intense light blue and let's go like a nice orange for the other side and we can go with like a two-way lighting system or something but tip of the texture is sort of dragging the like with it so I need to keep that in mind I might even leave the line of work an edging tool till later in my big art work that I'm gonna get today so they're the bases let's see how this lighting thesis plays out okay so you can see that I've used different highlight colors I think it's worked pretty well I think that looks cooler than or whatever if I had have just used the same sort of is it teal that light bluey green blue anyways point is this is our experimentation gradients are difficult even colors are difficult I mean even at a distance it looks a little neater and nicer than when you're looking up close so maybe that's the keys I have to sort of let myself not get too caught up on the details and then also it's gonna help that I'm gonna be a little more ambitious than the bat size I'm gonna work on a piece of paper a little bit larger which will hopefully make for an overall more flat and even and cool look especially if I can just mix up and do a lot of different colors and things in the scene I have no idea what I'm gonna create but I've had my dabble announced time to dive into something a little more ambitious wish me luck [Applause] boom they have it this is the result of my connector pen our chat they are called connector pen I keep getting stuck on what to call them and people call these markers and America textures in Australia but anyways these are called connect depends they were my childhood and apparently they're still quite usable today only to be honest it wasn't easy I know how my face also so you can see the finished end result with the dude on the bike here I got as flat colors as possible in the characters and to distract from some of my limitations I worked in some more interesting lighting methods and then also with the background rather than fill in clean colors I've decided to go with this whole line effect to create this burst of motion which I was really going for and I love the end result so much so that though this took me two days to make I started off this video wearing the I'm an adult shirt and changed the ever-reliable I really liked the way that turned out because when I was getting dressed this morning and I knew I was halfway through this piece I was really liking where it was heading I figured I might quite like the way it turned out speaking of shirts though there's actually something I wanted to share with you guys and this wasn't planned or anything but this arrived in the mail today this should be two shirts that I've been working on designs for that I I love and I hope you guys will love I haven't seen these on the shirt yet so this is my first time and I thought I'd share that with you we have the new ctrl-z eraser shirt I thought this is a really fun idea because obviously those of you who like me dabble in both digital art and traditional art know that traditional art doesn't have a control Z but hey it does it's called a racy adnan the cheeky basses oh look at that it's beautiful and that's handwritten I wrote that that's not like some fancy designer I sent it off to you I just wrote it like a cheeky bastard this was actually one of you guys that suggested I turned my often used phrase cheeky bastard into a shirt I say cheek Buster a lot I call you you people cheat you bastards call myself a cheeky bastard we're all cheeky bastards at the end of the day and now we have a shirt to proclaim that that's a lot of merch placement video I'm actually just genuinely excited about these though so if you like them you self go check them out of course there's the support of the channel but I just wanted to share them designs and open them with you for the first time this was fun I liked it variety of colors know that stuff available anyways this has definitely been a challenge I love the result and it very difficult has turned into something that I feel looks quite polished even maybe professional let me know what you think in the comments down below I'm actually hit like and subscribe to draw a desert if you haven't yet and we want to join in future arty and creative fun thank you so much for watching and until next time I'll see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jezza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

41 thoughts on “Can CONNECTOR PENS make EPIC ART?

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  2. A while back I got some of those from Comic-Con and I thought I was the coolest kid around with my new markers! Haha

  3. I had these and. Nobody else in my school and I thought I was the art god. I also had the 80 pack I probably lost 50 pens

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    Me-😂😂😂😂😂 this is the kind of content that i want to watch everyday

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  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 me after discovering alcohol makers 🤣 looks at water based markers TRASH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 even tho you can take a crayola marker and probably make it into a water color

  7. Those connector pens were my childhooood!! Omg I still have a whole bunch of them but I don’t use them anymore cause I realized they suck .. But this video left me awestruck… I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU MADE SUCH AN EPIC ARTWORK WITH THOSE CRAPPY PENS.. THE ARTWORK IS BRILLIANT!!😍

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