Briar Nolet’s “My Prerogative” Is Absolutely Fierce – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

Briar Nolet’s “My Prerogative” Is Absolutely Fierce – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

100 thoughts on “Briar Nolet’s “My Prerogative” Is Absolutely Fierce – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

  1. Tricks are great but correct training is better—she has both! Beautiful lines and feet! She took classical training to a new level. Excellent! Standing O!

  2. OKAY this show is really more a acrobatic show then it is a dance show. I mean was the dancing really that great?

  3. The Kings didn't deserve to win. They didn't dance, the Kings did theatrical tricks. While very talented dancers was over looked. It's suppose to be a dance show. This show is a joke this season should have been called world 🌎 of tricks b/c that's what they was looking for!

  4. All of you are acting like JLo is “bitter” and “jealous” just because she thought there was too much gymnastics and not enough dancing? I agree with her. This was a fun performance but I do agree that it was way too reliant on gymnastics. And that doesn’t make me jealous or bitter for thinking so.

    I do think she underscored her though.

  5. She’s obviously really good but the choreo just like isn’t (imo)…I don’t think it has anything to do with this like gymnastics vs dancing debate happening (which acro is a thing). The choreo that’s connecting tricks is just lacking and really leans into the choppiness of the remix but idk something just doesn’t vibe.

  6. You know how JLo has a ghost singer? Now, she is thinking of how she can use Briar as her ghost dancer in one of her future music video. I can just see it in her eyes. She wants that move.

  7. Okay JLO giving pointers! Well you need to thank Ashanti for them songs you perform, “Cause I’m Real” thank you.

  8. I love JLo but she was just hating. This girl is so badass not even JLo's dancers can do half of what Briar can do let alone JLo. So JLo check yourself cause you sour. Lol Oh wait! Let's not forget she's also Gorgeous. Fierce is an understatement.

  9. The cast for female action roles should be dancers. They have the body and athleticism. Just teach them how to act.

  10. Someone needs to get smart and hire Briar as the FIRST REAL BOND GIRL.
    SHE is what 007 is all about.
    This performance is something you see in the movies only’s done with computers and stunt men.
    Girl…you are like a ribbon on a wire and you are gold.

  11. Not a lot of dancing.. Some impressive tricks at least..
    Interesting Brittany couldnt do any of that .. Let alone sing and she some how still had more charisma…
    Guess there rly is an "It" factor

  12. Les acrobaties son super jolie mais la danse et ou ???quand en danse faut faire l'histoire de la musique et non de la gymnastique que je dit pas que c'est moche mais u. Peu plus de danse …

  13. Why do they call it gymnastics it’s acro when ur dancing it’s called acro not gymnastics and there meant to be dancers 😬

  14. I wish somebody had told J Lo in the recording studio that they wanted from her a LOT more singing ability in her songs. This young woman's performance was a 10. I sense jealousy from J Lo. Please no hate from her fans. Even if J Lo were young and at the height of her success it is standard practice to suppress real or potential competition. This is why people like her should not be judges on shows and young performers shouldn't trust them. As bad as he was American Idol's Simon Cowell and Randy Jacksons careers were all about finding talent and making money off their talent. Now I don't mean to downplay that the negative aspects of being used by talent agents or record producers etc. but you're not in competition with these people even subconsciously in their minds. so if you're really good at what you do they're going to give you a shot and they're going to groom for the business. I must add though talent agents will make you feel like you're not as good as you are as a manipulative tactic but that's to control you not to keep you from getting in the business. when they make you famous and make you money along with themselves. Basically keeps you insecure and dependent on their approval even when your famous and telling them what to do. Which I'm sure J Lo knows a lot about.

  15. Can I just say that if a dance show has judges that are popular whoever celebs or sport people, the people who decide who should be a judge should reconsider who actually should judge because guys we need actual judges who know more about dancing

  16. Where can i find this song without all the public and judges voices??
    (I know the original song but this remake it's absolutely incredible)

  17. The people who really annoy me are the people who say all of somebody's routines are the same when it's simply just their dance style. Smh.

  18. Jennifer is so biased that it makes me not even want to watch the show anymore🙄I would love to see her try just one of the elements in Briar’s dance which was in the style of ACRO meaning there is tumbling and tricks and flips mixed in with the dancing. If Jennifer can’t understand simple styles of dance, then she shouldn’t be a judge. She is way too overrated and i never really liked her tbh. Even though she’s the Executive Producer for the show, it doesn’t mean that she is qualified to judge dancers that are so powerful, technical, clean, and all around amazing. I would have given Briar at least a 99 because that was one of the best performances i’ve seen on the show to date. I really think they should bring in new judges (except for Derek) because Jlo is known for twerking and showing her body off and Ne-Yo….is not a high caliber dancer. Derek is the only one with actual dance experience not to mention he won Dancing with the Stars 6 times! But anyway Briar didn’t deserve that 93 she deserved a 100

  19. Anyone who says this is gymnastics obviously knows nothing about dance and if you claim you do I’m sorry you don’t

    There is this magical thing called GENRES! Could you believe it? Actual types of dance? This one is called Acro!

    Edit: not meaning to be rude guys

  20. The growth? Really – she’s been performing since she was a child. I’m pretty sure she reached her potential for dance prior to this contest

  21. Yes, this is gorgeous acro work and flawless technique. However, I do want to see dancing. I do. I saw so many tricks that could have been connected by dance and did not need to be “trick, trick, trick.” There were lots of moments when the elements were not one hundred percent fluid into each other, and those moments were when she could have taken the time to increase more “dance” (ie, not acro or elements) and brought a greater fluidity.

  22. Who is out here letting this borderline stripper give one of the best dancers in the world a 93? We need a new goddamn panel (minus Derek obvi)

  23. lol if you call this gymnastics you are wrong. Very wrong. Only a tiny amount of the skills performed here appear anywhere in gymnastics. She is dancing ACRO. It's not contemporary, it's acro. It's not about being emotional or feeling the dance. Acro is all about incredible technique, perfect timings, strength and endurance, and connection between each step of the dance. And she did that perfectly.

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