BOOSTER GOLD! BLUE BEETLE! Post SDCC 2019--Art Stream with Jim Lee

BOOSTER GOLD! BLUE BEETLE! Post SDCC 2019–Art Stream with Jim Lee

okay all right everything's good now I don't know for whatever reason if I leave the computer running for a bit the gaudiya goes out or the side camera goes out a side camera goes out oh boy let's see hopefully this won't let's try that little again all right hopefully that's taste yeah more or less hold on one second all right there we are all right cue Hugo is in the house very late yeah she suffered 23 months which reminds me we are gonna hit our two-year anniversary come I think end of August so we'll do something special for that all right I've got an hour and a half so I'm gonna work very quickly let me talk about San Diego comic-con I just returned it was a long drive back because everyone basically decided to leave at the same time I'm gonna do a piece for a friend a friend and it's gonna be classic Blue Beetle and Booster Gold I'm sure because I don't be working with ya I might miss some of the notifications but I will go back in and say hello to some people obviously they're tuning in and subbing I see a lot of activity there I don't know how many of you guys are at comic-con right now out of curiosity there was a fair number of people I saw we had a very kind of impromptu get-together all right see what this looks like here can't even see myself here ya figure for those of you couldn't make comic-con here's your chance to see a small hour and a half or so a little less than our low over an hour a little under an hour and a half drawing demo I'm gonna draw Blue Beetle and booster gore and goal will be boost your gore I've been the very famous time-traveling vegetable okay it's 0.7 okay let me just get started and then we'll acknowledge some people I did see that to cure he Co was in the house she's our moderator prime started a little late I wanted to get an important message out via instagram and twitter twitter thanking all the people that that make comic-con possible this long post take a long time to put together at least for me got to find all the pictures edit them find all the all the names of the people i know i'd left somebody out in which well luckily i can go back and edit them back in if need be and I didn't even tag anyone or list all the people at this point I'm just starting to kind of very you know this is obviously Blue Beetle kind of a Spider Man II type pose and then booster who can fly so that's kind of what they're both kinda in the same distance from us of the head shape the head size sorry the scale is about the same but now I've got all this kind of dead space down here and I'm thinking that Blue Beetle can be larger so I'm going to erase this idea and increase it by I don't know like a third maybe see what happens here and it's quite a beefy blue beetle was that a third or 50% math is hard let's you can kind of see it all it's a little big so I don't know if I want to go that large it's starting to dominate the piece so I'm going to go just shrink his head a little bit and by shrinking his head it basically starts informing all the other shapes and sizes they have some fun with that hand there mmm-hmm maybe maybe not I don't know I kind of want they both have their arms out I'm wondering what does something happened that's cool if his hand starts coming forward hmm let's try this rather than a both look both kind of heels tucked underneath the the rear kind of shot and do something where it's more like leaping out at us once I kind of get the sure down I'll pause for a moment for station identification there's a reference that you don't really hear too much anymore and then maybe I can pull up booster just a little bit make him a little bit larger okay you can kind of see and that's that's pretty much how I started a piece that looks like a little wheel little Holman Paige there all right so now and that cut touched upon this in my how to draw panel that I did which was an hour and a half I don't know if any of you guys were there at that panel I felt like I was a little bit long like the regular spotlight panels are an hour now if you'll always feel rushed I felt rushed at both actually by the end but full an hour and a half was like almost too much time with me it gets like like it gets grating what was initially interesting gets grating by ninety minutes but hours too short so maybe the you know if I can only do like an hour 15 minutes well it's definitely too much times as crispy okay any water it's nice to get this one nice to get to watch this while not insurance when it rains yes have a run out of jokes no you know what it was weird like this year the how to draw was really a how to draw people just kind of asked me like how do you do this how do you do that how you know how to draw hands how do you draw a dynamic form how do you how do you learn to make things well three dimensionally tough about perspective a little bit and then the spotlight was a little more conversational while I drew it's kind of like talking and drawing versus drawing to teach right one second I have water here so I need to get it I'll be right back you alright alright let's see let's go quickly and acknowledge all the fine folk that are supporting this stream we have Haruhiko confirmed we have crispy egg roll as a mod know I think poop kid is in the house in the house as they say as well can't even say uh nitronic Lee that's such an old expression – honestly okay bunker 13 yeah it was good Saint punker 13 he was hungover that was awesome hey man my voice is getting better definitely no more late nights for me I was like do people still go out and like drink after hours at comic-con I thought that was kind of over cuz that's what I remember with in 90s going out we had a we had a panel that kind of reflect upon comic-con in the 90s and Bob Shrek start talking about the parties and then that jogged a lot of memories and I didn't get a chance to share my experiences with that but then I was like come on you know it's probably better to kind of leave some things unsaid you know all right so gee Ganon has subscribed using Prime so if you're an Amazon Prime member you got a complimentary twitch Prime membership you just have to renew it every month Queen City amusements has resub for 21 months yay Terk puzzlin has subscribed using prime as well tim box has cheer thank you very much for the bits mr Nexus and yokai artist and three heart Feast have all Reis upped the dapper nerfed er that had the dapper nerf-herder Star Wars I just want to say that I love your work and I learned a lot fra I learned a ton from your videos thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge yeah I've heard that a lot I'm happy that that's what you guys are saying as opposed to it would be better if you didn't talk and just true or I don't understand or you're making things harder than they need to be by talking about math and Kansas soup and everything but I do feel that part of art is having confidence and sometimes when people start thinking about drawing a face it gets they get overwhelmed by thinking about how complex it is and all the parts and really it's just a bunch of lines and if you can think about the complex things as something other than the complex things right it's kind of a weird version of imagining your audience naked right don't see that don't see it as what you see it as or what you fear it as but in a way that makes you feel comfortable and amused and yeah alright let me go back and thank some other people spikey summer has resub this support in the stream I appreciate it you know there's this whole phenomenon of supporting people that stream is an interesting one that's why was it initially attracted to this notion this idea because of something so unlike anything I had experienced before as a fan so I want to thank you guys for being here and supporting the stream for the almost two years that we've been around chunky style 3030 has reset this well holy arts-and-crafts Batman from New York thanks to him for swimming after a long comic-con weekend and superheros home where art has resub 22 months in a row Remy 9 9 9 8 8 8 back from the UK I look forward to seeing REM stir again a betas Ezri subbed Ethan Nitin antique alban angry panda 8 8 8 Ariane M tell us one Daniel J Bosco thank you for the mr. Frese remark my pleasure Tinker Bell of Reno warms er why minister Hawaiian mr. Kiir he Co who I mentioned Anthony Bromwell and 22 Bonilla cupcakes spider-man 1963 poop kid the one and only poop kid crucial Crysis 3 uh actually crucial Crysis 3 hit just hosted but everyone else that I just mentioned terrific supporters in the stream I appreciate it thank you very much you raha has also recept thank you alright so let's get back to the drawing G gammon has asked the YouTube it's it's slash Jim Lee I was able to acquire that address back alright so the Blue Beetle is more or less more of a spider-man type physique so he shouldn't be too bulky so I have the general gesture down and now it's just about kind of simplifying it slim off' eyeing it and also taking these kind of big globs of clay that i've thrown down as shapes and refining it alright and as i do what i'm here's what I'm thinking alright these are the mines I see in my head I don't draw I draw for your edification and amusement look there's a foot in the wild look at that easy peasy my feet looked like the way I dropped they look like loose socks don't they they look like socks that are basically like his toes right here and socks kind of dangling but I guarantee you no one really looks at feet and drawings I could I could draw this I could draw this and you guys would just be like whatever right you wouldn't look you wouldn't notice that people look at the eyes we are biologically programmed to look at the faces because that's how you know if someone is friendly Friend or Foe right there well their body gesture but also like their eyes their their emotional state as conveyed by their expression on their face so it's really vital and important that we don't look at someone's feet but we look at their face and in fact when you look at someone's feet it's because you're trying to avoid eye contact and you're trying to distance yourself from that person right so this last bit of information the dapper nur hurr Durr has resub using tier 1 great the red hood 924 has subbed as well past Mariah past morale past morale has subbed as well alright let's let's check chat what's going on yeah so Comic Con was another great comic-con I tried to convey it in my post but here's the thing the less you hear about anything exciting happen at Comic Con the more successful it really is right because what you would hear would be things like security breaches or people fainting from dehydration or waiting you know 17 hours to get their badge or the city you know coming to a halt because they don't know how you know all the infrastructure issues and the fact that they can handle a sudden and massive influx of 160,000 I think I read an article about an Amtrak even boosted the number of weigh-ins and seats to accommodate the hundreds plus hundred thirty hundred sixty thousand people kind of flooding into San Diego that's like you know that's like a flash flood of epic proportions so being able to handle that from managing all the hotel rooms that just even think the amount of food you know being shipped in the electrical needs the police needs the all that kind of stuff is just so for wanna if you really think too long on it and they make it look effortless right no big deal so that so that all the news can really focus around the news that the media companies bring right and for us some people like DC was not at Comic Con like I I think was it a pedicab guy or something or maybe those are the Lubar driver and I was like no no that we were just not in Hall H in fact we'd still had stuff in Hall H it just wasn't theatrical stuff but we had a huge activation over at Balboa Park to celebrate Batman's 80th I don't know if any of you guys went to that anyone anyone no yes no oh crispy did mr. Nexus polka did anyway I think it's over now but I was amazing there was an opportunity to wear a VR headset and fly through the streets of Gotham City while you were kind of free-falling inside this tube so I got to the picture I put up is me free-falling so you did that to kind of practice and then you put the VR goggles on so you couldn't see anything and then they escort you into the middle of this tube this huge turbines blowing air and you're floating they're kind of helping you they stabilize you and balanced you so that you don't go flying up up over the top and out and then through the VR goggles they basically sync up the motion that you're feeling with flying through Gotham City gliding through Gotham City because Batman doesn't fly yes we all know that and at some point you encountered the Scarecrow and he releases his toxin fear gas and then you start seeing the city kind of melt and change and it does this inception kind of thing what the buildings kind of fold and then heroes and villains within the do Batman family kind of emerge out of the buildings you know it's a little trippy it's cool a lot of fun and it was intense I was I think the first word that kind of came out of my mouth as I exited that experience like wow that was super intense and what's so cool about it to me is that this is like the beta of this kind of sense you know experience this is early years kind of he's not spider-man so I'm not going to do that early year kind of but these kind of immersive experiences and thinking about Comic Cons going for I am jealous if you any of you guys that are younger than myself and that's probably about 90% of you in that you're going to get to go to comic-con so that are just unimaginable from today's perspective right if the first Comic Cons were about people going and finding things that they loved as kids and want to recollect and that I certainly did that you know try to find like old VHS tapes of shows that were no longer because you know there were no DVDs like how do you watch something you couldn't just go on and there was nothing on demand you know it's hard to explain but if you like something you had to wait until some overlord at some entertainment network decided to put it back on the air and if it wasn't on the air because it wouldn't draw enough eyebrows you just didn't see it again so you had to find these like bootleg copies on on VHS tape and that's how you kind of collect it and the same thing with comics if you didn't have an issue from the storyline you would go to a comic book store a Comic Con to find it and then it was about kind of meeting the people that created these stories from comic writers to artists to special-effects artists and then it was about meeting the stars and directors that brought these stories to life on on the big screen the little screen the animated screen and now it's kind of reached this a theme-park level where with all these activations it's no longer meeting the people that create the stories that actors that bring them to life but you get to be part of the story you get to be Batman you get to be a character you get to experience a walk through Arkham Asylum or fly through the streets of Gotham City and that's just going to get bigger and more intense going forward that's the future of these events I think especially with AR VR and will allow people all around the world that don't have the financial means or they might not even be physically able to travel to put on a headset and see with incredible fidelity and immersiveness the comic-con experience and so they're gonna be a hundred and thirty-five thousand people roaming around the city in real life and then potentially millions more all around the world kind of watching the panels walking through the streets experiencing comic-con as a superhero experiencing comic-con through like my eyes or our fans eyes I mean all sorts of things are possible and and that's exciting to me so I'm I hope I'm around for that a little bit of that made a 19-15 yeah sure and then I'm thinking the only thing I wish they would address now is I think there's an opportunity in that there's so many people that wait in line that I you know woke up at 6 o'clock Monday looking looking out from my hotel room and they're just people lined up along the the bay there's lined up it's like a big line like look they look like answer that goes all the way down the bay I'm like I'm not saying they shouldn't be line someone was I was in a panel and so on I was like no no no I like the lines it means that they care and I'm like yeah I get that but I'm saying while they're in line give them something else to do besides just kind of look at their phones right they came to comic-con they are and this is not just this is not a critique I'm saying there's an opportunity someone's smart out there can figure out what can we do with all these people that are basically sitting in line outside inside like everywhere you walk through comic-con there's people lined up for these very brief engagements whether it's getting a book signed or throwing something at something like a like an a carnival ride or experiencing some IP or universe or character you know in a very kind of organized authored way there people in line like I'm gonna saying if the cell to them but there's something they got to do I you know is there a way to do a panel for the people that are in line without more of a crowd and maybe the the VRA are is part of that anyway we got proper artists in the house a little proper artists good to see you but what if waiting in line gets so good that's all everyone wants to do well yeah you're doing it now anyway you know even waiting in line for an autograph why not say hey you have this 15 minute window just come back in that 15 minute window does it I'm just saying look Sohn we'll figure it out so disrupt that you know the kids like to say we didn't disrupt anything when we were younger we just problem solved right we fix things danger for 13 comics anymore I will disagree in that we had 27 panels I believe this year just about DC content a lot of them were about comic books most of them were about comic books you just have to know where to look for it there's a lot of other things going on for sure a hundred percent but if you just want to meet compo creators and and collect it you know find back issues and find other people that's the way you know in the panels on they said like how do you keep this the sense of intimacy that existed at the con in previous decades going forward when it grow so large and and I had to answer my head but I wanted to hear what other people had to say cuz when I'm on a panel a lot of people my inclination is to talk less and listen more because I want to hear you know what I'm they're just like you guys are I want to hear what they have to say and I'd rather learn then just sort of go on blab about whatever I think is important but I think it's social media you know I think it's internet it's it's you know it's about finding people with similar interests amongst the throng of people and there there are people there for all sorts of different reasons it's interesting you know alright so I'm just like as you can see I am just finessing and refining you know I've got charlie parts and quickdraw 13 sub right now and later has cheer thank you very much right now later TARDIS fan 5 6 7 I've been watching for a while but I forgot to reset what Prime I couldn't make it a comic-con will you be going to Silicon Valley comic-con I'm not I'm sorry I have like three or four shows left for the year I will talk about those in a second M hong-chih without without the I have no idea what that means um has has reset for 17 months how could I not seen this this handle before you've been reselling for 17 months I just want to thank chat for being so supportive on it I'm also thankful if someone like Jim Lee for teaching us can't wait for the years to come up thank you half tone-deaf has also recept so in terms of well Jamie said the foam Oh Israel yeah I can imagine like so like so like the internet what just taken over at least my feeds were taken over by Comic Con posts and I'll tell you I I have a lot more pictures on my photo um then I share I I don't want to post like 15 times a day so I do kind of edit them down but I do also see stuff that people did that at Comic Con that I wish I did and I'm there so a bunch of people do this cool act activation with like Godzilla or you got to kind of pose with Godzilla and that was pretty cool saw that Dan DiDio did it Eddie Choi I wish I had time to go over and do that but I did not but in terms of conventions the next one for me is Fan Expo in Toronto that is late August anyone going there and M Hung Chi without the head okay so you changed your name that's why I would have definitely recognized that handle cuz I can't make heads or tail of it hey I have what a candy you mean the one you're holding in your hand what is that as a toy well candy are you gonna have well candy are you gonna have oh wait don't touch that you know knock it over oh yeah this is stand there yeah well candy are you thinking I just won okay just one because we're gonna eat after this I can close the door behind you wait come back can you come back thank you okay sure all right we'll see one candy I like how they self-police themselves anyway all right so that's Blue Beetle spongy G will be in Toronto or now as subbed thank you very much Montreal ComicCon is on the cards what's the next show after Toronto mmm I believe it is New York Comic Con and then I'm doing Baltimore comic-con and then almost City comic-con San Antonio I'm returning broke my true love kind of not doing consecutive Comic Cons in a row but I'm going to San Antonio those great experience and so for those of you down in Texas I will see you in early November I believe it is Jedi be three 1s reset for 23 months in a row awesome pandemic has also recept right so there's like this weird kind of space in between these two characters but then I think would be an inappropriate space in that the negative space is essentially kind of square which kind of boring but don't worry there's going to be like energy glow something like that like that like that like that and there's gonna be kind of shadow and crackly white out kind of splatter and things like that then here's his nose its mouth they get the of drawing like super gritty these are the funniest characters especially Justice League International so I'm gonna have to exchange these expressions and this so it's the eyebrows as you can see I don't really have a lot of detail here but just the eyebrows kind of the softening of that v-shape and then the chin gets a little pointy ER because the cheeks go up like that right so there's Blue Beetle alright and then it looks a little Spartan but he's like this golden God right he's a good-looking guy that's a little full of himself so so that's what I got right now yeah I can put Skeets in there crispy egg roll Wow it's actually pretty funny but it's the irony that's the funny part of it can Oh Kennels I didn't any advice for someone who's trying to improve yeah just draw a lot draw more than you ever have to the point where it's just uncomfortable you don't want to draw any more and then push yourself to draw even more beyond that that's how you get better right it's like if you were a tennis pro and you're swinging the racket you're never getting good until you get blisters all over your hands because you've been literally swinging the racket non-stop right if you start running you're gonna get blisters on your feet but then if you keep doing it they will callus over and that's yeah same thing with art it is something that only gets better through repetition and you have to do it constantly you have to accumulate that knowledge in your head and keep it in there Queen City amusements has cheered 117 bits thank you very much for that unusual number uh Lam's ace too long of a question chat rose my way too fast you got using references fine yeah you there are no rules there literally you can google it you have to trust me in this view google ten rules about creating art I dare you to find ten rules are no rules hanger banger has cheered two hundred bits thank you so much hope you had a great comic-con wish I could have been there yeah you should have been there you're slacking man everyone that there should be there there should be no excuses it's just a convention it's not like you're trying to climb you know Mount Kilimanjaro it's not like you're trying to you know fly to the moon or draw a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle after four days about talking about comics and signing comics it's not that level hard you google you to network people join these things called buying clubs because the way the con works if you get a ticket I think you can automatically reappear so once you're in you're good as long as you keep going once you stop you arrive at that list again you know that priority list so what happens I think is that people will basically pull together worldwide and they make sure that maybe between 15 people five people well always sub and then they kind of trade off the I don't know I don't know how it works can someone explain it I've never I understand it conceptually when people say there's a buyers club book they're pulling together but how it actually works they're saying that name goes to the top then goes to the bottom blah blah blah I'm like what I have no idea all right can your banger the lottery system is broken I don't know what that means are you saying that once you go in you can't go again crispy can someone explain the bleep problems you guys have to deal with if you want to take my words and skew them in a very very negative way that is one translation but I am NOT saying that I am saying can so on who is more profoundly knowledgeable about these complex issues who's also not trying to draw Booster Gold and Blue Beetle after four days about talking to comics I'm talking about comics and signing books for fans please take the responsibility off my shoulders at doing it it's logical pleasing intelligible way that's what I'm looking for that's the translation I'm looking for mr. mod oh my god I did die on the stage here all right a heart rate elevated crispy egg roll effect and play full effect okay triggered triggered triggered all right just draw to you yeah all right what are we gonna do yeah okay so now that I look at some blue beetle reference he's got goggles goggles yeah so if you have questions try to keep him super short because if it's a big paragraph on my screen it Scrolls by too fast I can't really I can't make heads or I can't read it and understand it an amount of time so I apologize for conniption that's a good word like that it's interesting note to note like the design of blue blue be don't you know because he was created by Steve Ditko that's very kind of spider-man like elements but without the wedding so I thank you mr. Steve Ditko mayor she just got mr. tickle did kind of a co like this is very deco like in fact the hand went up further like like that I always liked this costume like that the thick bands on the edges takes the trunks and makes it like a little little cooler okay then he's got like a something over there I feel like he's still little bulky in the chests let me see if I can bring that down maybe that arm is also a little too pulled out of the socket I just pulled this in a little bit but man comic-con is a blur of things and a lot of times I go oh yeah that happened that was cool sometimes you just run into people randomly I help celebrate Richard friend's 50th birthday if Richard sees us on YouTube someday I just want to wish him a happy 50th I was over at Nobu Thursday night I think I just happened to be there with his wife and child it's kid celebrating and I was great seeing him and you know miss him a lot he's probably one of the funniest guys in comics man I really miss his sense of humor and obviously he's pure like raw artistic talent is undeniable but he's just funny he's just a funny guy and his thoughts on things and the way he looks at it he was sort of like the studio comedian and he would he was kind of the center of the room that we had weighed like 2-3 rooms are kind of connected and he was kind of at the hook it was kind of a j-shaped room and he was at the Hope at the sort of corner of that J and kind of hold court during the day I saw Joel Benjamin his brother Ryan Benjamin Brian streams as well and we were going up the stairs there it went down the escalator they ran off the escalator they like turned around right up the stairs and we just like hugged it out and we had a like literally turn and run the other way because we had other things we had we were late too so there's a lot of that that happens at Comic Con a lot of like hey good to see you and you're past them because you got to be somewhere and it's so it's rare that I have the time to kind of just chitchat with people because I'm always running through whatever the next thing so I think I fixed that arm a bit this shoulder is still little big and then there's a lot of people that walk by you and you got like oh I know and they don't see you or they pretend they don't see you I don't know they don't see you because there's a lot of people I I think I must do the same thing right so that a lot of that happens at comic-con so it was interesting seeing a lot of people just kind of oh there's so-and-so so you don't even get to acknowledge some of those sightings and yeah so yeah we had the Batman grants we had some big DC Universe announcements to patrol a season to being picked up which is exciting the news about Brandon Ralph reprising his role as Superman revealing that Kingdom Come Superman insignia at the his panel I mean pretty cool very fun and that's a hard thing is that much DC stuff going on between all the TV shows that animated movies the complex it's you can't be at every panel so I'm following along just like you guys are with with um you know everyone's tweets and Instagram drops I think I had the that that costume line I had it going this way I think it looks better this way like it's but it's probably the way I'm drawing it I think it's more like this right so I'm saying like it's actually technically going back into space that looks weird to me that works too but then makes it go forward and then back so I need to play that out I need to if that's if that's what I think looks right there then this side needs to be a little bit bigger because it's coming forward and then it's going back right okay let's play this out for real not just a placeholder let's go ahead and do the structure for real cuz that's I just drew that was kind of a placeholder for Annie a lot of times I fix it or I dress it when I get to the inks but let's just try to like fix it real because I've got like an hour and I don't know if I'm going to get to the inks for this particular part of the figure by then so okay now I don't want these that foot looks bigger than that foot and it really shouldn't so let's do that there's the kneecap that little door little spaceship door here so think about it that way was called airlock doors right so think about it that way and then he's got those little scarab claws or whatever that calm the scarab things and I'll pull more detail about that facemask airlock yes yes yes it is Ted Kord yes superhero swimmer to a car drift competition I didn't even realize there are competitions about car drifting I have not but I understand the concept of car drifting I have seen it I have smelled it I understand it I did not realize there was organized car drifting competitions but it does not surprise me you Fuji 5 says hi Jim Aaron w here hope you enjoyed con aaron w you're you're saying that like I know who you are based on a first name and the last letter care to elaborate the cuber school it's good school they teach a lot of like basics like the stuff I go through started by Joe Kubert and carried on by his sons and that's really a one-of-a-kind type of institution janela from the Philippines I have no idea what time it is there sir but thank you for the cheer Kirk has subbed using prime John Ella cheered again that's awesome did anyone explain the P 11 625 that is correct did anyone explained the the lottery system no as you can tell them we're in boost girl gold t-shirt it's one of my favorite because it's one of those things where if you are not a comics fan a real comics fan you would have no idea what this shirt was you just think it's hopefully a really rad cool design I said that mockingly ironically um but if you do its secret code that hey I read comic books okay so rad it's the Radice correct when it rains so is there anyone at calm right now it's over right the closes I think 4:30 yeah that's been over food Asia this dude was totally rad it was key that's how I remember from my childhood he's got a flight ring right I wonder what hand it's on I don't know I do like the old school where the collar was a little bit smaller see what happens if I do that and then also I noticed this here doesn't go up kind of his hairstyle over like this he's still like gonna parts his hair on the side we go now he looks a Spartan like Booster Gold like I make I think of his head as a can so that there's the top or the cans of the hair can float too high mm-hmm oh I think you need to see it from this angle to get the true sense of what's going on all right so now we're gonna put that bicep in there the forearm coming down a little bit little curve in that form so it's not it's just so stiff and sticking straight on the side look those are rental there's a sale on on fists I'll fix that later somehow or now okay all right look at this shoulder he's been working out this shoulder is as big as his head it's actually bigger I think I do get my reference from looking in the mirror sometimes so yeah it's really something I have to look out for kind of a blind spot to this it just kind of draw my shoulders like a little too realistically in this situation we hit flex but okay all right hmm I – hum to myself when I draw so I just stopped myself right there and spared you guys the worst is when it's like let it go a song from the Disney movie I can hear you guys humming it now you will be cursing me after the stream is over we'll be stuck in your head I will placed it there through the power of memes Jedi mind-trick I can hear it now that's my evil laugh golf boy Sunday here's the buff shoulders mighty Pegasus art has Risa Jack said he was going to come back in here and have me approve the candy he must be taking his time choosing what he's going to eat I think the same issue that I had here I just got to make sure that this shoulder is not dislocated from his body I say that a way to kind of remind myself kind of admonish myself that that's what I just did all right you can carry a lot of power and expression through their shoulders but if you pull it too much it breaks it right but you want to pull a little bit to get that sense of dynamism dinah dynamism and movement and power I think I'm not foot there his feet are tucked behind right yes I still look son and that's not what I want and so let me try to cheer him up a little bit I have that kind aw shucks kind of expression that I imagined he would be sporting you hmm I feel like the proportions are still too large let me dial it in a little bit basically make his eyes a little bit smaller and put them little closer together and they'll make it I I'd be careful like not let the costume make you exaggerate the features in a bad way this face is turned down just a little bit but so that would mean that the nose would the tip of the nose might hang over the mouth a little bit just let me get a little bit closer so I want to have that in there and I'm gonna render the heck out of these goggles here so have some cool reflections or not I don't draw a lot of happy looking people you know they say draw from the heart draw what you know what does this say I don't know well now his head's gotten too small all right all right I need every up the size all right let's just draw the face in them with the mask and goggles on afterwards those mouths smile for his movie star folks none rather than well show the the flight of the air it is hair there we go that's kind of what I'm leading to kind of my animated hairstyle all the enemy people I got no it's not I hear ya I hear ya you're in my head alright so now that is heads bigger I can go back and make this shoulder a little bit bigger which will then make everything that looked bit bigger where I wanted it because I shrunk everything back down but the size of the head but now I can go back in a little bit bigger on the forearms and then the fists okay I think I'm just with this collar – I don't do a lot of flared out colors like that so let's just do the neck where it should be and I think it's more of a down shot let's try this yeah let's do that okay we want this – what – there we go there we go I must put that star into perspective normally I would kind of draw it flat like that but I'm gonna go ahead and it's a tricky thing so still no shorter on the bottom see if that kind of subtle thing does something maybe not okay all right Jeremy l.joe thanks for being yourself thank you for being you Iren the bulb has reset for 22 months all right zoom at will I be finishing this on another stream that's good question mm I don't know I am this should it be should I stream it what do you guys think of course okay I'm no I'm I'm just wondering what you guys think that's all I don't know if this interests you or not like I feel like most of the works done inking is one of those things where you just kind of you do it and all the I was just about to disrespect every anchor out there I feel like although it works a lot of the works already been done hey which finger is his flight ring on anyone no making is the best part okay and I sort Abel Han ring finger good answer the crispy said no perfect I'm gonna I don't know these are too muscular index I feel like no one knows all right let me look Oh found it that's right here all right so let's some I think some of this shall we and the remaining minutes 13 remaining minutes at the end of the stream we will raid somebody so hopefully the mods have someone kind of loaded up I mean if you're wondering what rating is if you're new to this it's a way of kind of sharing the following with another streamer so we'll find someone else that also streams creative and we will drop in on him or her and kind of hopefully overwhelm them with all our spry and witty comments and it's just a good way of spreading love introducing you guys to other artists and giving them a bigger platform and hopefully you'll follow them right so all right let me pull up the proper reference mmm which version should I do I'll do this one this is a older foot Skeets right here and I'm soaking reference costumes over the years it's interesting the cartoon one different and see has energy that goes the fist but I don't know if I'm expressing it the right way choices choices I can figure it out in the intervening time between now and later you know the thing with I added a smirk I you know the thing with Kevin McGuire's art is that he had these a great facility with expressions and it was just so fun seeing what he brought through that kind of subtlety it was less about this you know bombastic over-the-top style and more about the subtleties and humorous expressions he brought such a change of pace alright and I'm looking at Blue Beetle and make sure they've got the mask right if there's absolutely the more original one here I'm seeing the phalanges go a different direction on some of the reference how do you guys draw these characters you know like fan drawings the reference can be have frustratingly onion if I'd that's funny I'm seeing goes both ways okay so so I can't even pronounce that uh hood lampur has sub thank you very much ignite comics has cheered Jordan ski 2017 has Risa awesome all right let's I feel like we accomplished something let's go ahead and ink this right sure I got Skeets you can see that I kind of screwed over here smooth yeah but all I'll do is basically do this the line gets thinner to the top because that's what the light hits it and it gets heavier to the sides and that helps in a very subtle way kind of establish the three-dimensional form and there's no way when you look at this drawing as casual like hey I'm just checking out this drawing that you notice that it's all about the subtleties of how they all these decisions kind of add to creating some depth and drama and movement maybe in the inker would appreciate that google interesting he decided to make the lines flare up on the sides I because it's kind of this cold metal thing I'm gonna go ahead and do a reflection thing a show area all right so we've done that and I'm going to do blue beetles face here and I'm go in that and looks like there's never one kind does differently so this I think this might be my first classic Blue Beetle drawing done behind me remains one Reyes I'm is various Revere sorry but I don't know if I've done the Ted Kord trying to remember I have I just don't remember alright now I'm gonna go ahead and draw the face in before I do the goggles because I the goggles will throw off my face if I don't do this correctly so what do I have going-ons sure I can see this correctly we're live and then the mass goes cider let's do this let's do that jawline and okay and in the man both sides here now we're going to basically do the reflection of the glass so the face here it looks very kind of realistic that looks kind of rubbery no that was intentional I'm asking myself I have no idea okay I don't think he's a character that's supposed to spark kind of the the fear of like a Bruce Wayne in his build or his countenance countenance right and see what happens here I say let's see what happened here like I not in control of this and there's the element of that for sure I'm like putting down lines because I'm making on very loose pencils and I'm kind of finding my way with the character right like mmm should the tendons in the neck be more pronounced fewer less should this come in more do i drop a shadow in like that I do like that so I think that was a good decision right yes yes okay all right it is five I'm gonna stop here I will continue streaming this at some point it might even be tonight I don't know I really it depends on how I feel I've been at comic-con for four days and then drove three hours back home but you can kind of see this is something like I need to get done so I would like to finish it sooner than later and I would love to kind of show you the whole process from start to end but now we're gonna go write somebody so let's go check that out before we go though let me tell you first off that we're very fortunate to have crispy egg roll and poop kid here moderating they were also at Comic Con with me they they put in long days and shifts on all day in fact all night and um the mighty hirohiko who is if she's still on I think it's like 9:00 in them or now it's like 3:00 in the morning in Switzerland and these fights so feeling dunk Kara hiko dunk yeah no don't do yeah I don't know what you say down kid dear doctor dear I thank you anyway so we are gonna go raid somebody we have about 800 people and hopefully a lot of you can stay on board this will be kind of fun if you've never done it before and I'll see you guys soon if tomorrow later tonight and we'll get this done together all right thanks guys

28 thoughts on “BOOSTER GOLD! BLUE BEETLE! Post SDCC 2019–Art Stream with Jim Lee

  1. Ever since 1998 Ive wished I could have had the honor of drawing next to this guy. Truly nobody has left a mark in comic history like you Jim…

  2. JIM LEE has become a MUTANT… he seems to possess the ability to short out cameras, I wish Jennifer Lopez had such a problem.

  3. Where do you stream these live? I just see them pop up on YouTube. Twitch? Anyway, Thank you for these. I watch these while sketching and it is really fun.

  4. Hey Jim. I live in Pittsburgh and I'm on Disability. I've always wanted to go to SDCC. But the on top of I don't drive. there any way cheaper i could go? Any suggestion??? Please

  5. Thanks for your lessons here, I learned a lot with you. Hope I can meet you here in Brazil comic con one day and buy an art from you, it would be a honor

  6. I've been looking at your 1986 work vs. these videos. I wish I could work with you to learn pencils better. So these vids are appreciated, Jim. Thanks!

  7. Jim is one of the rare artists who got better with success! Unlike most of the other guys from his day!! Beautiful work as always…

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