8 thoughts on “B&W Artisan Pro Teaser

  1. I have the software recently installed and followed all of your videos step by step until done. One question if you don't mind ? Which is more up to date. The videos in Black and Artisan Pro or the videos shown in your link above.

  2. Joel,
    I am just starting to learn your panels. I would like to know if you suggest doing any Lightroom or Camera RAW adjustments to the image before advancing to the panels? What is your thoughts about sharpening before and after processing the image in the panels? Thanks, John Doddato

  3. Hi, is there any chance to use this or an older version in photoshop cs5? I d love to buy it, but will definitly not change to CC……

  4. Does B&W Artisan Pro include the power of Quick Mask Pro? Or would that be considered a separate panel?

  5. I'm desperate to give this a go but my reservation is…I don't use Photoshop. 80% of my post production work is on Lightroom and 20% on Silver Effex Pro 2. I'm concerned I won't be able to get my head around this due to my lack of knowledge of PS.
    Any thoughts anyone?

  6. Okay. I will probably pick this up, However, I hope you have some instruction videos for your panel. This video is quite difficult to follow.

  7. Yes! I have all your tutorials and your panels. I have one suggestion for youtube training videos, they are way too fast I have to stop the video so often, I wish you can speak and explain to detail just like your paid tutorials. The easier you make it for us, the more people will be able to use and buy the panel. Thanks for all you do to help us, I'm a huge fan.

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