Building a Dollhouse: Sanding + Painting | Beachside Bungalow Kit Episode 3 | SEWING REPORT

Building a Dollhouse: Sanding + Painting | Beachside Bungalow Kit Episode 3 | SEWING REPORT

we’re on part three of what may be the
neverending dollhouse project welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer
Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects as you
know I’ve been building a beach house bungalow by real good toys and this is
literally taking me forever but I finally have reached the part to sand
and paint all the pieces and I haven’t even painted and sanded like even half
of the pieces because there’s like a gajillion little ones but I’m focusing
on the larger ones so yeah the sanding I’m not gonna lie it took me a really
long time at first I started doing it in here which was a terrible idea I figure
you know hey I’ve got some paper over the table it won’t be too bad no it was
really bad there was dust everywhere no I don’t recommend that at all do not
sand indoors make sure here in like an outside space or maybe your basement
just make sure to have some sort of dust filtration system because this stuff
gets intense so I took it outside in the balcony put some paper down there and
that worked out a lot better there was a lot of sanding I used some sanding
blocks I got some from Home Depot and some from Dollar Tree in fact I got a
lot of my supplies for this from Dollar Tree paint brushes a little like paint
set that came with a mini roller lots of things Dollar Tree is a great place to
go for the paint I chose a few different colors I decided to do the outside a
light pink and do some of the walls inside a combo of white sort of an aqua
color and navy blue or the paint I use bears premium plus ultra it’s a paint
and primer in one and I use the eggshell finish I ended up getting five colors I
got a white I got a slightly larger can a light pink that I did the outside of
the house and then I chose an aqua color for some of the interiors and baby blue
and white so I ended up getting the bigger can of white because I’m going to
be doing all of the trim in white and some of the paint was a little on the
thicker side so I found this stuff called float roll you can get this at
any hardware store this works fantastic it kind of opens up the drying time
and it helps eliminate the brushstroke so I was very grateful to find that
anyways take a look into the sanding and painting process my gosh I feel exhausted just watching
that anyways thank you for watching my what might be like a fifty seven part
series on building a dollhouse again this kit is the beach house
bungalow by a real good toys I’m liking how all the pieces are fitting together
some of them are MDF some of them are wood I think this is gonna be a good
long-term project so we’ll see how long this takes me if you enjoyed this video
be sure to hit that like button and subscribe to the Sewing Report for
everything sewing crafts and DIY projects I’ll see you guys next time

5 thoughts on “Building a Dollhouse: Sanding + Painting | Beachside Bungalow Kit Episode 3 | SEWING REPORT

  1. I swear I'm making more and more progress – this is the project that never ends! Have you ever built a dollhouse?

  2. Awesome progress! I've never thought of getting my crafting supplies at Dollar Tree – have you thought of doing a video on what tools you can get at Dollar Tree?

  3. Great tutorial and ideas and process. Can you tell me what the name of the square ruler used for marking the shingle lines? Thanks

  4. I know I'm a bit late here, but I'm remodeling my old dollhouse so I can give it to my niece. I love your colour choices. Any chance you remember what you chose?

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