But Can You Do This

But Can You Do This

*Intense respirator breathing* UH, I cannot breath in that thing! Oh- uh.. Hi! This video is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club and since you’re out here come here. I want to show you something *Fail* Okay, so Usually how I start my day is I go into ze bathroom, and I shave you know no one likes the neckbeard. I mean I’ve been using Dollar Shave Club for years anyways, and it’s always been such a good price And it is so convenient with Dollar Shave Club to just have the stuff just sent right to your door You don’t have to bother about going to the store and paying way too much For your razors and bathroom products and did I mention that Dollar Shave Club is not only a razor company Toothpaste to lotions to- (hair products, bodywashes and razors) but I gotta say the thing that changed my life, and I didn’t know that I needed Telling you you need to try these things they’re awesome. There’s something very magical about having a peppermint butt wipe it’s like a waterfall downstairs if you use my special URL New members get their first month of daily essential starter set including the executive razor and trial sized versions of their shea butter body Cleanser and one wipe Charlie butt wipes for only five bucks free shipping. It’s a no-brainer this offer is exclusively available at dollarshaveclub.com Bobby Duke everyone needs razors Why not get them from Dollar Shave Club? It’s so much more affordable, and it totally would be Directly helping me and my channel and to continue to do this stuff to entertain you all dollarshaveclub.com /bo BB yd u ke link in description use the link Sorry about that. I get a little emotional when I talk about Dollar Shave Club, okay guys it’s time to go get some wood so come with me Wonder what they sell here hmmm. Let’s go check it out. Oh My goodness, that’s a lot of wood. Oh my gosh this place is flippin ginormous I’ve never seen a board this large of Padauk! Haha, Duke Ebony, look at the size of this board. Oh my gosh Purple heart, zebrawood. Huh, sorry I’m freaking out a little guys That looks pretty amazing Yeah, this real thick stuff ten quarters the two and a half all right awesome I Love it jatoba teak you guys would It’s wonderful ah My goodness look at all that do you even know how much I? Can make with this I don’t even know thanks central hardwoods Appreciate it. I was gonna go straight home, but I mean how could you just drive by a? Discotheque we discotheque Yes, very nice. Okay. We have our wood now since I’m going to be making a hand Holding something. I need some reference material First thing I’m gonna. Do is have my daughter a sling model for me. I got a hand it to her She does an excellent job modeling hands. She’s very handy at this, so let’s let’s go get some pictures shall we Okay, we’ve got our hand o fandango’s printed out and just gonna tape this together This is actual life-size for her hand and forearm. Yeah, that’s gonna be our template I’m gonna glue that on to the wood after I tape it together, and we’re just gonna do something kind of like that okay? Okay, okay. Okay, since this is too thick this way to fit on one of my bass wood boards We’re gonna have to glue two pieces together in order to get all the thickness One of these little guys well these little guys are right here. I’m gonna start by cutting off this big knot area Definitely saving that for another project. No I am Now we just got to glue those ding dang ol Creek gangs together. Oh Oh hi Here’s our giant block of wood you can see how it’s all glued up It’s ready to be cut and go ahead and glue this onto this side like this and then clear this one onto the other side Like this or something like that. I’m gonna go take it over to the bandsaw and cut it out Let’s do buy it You know what happens next Bye-bye bandsaw Ok it’s finished guys this is it. This is the finished hand Okay, you know I I try to be a healthy guy, so we’re gonna try this the homeopathy way You know the way they have like cures like Using that logic we’re gonna do wood cuts wood. Let’s see how that works I’m scared Well didn’t seem to do anything I wonder why let’s see if it works on a banana Why did I do this if you’re too lazy to peel banana the huge This is definitely not the way you uh would normally do it. Oh no hmm Manner so in the end we just reinforced what we already knew paper doesn’t work to cut wood that other thing doesn’t work either No, but seriously, let’s get serious all seriousness aside I’m gonna start off carving it with this doohickey on my anger grind err Okay Now we’re gonna go back and do some carving. I’m starting off with it’s like a little ball burb Doohickey really aggressive thing that I’m gonna come back and try to refine the shape hi So let’s uh, you know, let’s just do some carving on this hand oh Shot look at there, it’s kind of looking handy, so what I do is besides having reference pictures I’ll look at this I’ll rotate it and find areas that just aren’t looking Correct because you’ve seen your hand you’ve seen hands before you know what they’re supposed to look like like this area right in here It’s way too thick with teeth these So what I’ll do is just look at the reference picture look at my own hand which is kind of hard to Well doesn’t Bend that way just just fix it fix it until it looks right. It’s so easy hey oh Oh, sorry bro totally left you hanging Now once I have it to this point I’m gonna go ahead and give it a lights and so I can then continue to refine as a ship because it’s hard to see subtle shapes with all the fuzz on and the little bumps and stuff and subtlety is where Realism and not realism come into play that is where the key is Sutter T. So let me be subtle Oh my gosh guys look What came in the mail this very special package was brought to you in part by Heath knuckles actually entirely in part by? Box This is hard to do one-handed There we go, I think we got it What does this say what I’m about to reveal to you is pure solidified magic and bubble wrap oh Let’s open it hold on say that’s crazy-looking. Oh my gosh wow That is beautiful this is Exactly what I was hoping. You’d make Heath. Oh, I’m so excited this thing is incredible Oh, dude, look. There’s like a little heart in there. That’s crazy. It’s because Heath loves me go check out Heath knuckles He does these incredible like resin and wood spheres that are beautiful the guy is He’s a wizard Harry for real. Thank you Heath. Let me show you what I’m going to turn that into Let’s just get it out of the fridge. I keep it there, so it stays fresh Don’t want my sculptures going bad. Okay. Well we got to do is turn this into this So what I’m going to start with is my anger grinder. I’m going to carve away all this material on top give it kind of a pyramid a sort of shape then I’m gonna go back with my rotary carver and Yeah, just carve that away, and it’s a huge jolly rancher Doesn’t taste this good, though, let’s diggity ding-dang do it Edgar’s still judging us what an even bigger loose? Hi? Hi, you look at me with that. Eye when I’m talking you bets better alright. Looks pretty cool. Here’s what we got so far uh-oh Look at that thing. I’m losing a little bit of a color because Because the center hat didn’t have as much color in it, but I still think this is gonna be really cool Look when you hold it up to the light now That we have it roughed out. I’m gonna go back with a smaller bit doohickey and Putting in some of the finer details looks like a meteor ball. It’s stuck Just kidding, so well. Let’s do that. Oh Okay, all right I got this I can do this huh okay My little Dukies we got the handily hand I’m gonna add some Sanding sealer then I’m gonna sand lease and it here’s our little fireball thing All that’s left really is just a little bit of sanding And then I’m gonna coat it in epoxy so this is obviously gonna sit here like that. Oh then It’s gonna mount on my door. Just like that Oh Good I’ve hollowed out a little section so that I can run the Electron Oh Tron’s there will be wires running all the way up a little LED right there in the palm I think you know what’s gonna happen, so let’s drill a hole But can you do this? Hey Thanks for making it to the end of the video again. Oh my gosh. You’re awesome I really gotta hand it to you. You did a great job now Just a couple quick things before I let you go once again. Please check out Dollar Shave Club. It would help me out Indescribable link is in the description go check them out, please Namaste also remember. I’m going to make her central in Birmingham UK I will be there the 5th and 6th of May so make sure to stop by and say hi to me also Heath knuckles go give heat knuckles some love. Please go subscribe to his channel. He’s a great guy does amazing work I really think you’ll like him so brofist Papa bless and as always hey Vsauce Michael here

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