Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego

Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego

– [Narrator] Meet David Aguilar. – [Narrator] When David was born, his right arm hadn’t fully developed. – [Narrator] And while some would see this as a disadvantage, David
is just a regular kid. He likes EDM. He goes by the name, Hand Solo. Get it? He has an embarrassing dad. He goes to school. And, he can open doors with his Lego arm. So cool. Growing up, he was obsessed with Lego. So much so, he wanted to make
it a part of him, literally. – [Narrator] Unfortunately,
the Lego bricks weren’t strong enough and it
wasn’t for another nine years ’til he would try again. – [Narrator] That model,
the MK1, only took five days to build, of course,
like any good inventor, he got straight to work on an upgrade.

100 thoughts on “Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego

  1. "How can someone make a working arm out of lego's ?"

    Because you're fucking AWESOME that's how! 😤

  2. I wonder how it feels having a not fully completed arm, like, he has that little hand and I don't know how does that feel. I hope I will never feel that sensation. Insult me how long do you want I don't know why.

  3. Are you serious? Why didn't he use Bionicle parts. Could have made some awesome hands

    I'm aware that a lot of technic parts are in Bionicle sets

  4. 0:27
    I mean I’d be annoyed too but if they not trying to sound harsh and are just surprised it’s kinda understandable cause you don’t see that everyday…

    and you don’t see a lego prosthetic arm everyday either cause that’s actually pretty amazing

  5. Evacuate the city

    Engage all defences

    pulls off bucky’s arm

    And get this man an arm

    Bucky: that’s not very cash money of you

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