42 thoughts on “Bubble Painting Technique | Basic Easy Fun Art for Kids

  1. I was specifically looking for a bubble paint video that was like asmr and relaxing. Perfection, thank you!!!

  2. Thanks for sugar tip … when I had tried using acrylics as well as food colour the colour turned out more vibrant in food dyes.. Thanks for vid… I wld like you to checkout my channel and if u like plz do suscribe..just a newbie trying my creativity to showcase to this world….Thank you

  3. Merci pour cette technique, et vraiment j'ai trouvé cette vidéo délicieuse, avec ce petit bébé en plein apprentissage des Merveilles de la Vie avec son papa !!

  4. I don't understand how people can unlike this video. Cute baby and great creativity. What's there to unlike?

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