BRIGHT COLORS / Coloured Shading and Markers / ABSTRACT PAINTING | Aduro

BRIGHT COLORS / Coloured Shading and Markers / ABSTRACT PAINTING | Aduro

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100 thoughts on “BRIGHT COLORS / Coloured Shading and Markers / ABSTRACT PAINTING | Aduro

  1. hello john! i want to start with abstract art by myself and i really really love the kind of paint you are using. yes, its acrylic but may i ask you from which brand these paints are and where i can buy them?

  2. Every time you have a new video, it's like a Christmas day to me 😊 It's a gift!!! And because at the moment, I cannot afford a real classroom painting lesson, your videos are my online tutorials. I was able to paint 2 already, inspired by Morpheme and Mystic. It's not as good as the original, but I am proud. Please keep doing what you do because you give us the motivation and enthusiasm to appreciate and create art through painting. Thank you!!!

  3. Every time you don" t stop surprise people. Everything looks very simple in your hands and always beautiful result. Thank you, John.

  4. Джон ты мастер! Кто скажет что это за краска? Пробовал и покупным акрилом и самодельный, че то не тот эффект. использую стеклохолст

  5. Eu sou Brasileiras e isso me incentivo muito a contar aos meus pais que eu queria ser artista, muito obrigada mesmo, as suas obras sao lindíssima, você tem muito talento, e eu acho legal da sua parte usar ele para ensinar, e motivar as pessoas. Parabéns 👏👏👏❤

  6. Where do you get your stencils at? Your artwork and watching you create is inspiring! Thank you for sharing your technique and skills!

  7. When you start a painting.
    Do you have a vision of what you want,
    or do you develop it has you move forward.
    I do pen and ink abstracts.
    There are times I just go for it.
    When I see something that pops out at me.
    I'll work around it to bring more of it out.


  8. c'est trop bon. j'adore ce painting!
    I hope you understand because my french is very basic. But I love your videos and this painting is my favorite.
    passez une merveilleuse journée!

  9. John, totally awesome, the colors of the under painting are great. The shading and geometric lines totally blew me out of my Sunday easy chair and into my art work area! Thx!

  10. Esta increiblee¡!¡!¡ IS AMAZING¡!¡! Ojala lo pongas para ofertas jajaja, lo quiero colgar en mi pared y presenciarlo cada día

  11. It looks like thin colored pieces of glass or plastic glued on to canvas, I love it! It's really amazing
    Thank you for sharing!

  12. I admire so much your talent and amaizing paintings. I can not stop watching your videos. You are an excellent artist. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Pleasure to watch. Lovely bright colors. Thanks for sharing. I recently started YouTube channel with oil paintings tutorials. Everybody welcome. 🎨

  14. Superbe encore une fois !!! Petite question : je ne trouve pas sur ta liste de matériel le pinceau que tu utilises pour tes ombrages et tes parties en peinture avec de l'eau … Peux tu me donner un lien pour le trouver stp ?

  15. Merci pour toutes les vidéos partagées. C'est grâce à ça que j'ai eu l'envie de me lancer dans la peinture abstraite 👍

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