Camp Drawing Challenge – The Drawfee Variety Hour

Camp Drawing Challenge – The Drawfee Variety Hour

(rustling) – Oh, he’s so beautiful. – Oh, he’s so majestic. No one say anything, don’t spook him. – Hey, are you guys seeing this! There’s a deer over here! He’s behind the couch! Look at that! There he goes! – Oh. – There’s a deer! Oh no, oh no, the deer hurt himself.
(group laughing) There was a deer over
here but not anymore. (laughs) I spooked him. – Jacob, what? – I spooked him too much.
(laughing) – Jacob, you scared him. Jacob, why? (laughing) – [Tony] It’s The Drawfee Variety Hour! (energetic music)
Wow, I hope Adams okay. He probably is though, we’re just gonna keep
going and pretend he is. (group laughing) It’s a full hour of
Drawfee Variety content where no one ever gets hurt, not even Jacob, one of your hosts. Julia’s also here not getting hurt because she’s safe on her couch. Karina definitely isn’t
making a loud noise as she collides with the floor. It’s The Drawfee Variety Hour! It’s safe! Very safe. (laughing) – Oh, God. (laughs) – Oh, my God. – Oh, God (laughing) Everything’s fine. – That intro went just according to plan. (laughs) – We definitely planned that, huh? – Welcome to The Drawfee Variety Hour where everything that happens was planned and executed with meticulous perfection. – Oh, God. – I’m your host, Jacob Andrews- – [Julia] Someone get
that deer an ice pack. – From Jacob Andrews Incorporated. I’m joined by Julia Lepetit-
– Hi. and Karina Farek, thank you both for coming
(laughing) to the show. (laughing) Oh, God. Well, if you couldn’t tell- – I’m never gonna stop
laughing about this. – If you couldn’t tell from that intro- – You’re gonna have to eventually. – Oh my God! – You’ll have to stop laughing or eventually die from
laughing, there’s two options. – I think I’m gonna die! (group laughs)
– RIP. – Oh my God! (laughs) – If you couldn’t tell from that intro, the theme this week is camp. – I couldn’t tell, I
thought it was stunts. (laughs) – [Jacob] It wasn’t stunts. It was camp the whole time. Sometimes you do stunts
at camp, sometimes. – Uh huh.
– Mm hmm. I think as it’s obvious based on my outfit I know what camp is,
– [Julia] Yep. And I’ve been to it. – You know a little too much. – I’ve been in the woods before. – [Julia] I think you went
there once and got stuck and you just live there forever now. – Yeah. – [Karina] He’s got two
separate layers of camp outfits. – Yeah, I’m ready for any type of camping I might have to do. Julia, it’s obvious to me that you’re sort of the park ranger. – Yes, I am. – Probably my nemesis in the woods.
– Yeah, probably. – I keep trying to kick you out. – You don’t want me in there. – [Karina] Nemesis? – You keep scaring the kids. – [Jacob] Karina, I
can’t tell what you are. – Oh, don’t worry about me I’m just your friendly,
flannel wearing neighbor who wandered out of the woods
and isn’t up to anything. (laughs) – [Julia] I run a bad
camp is what’s happened. – Yeah, I don’t trust this camp at all. – I just come to the camp sometimes. – Neither one of us should be at the camp. – No. – I think is what I’m getting to here. We’ve got drawing challenges to do, as always we do three of them and they’re random, completely random and I’m gonna be the first
one to do it this time. And in order to do that
special drawing challenge you know what we got to do. – Yeah. – We got to – Spin That Wheel!
(wheel clicking) – [All] Ohhh! Oh. – [Julia] Okay. – Animal Morphs. – Animal morphs?
– Animal morphs. – Wow.
– Animal, animal morphs. – What does that have to do with camp? – Oh my God…
– Like a camp? – When you go to camp
do you normally morph, Have either of you been to a camp? – No.
(laughs) – Does anyone know, do you normally morph into an
animal when you go to camp? – I think you’ve been to the worst camps. – Tony, Tony’s giving me thumbs up. – [Tony] Yes! – Okay, all right.
(group laughing) Well, I’ll have to trust
your judgment on this. – Damn, camp sounds fun.
– Yeah, sounds fun. – Looks like I’ve got
some hidden layers here. – Ooo.
– Yeah. – So I’m assuming I’m
going to have to morph these two things. Let’s see what we’ve got.
– Okay. The first one is, okay. (laughs) – A scared little kitty. – A big scared cat, I got it.
– Mm hmm. And it’s going to morph into (laughs) Who is this! (group laughs) – Hello? – Who is this man. – Uh? – So I’ve got to do the morph between- – Yeah. – This scared cat and this,
the horrible coat man. – Yeah.
(laughs) – Who does look like he
would live in the woods. (laughs) – That’s true, he could
be another one of the attendees to my camp. I have- – [Karina] It’s just another camper. – [Julia] I have tears on my face, still. – [Karina] (laughs)
– Oh no. – I really hope that deer’s okay. – [Jacob] Oh no, he’s losing weight. – [Julia] Oh no, what’s happening? You press the link button up there in between the width and the- – I’ll do it this way
(laughs) Okay, so cat to coat man. The cat to coat man challenge, as we call it,
– [Julia] Mm hmm. – God, where do I even start
with something like this? I really like the pose the guy is in. – [Julia] Yeah, I think
you should keep it, it’s a good strong pose. – So, I think I’m going
to keep that, yeah. I think I’m gonna start with sort of like the lean back head that he’s got going on. – [Karina] Mm hmm. – And sort-of-like cat-human ears? This is kind of like a
camp cryptid, I feel. – Yeah.
– A little bit. – [Karina] This is one of
those spooky stories you tell. – This is one of those
spooky stories you tell- – [Karina] After lights out. – About the horrible cat man. – [Julia] Oh no! – What come out the woods. – [Karina] Boy howdy. – Boy howdy-
– [Julia] (laughing) You ain’t going to like it, I’ll tell you that much. – So you said cat-human ears? What does that mean? Like, cat ears where human ears would be? – [Karina] Oh, is it a catboy? – Yeah, I think its cat ears- – [Karina] It’s catboy.
(Julia giggles) – where human ears would be. – But the cat ears aren’t
up here, they’re down here. But they do have hair coming out of them. – [Julia] Okay. – I’m trying to capture his like, he has a look of profound sadness. (Karina laughs) That he’s like trying
to hide with his smile. – [Karina] Yeah, you have to
go somewhere in between that and the just be wilderness of this cat. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I’m getting some real
drunk vibes from this dude. – He’s definitely drunk, there’s not a world in
which he’s not drunk. – You’ve like entered a
room and he’s very drunk and just like ate a bunch of candy and got it all over his
face and he’s just like, “Hey man, you want some, too?” (Jacob laughs) – What would you do if you entered a room and that was just in the middle? – I think I would leave. (Karina laughs) – Be like, “You do you, dude, but I’ve got to go
(Karina laughs) This is when I call it. This is quite the face you’ve drawn. – Well, it’s kind of like the cat’s eyes. – Yeah.
– But a man – Definitely getting it, that eyes drifting a
little bit and I love it. (Karina laughs) – It’s going places. – I’ve got to try to kinda
get the middle ground between these two mouths. – [Julia] Uh huh. – So that the teeth are important. – What teeth?
– Oh, his teeth. – The guy has teeth. – Yeah, okay.
(Karina giggles) – And then kind of, maybe, just like this. Kind of like this?
– Yeah. – Is this right? – [Julia] It’s something. – Is this
– Like a middle stage of an animal morph. – Oh yeah, from the book
series Animal Morphs. – Yes.
– Yes. – I remember that one. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Karina] Which I
guess it’s a camp thing. – It is a camp thing.
(laughs) I think. I don’t know, I’ve never been to camp. It wasn’t allowed. – You weren’t allowed to go to camp? – No. – [Jacob] What happened? What’d you do? – I don’t, it was just like- – [Jacob] Who told you you couldn’t go? – I don’t know, my parents
were not a fan of camp. – But they loved to camp? – [Julia] They loved to camp. It wasn’t, camp wasn’t
hardcore enough for my parents. – [Karina] Oh. – Is what happened. – [Jacob] So, your parents were like- – You were overqualified.
– Camping gatekeepers. – They were like, “Listen,
if you’re going to camp you’re gonna camp the right way.” – [Jacob] Camping purists. – What is this? – This is his hair. – [Karina] Yeah, they didn’t
want you anywhere near this. – [Julia] Yeah, I think they saved me from some horrors. [Karina] Oh, this is fun. – If camp was anything like
we’re depicting it to be, then – [Julia] This is a little onion man. Little radish dude. – I kinda want to get his like heavy lids. Yeah.
– Yeah. This is the look I want right here. – [Julia] This is the worst muppet. (laughs) – This is everyone’s least
favorite muppet, Fleming. (laughs) And he comes out.
(laughs) And that’s usually when
parents like turn off. They’re like, “That’s
enough of this program, I don’t want you to see” – Hi kids, I want to
talk to you about camp. (laughs) – “I don’t want you to see Fleming. I don’t want my children to
be influenced by Fleming.” (laughs) He’s still wearing the robe. – Of course.
– Yeah, he has to be. – And he comes out lounging
in his beautiful chair. – [Julia] “Welcome to my lodge.” – “You ever hear of the woods?” – [Julia] “You caught
me when I was relaxing.” – “I’m always relaxing.” – “It’s easy in the woods.” (laughs) – I’m going to give him some whiskers. – [Karina] Naturally. – Some whiskers but also
some like chin whiskers. – [Julia] Somehow the
whiskers made him more – More appealing?
– More appealing. – [Karina] Yeah, he’s more pleasant now. – [Julia] He is more pleasant
now that he has the whiskers. – He likes to get really
close to you and like feel you out with them. – [Julia] Oh. – [Karina] Okay. – [Julia] Oh. – [Karina] You wanna
mess that up immediately. (laughs) – [Julia] I dislike it now, a lot. – Oh, the cats also got those
big like cat eyebrow hairs. – [Julia] Oh, okay, we’re
back to being uncomfortable with all of it. (Karina laughs) – I think I just wanna kind
of darken the eye area. – [Karina] Yes. – [Julia] Do you want to
put some melting makeup coming off of his face? – [Karina] Yeah. – Oh, yeah, he does have. – [Julia] Kind of like this fellow has. – [Karina] Streaky?
– [Julia] Yeah, streaky. – Kind of get some of this.
– Oh. – You caught me at a bad time. – [Julia] “Welcome to my applesauce hour, I was eating my applesauce.” (laughs) – It’s Fleming’s Applesauce Hour. It takes a full hour out of Sesame Street. – Fleming’s Applesauce Hour. You cry and you eat applesauce. – Yeah, I relate to Fleming.
(laughs) – You cry and you eat your applesauce. (laughs) Fleming’s Applesauce Hour, it starts now. – This one’s for the mommies and daddies. Kids, go play with your toys. This is mommy, daddy time. (laughs) I just wanna get his chair in here. – [Karina] Oh yes, the
chair morphs with him. – Yeah, the chair morphs with him. – [Karina] It’s a body part. – [Julia] It’s like
he’s sitting at his desk just watching YouTube clips. – Yeah, here’s his computer. – [Julia] I was just listening to my favorite songs from my childhood while being sad and eating applesauce. – Stop, please. – I think I’m still projecting now. – We’re all just projecting on Fleming. – [Julia] Yeah. – Here’s his applesauce. – [Julia] Don’t worry kids,
you’ll understand my character once you’re in your late 20s. – Fleming’s also never been to camp. (laughs) – [Julia] I just live here. (laughs) – [Julia] I never left. – Each times he’s watching
a different sad video on his computer and he
just slowly spins around. (laughs) Goes, Oh hey, I know I said I’d clean
up before next time but I really couldn’t get it together. – But this video was
labeled Cat Abandoned, Dog Abandoned by Family on Side of Road. (laughs) I had to watch. – I’ve been crying for weeks on this one. Oh, it helps me feel alive. I’m done, this is Fleming. (laughs and moans) The perfect intersection
between cat and man. (laughs). – Yeah, you’re not wrong. – We can all agree, did I do it?
(laughs) Did I do my challenge? – You did.
– Yeah. – What’s my grade? We’re grading now. – Is that what they do at camp? – Yeah, you have to get
a grade on your crafts. – Grades at camp? – I give you three pretty
okay star stickers. – Okay, that’s good. Karina, what do I get? – I’m not your teacher. – [Jacob] Well, I just, you know, anyways. – Hmm, 10 applesauce. – 10 applesauce! – [Karina] 10 applesauce. – Nice!
(laughs) I consider that a victory. Well, before we get our next challenge – Yes. – Camp don’t fund itself. – No, no. – You get all the kayaks and the – Yep. – It’s really just a lot of kayaks – It’s a lot of kayaks. – That you have to buy. – It’s just a lake full of kayaks. – Yeah, it’s a lake full of kayaks. – Too many. – I really have to teach
the kids how to fish out of kayaks so we can feed ourselves. – Just stacks. – During the camp year. – Yeah, so in order to
get that money we need for all those kayaks we’re gonna have to get
a word from our sponsors so let’s go to them right now. – [Tony] That’s right, Jacob. Today’s Drawfee Variety
Hour is brought to you by S’M’LESS, it’s like S’more but less! Have you ever looked at the
end of a stick and thought, That looks good enough as is. Why ruin this perfect treat
with gross, hot sugar. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. S’M’LESS, no, it doesn’t
come with the branch, it doesn’t come with
much of anything at all, maybe a few crumbs. Maybe it’s like when
you find the empty box in the cabinet and you think, Oh boy, graham crackers! I forgot I bought these,
I hope they’re not stale. But, boy, are you disappointed to discover there’s nothing there at all. It’s just crumbs. It’s less! – Have your advertisers
ever been like happy with the read that we’ve done? – [Tony] We haven’t had
a repeat advertiser. – So they must have been so satisfied. (laughs) They couldn’t imagine
wanting anything more. – They made a bajillion dollars. – Oh my God, I thought
about that deer bit. (laughs) – It’s better if you don’t think about it. – I can never stop thinking about it. – God, it kills me every time, I feel so bad. – I’ve never seen something
with bigger deer energy. (group laughs) – Well, it was a deer, so, a real deer we got for the episode. – We got a real deer. It’s the magic… Camp is beautiful, y’all. (laughs) It’s nice and majestic and just wonderful. Hey, you know what, it’s camp. You know what that means? – It sure is.
– No. I think we can all agree. – I don’t know what camp does. – We can all agree it’s camp. I think it’s time we take a short break and I reward you, I don’t know if you go to this camp but I’m gonna reward you anyway with a little cartoon. – Something for the kiddies. – Something for the kiddies. – Half man, half kitties. – Yeah. And let’s give it a watch. Let’s give it a watch, let’s take a break, let’s take it easy. Let’s watch this cartoon. (jingly music) – Wow, wow! Would you look at this. It’s the most haunted house in the world. (lighting crackles) Wow! (skitter noise) Wow, a ghost. (skittering) Look at all these ghosts. This place is crawling with ghosts. (slithering noise) Aw, gee, that’s one long ghost. Ghosts, poltergeists,
boogeymen, all over the place. (skittering) This ghost is 20 ghosts. (loud buzzing) Ah, ghosts! I have to shout over them,
they’re such loud ghosts. It’s a slow ghost. (wet slithering) Would you look at how slow that ghost is. This ghost makes me sad. (slithering) oh, golly, there’s a ghost on me! (splorch) They’re all over me now! I’m covered in ghosts
trying to possess me! Ahh! One’s trying to possess my mouth (phews). Would you look at all these ghosts. This place is haunted. (splorch) (laughs) – We get the best cartoons here at camp. – Wow. – We only get one channel.
– And it’s just that. – And half the time it’s
the sad catman on live feed. – Sitting completely still. – Yeah, and the other
half is that cartoon. (laughs) – I think it’s a good
campfire story, it’s ghosts. – It’s spooky.
– Yeah. – There’s so many ghosts.
– Like ghosts? – Ghosts everywhere. – Yeah, I never knew there
was that many kinds of ghosts so I’ve learned something. – Yeah, I mean, it’s so spooky. – Very spooky. – Watching spooky cartoons in the woods. (laughs) That was a gem. (laughs) We got to watch a gem of a cartoon. Hey! – Hey. – No more fun.
– Okay. – It’s time for work. Let’s get back to work. I need a challenge. I feel all reinvigorated from the cartoon. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’ll do that. – [Karina] And the deer. – And the deer. Don’t make me think about the deer. – okay, sorry. – Or else that’s just gonna
be the rest of the episode. Okay, I need a challenge. I wanna make a thing but in order to figure out what I’m making and what I’m doing we gotta – [All] Spin That Wheel! (wheel clicking) – Oooh! – Okay, I believe that says, – “The T-shirt one?”
– The T-shirt one. – The T-shirt one. – The T-shirt one. – I don’t like it when it says it like we’re supposed to just know. (laughs)
– Okay, thank you. – Thank you.
– What that means. – Well, here’s a shirt. – Here’s a T-shirt. – Yeah, I have a T-shirt here. – Oh, hi, Adam. – Hi, Adam.
– Hi, Adam. – Hello, how’s it going? – How are you doing today? – Just great. – Just irrelevantly,
how’s your back doing? – It’s feeling totally, totally fine. – Yeah, all right, good. – It has feeling, that’s totally great. (laughs) – Thank you, yeah, I’ll take this. – Ooh. – Here’s a lesson for you, kids. When you do arts and crafts (laughs) don’t make a mess. (Jacob laughs) That’s a good lesson. – Put on an apron. I almost tied this around the chair. (Jacob laughs) – [Karina] Why not. – So are you designing a shirt, is that – So, I believe I’m
designing a camp shirt. – Ooh, for the camp. – For this camp. – Wow. – For this camp, yeah. I’ve been supplied… Oh, this will be easy to keep track of, really tiny, little fuzzy ball things. Wow, there’s just so many of them, huh. – [Karina] Oh, that’s so fun. – I got some pipe cleaners here. – [Karina] What is that? – [Jacob] This is glue? I think this is glue. – [Karina] Okay. – [Jacob] You probably need that. – [Karina] It looks a little industrial. – That’s- – [Jacob] It says it bonds fabric. – That’s Mama’s fun juice, this is for me. (Karina laughs) – [Jacob] That’s not Mama’s fun juice, do not drink that. – Please don’t drink the glue.
– Do I eat this? Do I spray this into my mouth? Is this something that’s like flavored. What is… Nice.
(laughs) – Wow, it does nothing. – It’s nothing, that one was a fake out. – Oh, what else we got here? We got, – [Karina] I think that’s more glue. – You know, it says- – [Jacob] that’s white sparkle. It’s white sparkle, limited edition. – [Karina] Limited edition? – Paint/red. It’s unclear. – It’s nice that the label says that. – Yeah, it’s
– It’s labeled. – [Jacob] Even the makers weren’t sure. – It’s unclear. Little blue baby, baby safe. – [Jacob] Give that one to a baby. – [Karina] Yeah, fork it over. – And then my favorite color, purp. – [Jacob] Got to get purp. – We also got just a lot of glitter. – [Karina] Oh, what could go wrong? – Okay. Oh, oh, we have more
of these bottle things that I still don’t know – [Karina] More useless bottles? – [Jacob] They probably do
something if you try hard enough. – [Karina] They’ve got to do something. – They probably do something. – I think this is like
some sort of adhesive. All right. – [Jacob] You’re stalling for time here. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] I want to see our camp shirt. – Yeah, so. – [Jacob] How are we gonna
be unified as campers? Me and Karina are the two campers. – Am I a camper? – We’re here, aren’t we? – Yeah, you’re right. (laughs) – So, I think we should
have a shirt that says like the name of our camp on it, maybe. – Okay.
– Our camp has a name? – Sure.
– [Jacob] It’s gonna. It’s gonna now. – [Karina] I can’t wait to see what it is. – Okay. – [Jacob] Welcome to Camp Broken Ass. (group laughs) Named for the broken
ass that started it all. (group laughs) – They say, the legends say about our camp that a deer wandered
into our founders cabin and flipped over the
couch and broke it’s ass. – [Karina] Just broke it’s little ass. – Broke it’s whole ass clean in twain. (laughs) – And if you see it you’ll get good luck for the rest of the year. – [Jacob] The rest of the year? – Yeah.
– Wow. I wish I had seen it earlier in the year. – [Karina] (laughs) Yes, it’s pretty far into the year. – [Jacob] Yeah, we have
only a few months left. – Don’t blame the deer, all right. – [Jacob] I didn’t. – [Karina] I might. – [Julia] Okay. That looks good. – Oo, does it say camp? – It says something. – [Karina] I can’t read. – [Julia] What should
the name of our camp be? – I mean, I’ve submitted my option. – [Julia] Which is? – Camp Broken Ass. – Camp Broken Ass? You want me to write Broken Ass. I wanna – [Jacob] Yeah, keep going, it’s- – Oh!
– Oh! You got it! – Of course, it had to be red so now it looks like this camper has been – Oh, it’s a fun little blood splatter. – Super injured, which I think is on point with – [Jacob] Well, if you
spray a bunch of red on it at the beginning then all the
blood won’t show up later. – What? – So that’s good. – [Karina] Hmm? – [Julia] Oh, okay, I see now. Okay, let’s see if- – [Jacob] It’s camp. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I got you. – [Jacob] It’s a dangerous place. – It is a dangerous place. – [Karina] It’s full of stunts. – All right, lets see. I think, okay. – [Jacob] What if it’s called Camp Slamp? (Karina laughs) – [Jacob] How do we feel about Camp Slamp? All right, no answer for that one. – What about-
(Karina laughs) – I guess I’ll keep on thinking on it, maybe I’ll try something else. – What about Camp… What if we abbreviate Broken Ass to BASS? – Camp BASS?
– Camp BASS. – [Karina] Oo, that’s fun. – [Jacob] I like that. – [Karina] It’s like a fun little in joke. – Yeah.
– Right. – [Jacob] They think it’s about
like the fish in the lake. Do bass go in lakes? Are they more like a river thing? Are they an ocean thing? – [Karina] Bold of you to assume I know. – Karina, you know about fish, where do bass go? – Water. – [Jacob] Okay, okay. – I can’t open this so it’s
just gonna remain closed and then I’m gonna use a different thing. – Here, hand it to me. I’ll work on this. – Okay, you work on that, I’ll work on
– It’s nice to have a project. – Yeah.
– At camp. oh no. – Don’t get it all over yourself. – I would never, I mean, I did. (laughs) – [Karina] You mean you already have. – I did immediately. But I did open it. – [Julia] Nice! Thank you. – So, who’s smart now? – I’m gonna later use this color called Green Boy, Tough Guy. Oh, I’m sorry about that. (clunks) Well, there goes Tough Boy. – [Karina] Guess he wasn’t so tough, huh. – [Jacob] Eh. – Whoop, op, op, op! – It stuck to me. It’s a tragedy! – You didn’t screw this back on, did ya? Did ya, friend? – I can’t be expected to do everything. – [Jacob] Wait, here
we go, I have an idea. – Thank you, yeah. – [Jacob] Put that one right there. There we go. – Good, yeah, we need a little, a little thank you, thank you for
the cleaning supplies. – [Jacob] We’re covered in sticky stuff. – Do you want
– Well, that’s camp. – I don’t think anythings
gonna help at this point (laughs)
after what I’ve done. – After what you’ve done. (thumps)
– Oh God! – You know what I kind of wanna do here? – [Jacob] Those camp apes,
like flinging garbage at you. – I don’t think the glue,
I don’t think the glue is gonna hold down the pipe cleaners, so here’s what I’m gonna do. – [Jacob] Okay. – Let’s pick a color. All right, we got. – [Karina] Oo, are we getting crafty? – Yeah.
– Ooh. So we got all of these colors here. The red- – [Jacob] Just draw it all
in IDK About this Yellow. – [Julia] I’ll do BASS in
that color, how about that? How do you guys feel about this blue here? – I love it.
– I’m down. – Okay. So, what I’m gonna do with this blue here, I’m covered in glue, is I’m just gonna. – [Karina] Ooh, this is some crafty stuff. – [Jacob] This isn’t gonna work. – [Karina] You’re a crafter. – [Jacob] Oh, you know what,
this actually is gonna work. I take it back.
– It’s gonna work. (laughs) – [Jacob] I take it back. – Who is the camp counselor here? – [Jacob] I’m sorry, I should
never have doubted you. I’m but a humble homeless
man who lives in the forest. – [Karina] Wait, I thought that was me. – Oh.
(Karina laughs) Well, we live in two
different parts of the forest. – Okay.
(laughs) – [Jacob] Got sort of territories. – And we go to camp.
– And we go to camp. You’re doing great.
(laughs) This is a craft.
– Yeah. – This is crafting.
– This is crafting. – I’ve been to camp before. – [Jacob] Oh, it’s getting real
drippy because of the angle you’re holding it at. – [Karina] It’s getting juicy. – [Jacob] We’re getting
extra juicy on this one. – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] Welcome to
this extra juicy episode of Drawfee Variety Hour. 100% juice for 100% you. – That one almost just shot
off the shirt here, all right. – [Karina] It’s the design. – Okay, let’s incorporate
a different color. Just mix it in, get some tie dye effects. – Tie dye effects. – [Julia] Why not. – Oo, pink. (group laughs) – [Karina] Please. – There we go, okay, I’m making it blend in again. – [Jacob] Oh, yeah, this is good. – Okay, let’s get some of this green. – [Jacob] This is good work. – Really make it pop.
– Ooh. – I almost sprayed it at my own face. – What could go wrong?
– Don’t do that. – Okay, there we go. Aw, nice! – [Jacob] I’ve got to say,
this is a good challenge. That I think is going really well. Both in the execution and
the entertainment value. – Okay.
(group laughs) Oh, that one did stay, well. (group laughs) – [Karina] That one’s just there now. – [Jacob] Oh, look, it kind of says camp. – [Karina] Yo, awesome! – Kinda.
– A little bit. – [Karina] Crafty stuff. – Now I just have, I’m left with PAM here. – Camp Pam!
– Camp Pam. Welcome to Camp Pam. – Pam BASS. – I’m Pam, here I am. – Remember when you were
in elementary school and you learned about Pam Bass? – Oh, that was a bad joke. You talking about PEMDAS? – PEMDAS. – [Jacob] PEMDAS. – Camp, all right, I’m
just gonna use this one. – [Jacob] Yeah. – Okay. – [Jacob] You’re doing great. – You’re giving me a lot of guff. – [Jacob] I’m encouraging you. – Camp. – [Jacob] BASS. – Camp BASS.
– oh. – Okay, there we go. All right. – [Jacob] This is actually
starting to look like a shirt you’d see someone like going
back to elementary school with after the summer. – It has about the same amount of thought and planning and budget. – [Jacob] Put some glitter on it. – Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking but I’m also debating, is that so much clean-up for the people who have to clean this up? – [Jacob] No one cleans this up. – All right, so – Let’s be real. Everyone wants to see you
put some glitter on it. – [Jacob] Yeah. – I think I should draw
our staple of the camp. – [Karina] Which is what? – A deer.
– Oh. – [Jacob] In glue? You’re gonna draw a deer in glue? – [Karina] This isn’t
gonna be a mess at all. See, ’cause when the
glitter sticks to the glue. – [Jacob] Incredible. – It’s going to be a shiny deer. – [Jacob] Our mascot. A deer with a look of agony. – [Karina] With a broken ass. – Okay, okay, okay, we need, we need this other antler. – [Jacob] This is definitely
our stickiest challenge. – [Karina] Is it though? – Well!
– Well. – There was that one where Nathan made stuff out of syrup and glue and – [Karina] With the syrup- – [Jacob] Oh yeah, I
wasn’t there for that one. – [Karina] He got syrup and
glue all over everything. – Okay, look of concern. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s
where deer’s eyes go. – A look of concern. – [Jacob] Are you trying to
get like expression in here? – Yeah! – [Jacob] You’re really going for it. – [Karina] That’s what
our camp has going for it, the feeling of anguish and pain. – [Jacob] It’s not fun. Can you slide your thing
up so people can see it when they watch? – No.
(laughs). – How’s that? – You can look up at the screen
and see it, it’s in there. – Yeap. All right, now for the magic. – [Karina] Oh boy, I’m sure
this won’t go everywhere. – [Jacob] Oh, there’s not
even a little shaky cap, it’s just-
– [Karina] Oh no. You just dump. Oh boy. – If someone could maybe
bring me maybe a garbage can that I could just- – [Jacob] Just dump it off into? – Yeah. – [Karina] Not one but two. – Thank you. – [Jacob] This is gonna
be like a magic trick. – You know it. – [Karina] This is crafts. – [Jacob] I can’t wait for
you to reveal a beautiful portrait of a deer. It’s gonna be like those
America’s Got Talent where they paint it upside down. – I think what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put the
garbage can on the desk so that we can see it unfold. – Yeah.
– Let me get rid of this. The C is staying there
because I can’t get it off. – Turns out that glue was very good. – Yeah. – Yeah, I know ’cause of my hands. – Yep. – I don’t know, I didn’t touch it. – Okay, here comes the magic. Hold your breath everyone. It’s that camp magic. Wow!
(laughs) I mean, honestly. – Better than you expected, right? – [Jacob] Honestly, kinda. I’m gonna level with you,
this shirt is incredible. – I like this shirt. – This actually rules. – So, – Welcome to Camp BASS!
– Welcome to Camp BASS! – I’m getting in the camp spirit now. – Yeah, right? – Yeah.
– Please come to our camp. – This pipe cleaner’s never coming off. – [Karina] Yeah, every shirt
looks exactly like this. – Yeah. – Join our camp.
– Yeah, Which is honestly incredible. – I think I’ve done it. – Yeah, I think you’ve done it, too. Excellent work. If I had to grade this I would give it two broken butt cheeks out of two. – That’s a good score! – Yeah, it’s a good score. – That’s a good score. Uh, Karina-
– Yes. – What would you score it? – The biggest deer energy. – Nice!
– Oh nice. – I’ve done it. – Huge, humongous. – Since I’ve done it, I think
I’m gonna get out of here. – That’s probably a good idea. – I’m going to get out of this desk. – Okay, then. – And make way for Karina. You know what that means? – What does that mean? It means we’ve got to get
a word from our sponsors. – [Tony] That’s right, Julia! Camp Broke BASS, Broken BASS
is brought to you by S’M’LESS! It’s like one of the
best wasn’t there at all! What if you were looking
around for the thing you wanted the most, whether it’s a s’more or a fish, the approval of your father and you just found nothing instead. What if you reeled in your
expectations all the way until you didn’t have no more and you just thought, you know what, it’s fine, that nothing is nothing, it’s good that nothing is there, it’s perfectly fine that we, like, are really disappointed. – I think Tony might, I think we should probably
ask Tony if he’s okay. – Do we need to talk to Tony? – I think we might need to. – I’m getting worried a little bit ’cause he’s been really
losing some of that enthusiasm he’s been known for. – Yeah.
(laughs) – Right, it kind of sounds like
a cry for help a little bit. – Just a little bit. – Maybe just the thought of
S’M’LESS made him real sad. – [Tony] Folks, that was just the copy that was provided with the S’M’LESS ad. I thank you for your concern. – Oh, that’s cool. – All right, it’s part of the plan. – You did a great job then!
– He did. – Sounds fine, then. – Yeah, you read it really convincingly. It almost seems like they
don’t want to sell that. (laughs) – [Tony] The product is
not selling the product! (laughs) – Nice. – Perfect. – Well, shall we continue
on with camp challenges. – Yes, I’d love some camp challenges. – Please. – Oh boy, well I guess we better – [All] Spin That Wheel! (wheel clicking) – [All] Ooh – Murder House. – Murder House.
– Murder House. – I don’t remember this
in the camp program. – I know this part of camp. – You do? – I haven’t been to camp but I’ve seen a lot of horror movies. – Oh, hello! – [Jacob] It’s not a camp
without a murder house. Oh my God. – [Julia] Oh, that’s such a tiny house. – Making a murder house, babies? – Is this that catman’s house? – It’s gotta be, right? – It has to be. – I already forgot what I named him. – You and me both. – Fre, fre?
– What was it? Fenton? – Fre, it’s frr… – Fergus? – What is all of this? – I think even he doesn’t know. – Am I making a murder house? – I think you’re making a murder house. – Is this, I’m a little,
I forgot everything. Is this our murderer? – [Jacob] I mean, look at him. – Are we sure?
– Yeah, I think he is. – This little lad? – He’s definitely the murderer. – [Karina] What’s his
name, Miniature Byron? – I don’t know, his
name is Miniature Byron. – [Julia] Yes. – I don’t know, he just
showed up on my desk one day. I don’t know the full lore of him. – [Jacob] The full lore
is he’s definitely evil. – He’s quite big in this room. – [Julia] He is. He’s either a giant
murder or this is a very tiny murder room. – So, I guess I’m just
building a murder house, huh? – I feel like either way you shake it, it’s just as disturbing. – Yeah. – Like if he’s really big that sucks. – [Julia] Yeah. – And if he’s normal but he
brings you in a very tiny room- – If this is proportional to like us, he is about a foot taller than you. – Yeah. – This is fine. – This is fine. – So, I guess I’ve got
to design a murder house. – Yeah.
– For camp. – Make a place where you
would wanna get murdered. – Okay.
(laughs) – If you were at camp. – Or a place where I
would want to do murder? – But I feel like, I feel like this murder house needs like a theme or a song or something. – [Karina] Yeah, something to get me in the mood for building it. – Yeah, yeah. Do we have one of those? – We got that? – Sitting around? ♪ When forest grows far from the sky ♪ ♪ And bloodstained
tears drop on the page ♪ ♪ Then all I hear is terrors cry ♪ ♪ When Miniature Byron calls my name ♪ (group laughs) – Yeah, just place miniature
Byron down for a little while. – Well, I’m glad we had that ready to go. – I didn’t realize it
would be so customized to Miniature Byron.
– Yeah. – That’s incredible. – [Karina] Well, that’s scary. – [Julia] Yep, wonderful. – Let’s see what I have, oo, a fireplace. – Oh, you need a fireplace. – That’s good for burning bodies. – Yeah, you’ve got to burn bodies. – A couch. – That’s good for sitting.
– To hide a body. Oh, that, too. (group laughs) Is this just a TV? – [Julia] Watch some TV, he
takes a break from the murder. – [Jacob] Yeah, does
he like live here, too? – Yeah this is his little apartment. – [Jacob] I feel like there’s
spooky stuff you can do with a TV. – [Julia] Yeah, I actually
want that chair in real life. – Like, here you go. – [Julia] Yeah, I want like
a size that I can sit in. – Oh, there’s a
– Oo, a dirty couch. – [Julia] Oh, a real busted couch! – [Jacob] One couch is for him to sit on and one is the dirty, nasty couch. – There’s a bunch of popsicle sticks and fun accessories. – [Julia] Was that just a
straight up Red Solo cup or was there something in there. Okay, no, there’s supplies in there. – [Jacob] It’s full of glue sticks. – There’s a ginormous Red Solo cup. What do I, ooh – [Julia] A lamp? – Is this a real lamp? – [Jacob] It looks like
it actually lights up if you can plug it in. – [Julia] That’s amazing. – Damn, Byron’s gonna
have a nice apartment. He doesn’t deserve this, he’s scary. – [Julia] Yeah, I want to move in. – [Jacob] What, he’s
got potted plants, too? – Yeah, he’s got little plants and stuff. This is just popsicle sticks. So many popsicle sticks. Oh, no, the lamp. Well, I guess I’ll make
a little murder place for this scary boy. – [Jacob] Make this murder
house into a murder home. – This is very important. – [Julia] I have a question. – Yes?
– If this is a murder house should it be so clean or should we have like some splatter like, you know, like I used – [Karina] You mean like
splatter some glue around? We can pretend it’s blood. – Well, I had the dye from before. – [Karina] Oo, red spray! – Oh yeah, give us the red spray. – Red spray, please, I’m not gonna- – Oh, nice catch and throw! – Oo, that’s the gloopy stuff. – [Julia] Oh, that’s not even the spray. – [Jacob] Give us the spray, too. – Yeah, I’ll take both. – We need both. – Let’s see if I can
catch this second thing, we’re on thin ice. – You got it!
– Double catches! (applauding) – She’s done it!
– Yes! – It never happens. (applauding) – [Jacob] It’s all that camp training. – {Julia] Yeah. (applauding) – It’s-
– Tony loves it. – Ooh! – Tony really loved it. – Oh yeah, how does that look? Please don’t get it on Miniature Byron. Miniature Byron has to
blend in with society. – He might get it on himself eventually. – [Jacob] It’s pretty- – Put some on the walls. – Oh!
– Oh, yeah! – Wow! – [Jacob] So this is the room where he definitely does the deed. – Yeah, like this is, I don’t know. – [Jacob] That’s his deed doing room. (group laughs) – That’s the couch room!
– That’s where he sleeps. Yeah, let’s get his little lamp in here. This is where he like
hangs out and he sleeps. He has a lot of like, he’s a little out of control, so- – [Julia] He’s got a lot of topiary. – Yeah, he’s got his little cacti right next to his feet.
– That seems dangerous. – No, he’s fine. – [Jacob] Oh, I see he lives
in a Manhattan apartment. – Hey
– Hey! – Wa wa waa. – [Karina] So that’s like
his living space and here’s- – [Julia] Is that plant on that lamp? – Well, pretend it’s hanging, you know. – [Julia] Okay, I gotcha. – Oh, I didn’t mean to spill that much. These are just like entrails. – [Jacob] Oh, cool. – Am I allowed to get these things dirty ’cause I’m kind off set? Okay, good. – [Jacob] I mean Cass
is going to keep that. – I set myself up, too. Okay, so we’ve got some little entrails and here’s his like, here’s his body burning.
– Yep, fireplace. Fireplace.
– Good. And we’ve got to have this
really just nasty couch. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, the dirty murder couch. – [Julia] He keeps the
nice couch for himself. – I just put it right in the entrails. Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Oh, put some
entrails on the couch. – [Julia] Yes, maybe like spray. – Splat.
– Wow! – [Jacob] Blat! – [Julia] Maybe spray it-
– This is a whole intestine. – [Julia] You know, with the red spray. Get some of that splat on there. Yeah. – I could just spritz the couch, you know. – Oh yeah.
– Wow! – I could just get real creative. So. – [Jacob] It looks like he’s murdered like treasure trolls or something. It’s so pink. (laughs)
– It’s true. – No, it’s just how, it’s
just what it looks like. – [Jacob] Oh, that’s what it looks like. Oh, no. – He needs like a murdering,
like a chopping table. – Okay.
– Oh yeah. – Now the fun part,
figure out how to do that. – [Jacob] Well, you’ve
got the hot-glue gun. – You have a hot-glue gun but – [Jacob] I definitely
think we should employ that dangerous tool. – Yeah, see, all of the nights I spent staying up late watching
crafting tutorials that were recommended
to me by the algorithm are gonna pay off right
here, right now, baby. – [Jacob] The algorithm that rules us all. – Welcome.
– Welcome to the AI. – [Julia] I watched one
recently that was a building a miniature set from Spirited Away. My God, they get crafty
with popsicle sticks, let me tell you. Wow, that’s just a globe, huh. – Yeah, he’s a classy
man, Miniature Byron. – [Julia] He’s educated. – Yeah, let’s just put
a bunch of hot-glue, that’s how you use hot-glue. – [Jacob] Yeah. – You just kind of lump
it on and hope it works. Mm, it smells like high school. (group laughs) I’m having like weird flashbacks. – [Julia] Lots of glue, lots
of hot-glue, lots of spraying. – Lot of murder. – [Julia] Lots of sprays,
I’m covered in glue. My hands are covered,
my pants are covered. – Oh no, I’ve like not
measured properly anything. – [Jacob] That makes you
easier for Byron to catch. (laughs)
– Yeah, I know! – [Jacob] Anything that slows you down. – [Julia] I’ve fallen into Byron’s trap when I made that shirt. – Yeah, now you’re nice and sticky and you just hear the song coming. (Julia laughs) – [Jacob] Oh yeah, can we hear the song. – [Julia] Easing in. – When you’re covered in
glue and here it goes. ♪ When forest grows far from the sky ♪ ♪ And bloodstained
tears drop on the page ♪ ♪ Then all I hear is terror’s cry ♪ – Where is he? ♪ When Miniature Byron calls my name. ♪ – Where’s Miniature Byron? – I know he’s coming. – He’s here, he’s here somewhere. – I hear his siren’s call. – Is this a table? – Kinda.
– Yeah. – It’s getting there. It’s almost a table. If only we had some scissors, huh. – Yeah, but didn’t think
that far ahead, so. (Julia laughs) – [Jacob] Byron built this table himself. (laughs)
– Yeah, yeah. – Oh no, my hot-glue, please. – ‘Cause he does murder but he
also gets into crafting, too. (laughs) – [Julia] Yeah, just hold that. You wanna hand it over and we’ll hold it while you get this. – No, this is how you craft. You suffer.
– Yes. – You wanna use hot-glue, you idiot. (group laughs) – [Julia] You haven’t nearly
burned yourself enough. – This is Karina’s secret table, you can’t see it while it’s being made. – Yeah.
– Sorry. – [Jacob] You have to see it at the end. – Oh no, I’ve made a mess. – You can’t see the mess, either. This is the audio book
portion of the show. – Welcome to Karina Has Made a Mess. ’cause everything’s just hmm. (laughs) This is only gonna have three legs because it’s getting very tedious. – [Jacob] Byron doesn’t know how many legs tables are supposed to have. – Byron only knows how to kill campers. – [Jacob] He knows how many legs victims are supposed to have
and he will take those off. Oh! – So I was just thrown the Sonic Man. Uh, victim? – [Jacob] Tony whispered,
“The victim” as he threw it. – Is this a victim?
– Yeah. – [Karina] He’s huge! – [Jacob] He’s bigger then
Byron and maybe scarier. – I wonder that, maybe
he’s the accomplice. Maybe Miniature Byron
has killed his accomplice and wants a new one but- – I made a table.
– Nice! – Give me that guy, he’s too big. – I wanted to have a power squat. – Here. – Good luck killing me, Byron. You’ll never take me. (laughs).
– So – [Julia] Wow! (laughs) – [Jacob] Look at his little like hunch! – [Julia] Shoulders all
shoved back right there! I’m gonna get you! – [Jacob] Oh, I’m gonna
murder you so good! – Byron, you’ve got too much stuff in your Manhattan apartment. – [Jacob] In the woods. – [Julia] In the woods! – Shall I wittle him a knife?
(laughs) – [Jacob] Yes, is that even a question? – This isn’t gonna work. – [Jacob] Just like cut it into a stake. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] A crude stake. – These scissors always here? I genuinely did not notice. I completely over looked them. (Julia laughs) – You were so focused on the glue gun. – Yeah. This is how Byron finishes his foes. (laughs) – [Jacob] He puts them on the
table and makes them watch while he slowly-
(laughs) whittles. – A knife out of a popsicle stick. – [Jacob] But the scissors
aren’t sharp enough to cut it. – Ooh, I don’t-
(snicks) – Oh!
– Oh! – Jacob’s been murdered. – I’m sorry, Jacob. – This is a cursed episode. – Byron came for him. – Yeah, the song played once
and suddenly everything wrong. So, am I not allowed to anything to Byron? (creepy music) – [Jacob] No, no! ♪ And bloodstained
tears drop on the page ♪ – [Julia] You got got! – So, what is this? Oh, it’s an ax. – Oh, I was just gonna
glue this to his hand. – Get this in his other hand. – Okay. Here you go, buddy. – [Jacob] You have this now. – Yeah, that’s just on you forever, now. Oh, you’re gonna go right
back to where you were which was on my desk. – [Jacob] It’s on the back of his hand. (Julia laughs) – Like, when you have a hot-glue
gun and you’re in a studio and you’re in a hurry. I’m sorry, I keep doing that. – [Jacob] You do what you’ve got to do. – Here you go just rawr. – [Jacob] Stake in one
hand, ax in the other. – I didn’t even glue this on, I just got glue all over Byron for nothing. – That’s fine.
– That’s fine. – Here we go. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, there we go. Bloody up the ax. – [Julia] Wow. Yep. – Right?
Mm mm. – [Jacob] Oh, entrails, yes. – Yep, disgusting, that’s not even where they go, here we go. Here, actually. – [Jacob] Does this murder
house have a ceiling? – It’s just a stall in the woods. – Or no.
(Julia laughs) – Here you go, this one little pimple. – [Jacob] Oh, it’s on his cheek. I got a widdle bit on my cheek. – Oh, no. – [Julia] I’m getting sloppy. – That’s nasty looking, here we go. – Oh, yeah.
– There we go. – It looks like he’s crying. – [Jacob] Mush it on there. – I just made a bigger mess but I think that’s more
what I was going for anyway. – [Jacob] That’s his scar. – Yeah, what else does he need. – [Jacob] The TV. – Yeah, the TV can go on
top of the fireplace, so. (laughs)
– Yeah. – [Jacob] He can watch his
shows while he’s doing murders. – He puts on one of
those fireplace videos. – [Jacob] Yeah. – So that while he’s burning
the body he can relax. – Yeah, of course.
– Yeah, absolutely. – Just to be clear,
there’s like a little… This is a very tight fit, Byron. – [Jacob] Oh, it’s
coming out of the couch. – Yeah, he keeps stuff in there. – [Julia] Oh. – [Jacob] Oh, he just stuffs
gross stuff under the cushions. – Yeah.
– Amazing. – Goodness, does it need anything else? – I don’t-
– I think it’s good. Yeah, I think it’s good. – [Jacob] Like, what more
could we possibly do with it? – I don’t know. – [Julia] I like it. I like it as is. – [Jacob] – Yeah, just get some of that. – Do a ceiling? – [Jacob] No, that’s not gonna do it. – I don’t think it will fit
(laughs). – [Jacob] I think the only thing
it needs is maybe just like one more Byron song. – Like the Byron ending theme. – Yeah, fade to black
as he’s axing this guy. ♪ When forest grows far from the sky ♪ ♪ And bloodstained
tears drop on the page ♪ ♪ Then all I hear is terror’s cry ♪ ♪ When Miniature Byron calls my name. ♪ – [Jacob] Wow! – [Julia] Wow. – [Jacob] That’s genuinely very scary. – [Julia] Yeah, I would
not enjoy hearing that. – No, I’m gonna be hearing it for probably the rest of my life. – Yeah, you don’t usually hear
that coming from the woods. (laughs) – Not usually, no. It hasn’t happened at my camp yet, but. – Consider yourself lucky.
– That’s weird. – Woo. – I thought I was playing it loud enough. (laughs) – Karina, you made an
excellent murder house- – Did I?
– Yeah. – Can I just say. – What happened to your
scarf, there, buddy? – I don’t know, I got kind of freaked out. (Karina laughs) I’m losing it a little bit. – [Karina] Byron did it. – If I had to rate this murder house I would rate it a giant Byron. – No. – [Jacob] One giant Byron. – It’s this big. – [Julia] I would rate it a
thousand miniature Byron’s. – [Jacob] Which one
would you rather fight? (group laughs) A thousand miniature
Byron’s or one giant Byron. – Miniature. – Okay, interesting. I feel like they’d crawl all
in your clothes and stuff and I’m not into that. – Well, it depends how
miniature, you know. – Yeah, that’s true. Something freaky to think about alone- – Like that size.
– Yeah. – That would be, that’s fun kickable size. – Yeah. – Let us know in the comments
if you’d rather fight a thousand miniature
Byron’s or one major Byron. (laughs)
– Yeah, I like it. – Are we done with this challenge? – I think we’re done with this challenge. – I don’t want Byron. I’ve armed Byron.
(laughs) – [Jacob] Yeah, you’ve
definitely doomed us all. – Forever, yeah.
(laughs) – [Jacob] Should we go do
the fan art, we’ve got time? – The fan art. I believe it is the fan art time. – Can we do the fan art? – Plus I need to move this. – No, I think it should stay right there. – But I don’t think I will. – [Jacob] There ain’t no moving that. – [Julia] Oh! – [Karina] This weeks fan art
is from Nattra from Thailand – [Julia] Ooh! – [Karina] And it’s just
the cutest Till Bogen. – [Jacob] It’s a little bitty Till Bogen. – [Julia] Oh, I love this Till, he’s reading all his
little notes on his arm. – So cute!
– From the case. – [Jacob] He’s adorable. – [Julia] He’s trying his
best in his big old uniform. Oh, I love this! – [Jacob] If you don’t know who he is that means you’ve got to
go watch “Drawtectives.” – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] Because you’re
missing out on stuff like this. – [Karina] Please. – [Jacob] And it’s good. – [Julia] Thank you, I
enjoyed it quite a lot. – I loved that little guy. – Thanks, that was a lot of fun. – Yeah. – I like being Till. (laughs) – Well?
– Well? – Mail? – Time to check if we got
mail from our parents. – We don’t get much mail, much mail here at the camp. But, – Yeah, I mean the post office is supposed to deliver to us but we haven’t
seen that guy in a while. (loud rustling) (laughs) – This is all very old mail, apparently. (laughs) – All right.
– Okay. Here we go. (group laughs) – I got distracted ’cause it’s from Adam. – It’s from Adam?
(group laughs) – But it’s not. This week it’s from John
Risato from Salt Lake. Have there ever been
any episodes of Drawfee that were recorded that
didn’t make the final cut. Would you consider releasing
them as bonus episodes? – We’ve had a few. – Not ones that haven’t
like made the final cut but ones that have gotten corrupted. – Yeah.
– You know. – [Jacob] We’ve had a good
handful of really good episodes that just like the file got messed up. – [Julia] Yeah. – And we just had to
deal with the loss of a (Karina laughs)
– Yeah, hit us hard. – I mourn them everyday. – [Jacob] Yep, we lost a
very good Yu-Gi-Oh episode that Karina hosted. We lost an anime history
episode, all kinds of ones. There were, there’ve
only been like a couple in the entire history
of Drawfee that we’ve recorded and then been
like, “That wasn’t good.” (laughs) It has happened but it’s very rare. – I don’t remember any of those episodes but I’m thinking it might
be some Drawfee beans where we’ve started and our
energy was just like not there so we restarted it. – [Jacob] Yeah, we’ve done that before. – Yeah. – And there was one episode in particular I remember that Willie was on and he insisted on doing a
Jamaican accent the entire time. (laughs) And we finished the episode and like looked at each
other and we’re like, “We can’t, we can’t release this episode.” – [Julia] I wasn’t on that episode but – And I don’t think we’d
ever release that one as bonus content. I’m pretty sure that
was is just like gone. (Karina laughs)
– Yeah. – Like it was so long ago. – It never happened and you do not need to mention it again. (Julia laughs) – [Karina] But it’s out there now. – No, but it is very funny to me that that is a thing that happened. (laughs) – Oh boy.
– Nice. – 99% of the episodes
we record we put out. – Yeah, that’s true. – Thankfully. – Thankfully, unless
the computer eats them. – Unless the computer eats them. – Which has happened. – RIP. – RIP. – Can we leave camp?
– Yeah. – I don’t want to be at camp anymore. – I kinda, I think I quit. – I sorta enjoyed my
first camp experience. – Yeah? – Was it as bloody as you were expecting? – Yes. (laughs) – Then all is well. – Good, I’m glad we could do that for you. – Thank you. – Well, that’s it for us today. – Yep. – Thanks for watching Drawfee Variety Hour and as we say every time, – [All] We are sorry! ♪ When forest grows far from the sky ♪ ♪ And bloodstained
tears drop on the page ♪ ♪ Then all I hear is terror’s cry ♪ ♪ When Miniature Byron calls my name ♪ ♪ When forest grows far from the sky ♪ ♪ And bloodstained
tears drop on the page ♪ ♪ Then all I hear is terror’s cry ♪ ♪ When Miniature Byron calls my name ♪ (laughing) ♪ When forest grows far from the sky ♪ ♪ And bloodstained
tears drop on the page ♪ ♪ Then all I hear is terror’s cry ♪ ♪ When Miniature Byron calls my name ♪ ♪ When forest grows far from the sky ♪ ♪ And bloodstained
tears drop on the page ♪ ♪ Then all I hear is terror’s cry ♪ ♪ When Miniature Byron calls my name ♪ ♪ When forest grows far from the sky ♪ ♪ And bloodstained
tears drop on the page ♪ ♪ Then all I hear is terror’s cry ♪ ♪ When Miniature Byron calls my name ♪ ♪ When forest grows far from the sky ♪ ♪ And bloodstained
tears drop on the page ♪ ♪ Then all I hear is terror’s cry ♪ ♪ When Miniature Byron calls my name ♪ ♪ When forest grows far from the sky ♪ ♪ And bloodstained
tears drop on the page ♪ ♪ Then all I hear is terror’s cry ♪ ♪ When Miniature Byron calls my name ♪

100 thoughts on “Camp Drawing Challenge – The Drawfee Variety Hour

  1. This was like stepping into a different dimension. Watching this episode was like discovering a cryptid, but the cryptid was entirely not what you expected it to be, like searching for Bigfoot and finding the Jersey Devil.

  2. 1:42 Karina realising where her decisions have led her: a saga in face.
    16:26 Part 2: The Facequel
    21:14 Part 3: Minimalism
    21:32 Spinoff: Jacob (a heartwarming horror-comedy)
    22:16 A love story (spy thriller) directed by Julia Jacob "JJ" Abrams

    (Also oh god is Adam okay such a beautiful newborn bambi creature.)

  3. I actually would love it if the Camp Bass tee were available in appreciable quantities from your merch store. A print version would be acceptable *I guess*. ;D

    I love this episode so much and we're just over halfway through…

  4. I can not say this enough: I freaking love Julia, she is my spirit animal. I want her to give my dry but inspirational and slightly confusing speeches every day

  5. Nathan being missing increases his odds for survival. Or he's been killed off between episodes and we're denied the most anticipated wheel stop.

  6. That song manages to hurt you ears no matter the volume your device is on.

    I loved the video! It was hilarious especially the intro. It was also very inspiring, I really want to try some of these crafts out. They seem fun!

  7. This feels like a weird older episode of Good Mythical Morning, like back in their Good Morning Chia Lincoln days. I like it.

  8. i was going to answer if i'd rather fight a giant Byren or a thousand miniature Byrens but i'm scared he'll come for me

  9. Draw a favorite non-anime character( like from anything book, movie, game) as an anime character but don't say who it is and let the other two guess/create a back story and only tell them at the end.
    do more phrase people like
    ready freddy
    rigid Bridget
    Helpy helperton
    or phrase creatures
    lucky duck, dirty dog, ect

  10. you guys should auction off that shirt, I bet you could make enough to pay for the shipping AND another can of glitter.

  11. special thanks to miniature byron, regular thanks to our sponsor, and NO thanks to willie for doing a jamaican accent through a whole episode.

  12. I've only ever been able to make it through the intro credits once. Googly-eyed Jacob stirring a pot freaks me out more than anything else on this earth. I try every week but it gets me every time!

  13. You know… Karina wasn't on the episode where y'all just complimented each other at the end. Also props to Adam the deer, hope he's ok

  14. my face contorted in worry and helplessness when i saw Adam's flat spine and ass ready to slap the ground in that very unfortunate tuck-and-roll, it was like watching a car accident

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