BRAWL STARS – Леон Оборотень и Кольт | Бравл Старс из пластилина | РУЗИК

BRAWL STARS – Леон Оборотень и Кольт | Бравл Старс из пластилина | РУЗИК

Hi guys, you are watching the Video Modeling channel! My name is Roman and today, at your request, I will sculpt new
heroes from the game Brawl Stars. And we will sculpt Colt and Leon Werewolf. Guys, if you want thinkers and other heroes from the game, then like. Let’s get 5,000 likes! All videos with sculpting these heroes you
can be found in a separate sheet, I’ll leave a link to it in the description below this video. Stop! And what is it, corn sticks “Ruzik”? Guys this is our friend
funny hamster ruzik. He came to visit us and brought
corn sticks. Ruzik works at the Corn Factory,
they produce corn sticks: The Big Journey and the Rusik Maxi, as well as
many other goodies. By the way, you can find them on the site of Ruzik, link
I will leave the site in the description. I think that before modeling it will be useful to have a little refreshment. Also on the site of Ruzik there are interesting
fairy tales and coloring with it. Do you guys like corn sticks? Write in the comments. The first today I blind Colt. To sculpt his pants and vest, I need to mix gray plasticine and dark purple. It turned out this color. Next, I blind all the main details of the figure. The frame for the figure, as usual, I made
from aluminum wire. Colt is a fighter who opens as a reward on the “Path to Glory” to achieve 60 trophies. He has a small health reserve, but high damage. Colt fires a powerful volley of bullets at a very long distance. These bullets are larger in size, have a greater range, able to destroy shelters and fly twice as fast as usual, while flashing through enemies. Colt has several skins, but I will sculpt his most ordinary skin. I like him the most. First of all, I blinded my legs and torso.
Legs need to be slightly apart and bent at the knees. I will make Colt boots out of light purple plasticine. Next, I will install the figure on the stand, so that
it was more convenient to sculpt. From below, I bend the wire as usual, so that the figure is stable. I’ll stick a circle of cardboard on the bottom of the stand so that it doesn’t stick
to the table. Now you can stick shoes. In order to mold a Colt’s vest, flatten the plasticine and cut out a rectangle from it. It is better to stick a vest to the body before you make your hands, it will be much easier. For fastening the hands I will also use aluminum wire. Using a scalpel, I make a triangular cut on the shirt and stick my neck. And now I blind the collar itself. Brown plasticine
I’ll make Colt a belt, on which you will hang a holster for the pistol and cartridges. By the way, guys, you noticed two pistols at Colt, and one holster. Inexplicably
the developers did just that. If you know, then write in the comments. For sculpting my head I will use beige plasticine. I’ll remind you again to get such a color, you need to mix white plasticine with a little brown. And you can also add some more orange there. Connect the head to the body and we will
sculpt Colt’s hair. For modeling hairstyles I need
plasticine crimson or red. Colt’s hairstyle – that’s probably it
the most difficult part when sculpting this figure. First, in this way, I’m doing the foundation, and then begin to slowly add
plasticine on top. The middle part resembles such an elongated
a little flattened drop. Then add two flagella on each side. Next, I add more plasticine to the whiskey and smooth them with a tool. Now blind the whiskers. From yellow plasticine I will make stars on Colt’s clothes. Now I will show you how to dazzle
Colt revolver. For sculpting revolvers I will use gray sculptural clay and aluminum wire. I’ll add a little to the handle of the revolver
dark brown plasticine. And so guys, this is how I got Colt. Next, I will sculpt Leon Werewolf. To sculpt Leon Werewolf, I’ll need dark blue plasticine, dark beige, green, black and gray. I will also use an aluminum wire frame. First, from dark blue plasticine, I blindfold my pants. Next, stick the legs. Leon werewolf
walks barefoot, so he does not need to sculpt shoes. Leon also wears a light green T-shirt or shirt with dangling sleeves and a blue tank top. I install the figure on the stand. Now you can dazzle your legs. I install the wire for the hands and begin to sculpt the hands themselves. Leon’s hands I first blind from
sculptural plasticine gray, and then on top I will cover with blue. Compared to ordinary Leon, this skin has very large hands. Or maybe it’s gloves. I don’t know for sure, if you know, then write in the comments. Leon wears black spiked bracelets around his wrists. To sculpt the spikes I will use light gray plasticine. Added a little gray to white. After sculpting the spikes on the bracelets
I begin to sculpt claws on the legs. We’ll stick a big pocket to Leon’s stomach
from which a bone will stick out. As I understand it, Leon’s neck is hanging
broken chain. To sculpt the tail, I used aluminum wire and gray and blue plasticine. Now let’s start sculpting the head. I take a ball of blue plasticine and cut it in half. Next, on each side I cut another piece. Further this whole thing
smoothing. So it happened. Next, we’ll make Leon’s face. It is only half visible to him. Next, I make a deepening for the mouth and fill it with white plasticine. I draw my teeth and sculpt a nose. And on top of my face I’ll stick a little dark brown plasticine. I connect these two elements together and begin to sculpt the face of the wolf. I immediately made deepenings for the eyes and stick the nose and teeth. Also, I immediately prepared all the small elements that will be located on Leon’s head. I fill the inside of the eyes
plasticine is black, and the ears are pink. Now I’ll add green to my eyes
plasticine and make pupils. In order to make my eyes brighter, I’ll add
on them is still yellow plasticine. I will make eyebrows of light blue. Now blind the hair on the cheeks The head is almost ready, I attach it to the body. We stick the wool on the back of the head. Here is such a Leon Werewolf
from Brawl Stars I did it. Guys, thank you all for watching, for the likes and
comments. Also everyone who shared this video with their friends. If you like our channel, then subscribe! Unless of course you are not yet subscribed. Next, as usual, there will be greetings from the cat Willy and photos of the best plasticine crafts from our VKontakte group. Today, greetings from us with Ruzik:
George Pukhaev, Elizabeth Surikova and Dasha Kazarkina. Guys,
We give you a huge hello!

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