California College of the Arts: Make Art That Matters

California College of the Arts: Make Art That Matters

I actually chose CCA because of their motto,
make art that matters. I wanted to know that what I was going to be designing wasn’t just
adding to the stuff that’s in the world already. Artists can contribute to a revolution of
ideas. Even if it’s not political, it somehow it manages to bring together something that’s
going on out there and to give it voice. It’s difficult to trap meaning in clothing. Over
time the stories change because the wearer changes. It’s beyond materials really. In
order to make something sustainable, it’s also connecting with your community. It’s
connecting with a sense of place. I mean I grew in East Oakland, so when I hear stories
of people who come up lower income neighborhoods and other areas, I see a lot of similarities.
Like I go home, and I still have friends, that are suffering. There’s this part of me
that wants to kind of heal that, and there’s a part of me that’s like: is there some design
out there that can stop that from happening? Not just think about why you made an edge
brown, but also think about, like, why did you pick that material and how, where will
this be in twenty years. A lot of my mentors and two of my travels as an apprentice were
alum of CCA, and I didn’t really understand how profound a place like this could be. CCA’s
mission of making art that matters really is important. What’s valuable to someone?
That’s a question that’s really core. It’s like, I want to create something that has
meaning and value to a person. It’s not just about developing a toolkit of skills, but
it’s also what is going to drive your practice beyond an assignment. What we’re just trying
to do is to get people to see that there are different ways to approach design rather than
just being a consumer. Yeah, I grew up in East LA, and it’s got a soft spot in my heart,
so creating these nonprofits that bring this art and bring this experience to that community
is so important. This experience would never have been possible if I wasn’t at CCA. It’s,
I think, totally informed my future trajectory. And we did a photography workshop with orphans,
murdered, and disappeared women in the most violent city in the world, and it was a very
powerful experience. It’s also something I couldn’t have done without the other students
at CCA. Certain blinders can happen when you’re in the city all the time. CCA helps you take
those off as well as introduces you to things you never it saw coming. We can miss out on
blessings just by remaining to ourselves. For a twenty two year old college student
to be thinking about can I bring this huge tangible change, I think that’s what CCA means:
make art that matters.

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  1. Great College! I graduated here in 2002 and the film department had small class sizes. Had the opportunity to edit my first short 16mm film on a Steenbeck Flatbed before moving into the digital Realm.

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